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Harlequin Floors (British Harlequin plc)

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Burn the Floor Performances

“Over the last 10 years, our relationship with Harlequin has modernised our approach to Ballroom and Latin dancing; smoothly transitioning our company to a Harlequin Reversible touring surface, which provides our dancers with the perfection and confidence they need to deliver their performances.” Peta Roby Executive Producer Burn The Floor

Installation for Shakespeare's Globe, Sackler Studios

When Shakespeare’s Globe looked at floors for their new education and rehearsal centre, Sackler Studios, they chose a Harlequin Activity floor with a hardwood oak surface. “It’s a product I am particularly familiar with due to working in and creating different spaces over the years and was something our acoustic consultant was keen on using. From a look and feel as a working surface and as part of the sound separation between all the studios I’m tremendously pleased.” Andy Scorgie Head of Facilities Management Shakespeare’s Globe

Phoenix Dance Theatre

Phoenix Dance Theatre is a contemporary dance company founded in 1981 and based in Leeds. They share a purpose-built facility equipped with Harlequin WoodSpring™ sprung floor with a Harlequin Studio™ surface. “I’m very happy with the floors in the building. It’s actually very difficult to find a floor that has just the right amount of traction when barefoot. I’ve also used Harlequin a lot as a touring floor and I’m about to buy some more, the dancers and rehearsal director won’t allow me to buy anything else!” John Slater Technical Manager Phoenix Dance Theatre

Redevelopment of University of the Arts, London

Over 1,600m2 of Harlequin Activity™ sprung floor system was used to create four stunning performance spaces at the new £145 million Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design at the King’s Cross Campus in London.

Riverdance on Cascade

Since opening night in Dublin seventeen years ago, Riverdance has been packing out theatres around the world. With over 10,000 performances and 22 million people having watched the show, Harlequin Cascade has been consistent throughout. Riverdance explain why they chose Harlequin Cascade for their performances. “Well over 1,000 dancers, musicians and singers have performed their magic on those Riverdance stages, safe in the knowledge that Harlequin Cascade works as well and as consistently as they do!... Harlequin Cascade allows all our performers to deliver exhilarating performances in complete safety.” Julian Erskine Senior Executive Producer Riverdance

The Hong Kong Ballet

At The Hong Kong Ballet, one of Asia’s premier ballet companies, they choose a Harlequin LibertyTM sprung floor with Harlequin Reversible vinyl surface. “We use Harlequin to give our dancers one of the most important foundations required to create a good performance - confidence. Whether in soft or pointe shoes, our dancers can focus on their performance knowing that the floor is reliable and has just the right amount of spring. A quality floor is the basis on which creativity and excellence in ballet begins.” Madeleine Onne Artistic Director The Hong Kong Ballet

Showing 1-6 of 6