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Gartec Platform Lifts

The Only UK Based Platform Lift Manufacturer Offering BIM Objects

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CHAS Certification

CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is a significant scheme promoting the benefits of effective Health and Safety within industries and business.

CQMS Safety Scheme Certificate

Certification with CQMS Safety-Scheme ensures companies are assessed in accordance with the SSIP Core Criteria, an industry recognised standard, demonstrating compliance with UK health and safety standards.

Gartec 3000 Platform StepLift Information Sheet

A platform steplift is a wheelchair friendly short rise vertical access lift. Travelling up to 3m, either internally or externally, and with a rated load of 400kg, the Gartec 3000 platform steplift is ideal in residential, public or commercial environments, and is especially useful for short flights of stairs at entrances and on walkways.

Gartec 4000 & 6000 Residential Passenger Platform Lift Brochure

Gartec manufacture, install and maintain the Aritco 4000 & 6000 residential passenger platform lifts. This brochure details all features, finishes, colour options and technical details. The 4000 is a compact home elevator, and the 6000 has larger platform sizes, more suitable for transporting a wheelchair and attendant. Both offer higher weight loads and glass or solid shaft panels. A range of finishes, from steel handrails to personalised floor labelling, mean our home lifts are fully customisable. No head room, machine room or oil pit required (MRL), and only a 50mm ramp or pit, both residential platform elevators offer minimal installation time and disruption. Gartec offer real lifts for residential properties, providing a stylish but functional accessibility solution.

Gartec 5000 MRL Traction Cabin Lift Brochure

The Gartec 5000 MRL Traction Cabin Lift is a quiet, efficient enclosed lift with the look and feel of a passenger lift at a fraction of the cost. An advanced belt drive system allows carriage of 400kg over 14m. Extra options include full glass shaft and automatic telescopic doors for a conventional lift effect. A small 120mm pit and compact footprint save space and costly building works. Battery backup, optional key locking, an autodialler and infra-red sensors keep passengers safe. Ideal as an access lift or disabled lift, the 5000 is compliant with Part M and the Equality Act. Install into an existing shaft or use the supplied structural support frame, internally or externally. The 5000 provides a familiar user experience with single touch controls and stylish cabin environment.

Gartec 8000 Hydraulic Cabin Stretcher Lift Information Sheet

The Gartec 8000 Hydraulic Cabin Stretcher Lift offers a traditional passenger lift feel but at a fraction of the cost - with stretcher lift or bike lift sizes available. Installed internally or externally, the 8000 is popular in hotels, hospitals and office car parks. Carry up to 500kg over 6 floors, and customise your lift car size and finishes to make a statement. With optional automatic telescopic doors and stylish glass or coloured panels and shaft. A direct action hydraulic system is efficient and space saving. Safety features include emergency lowering, autodialler, OSG, overload protection and electrical safety locks. Install the 8000 in a self supporting structure or your own shaft. With just a 120mm pit and no head fixing required, building works are kept to a minimum.

Gartec 9000 Cabin Platform Lift

The Aritco 9000 Cabin Platform Lift by Gartec is a functional, low cost and reliable enclosed cabin platform lift which is a great alternative to a conventional lift for almost any project. An enclosed travel area, single touch landing controls and range of design options give passengers the look, feel and experience of a conventional lift. Fully compliant with Part M and the Equality Act and ideal as a wheelchair lift or access lift, the Aritco 9000 cabin lift offers a familiar cabin surrounding with quick installation.

Gartec Box Goods Lift (High Capacity)

The Gartec Box Goods Lift is an ideal solution to multi-floor transportation of goods and equipment with high load capacity and no machine room. Our goods lift is customisable to to suit your goods sizes, including stacked pallets, trolleys and crates. A goods lift reduces risks and increases efficiency between incoming, warehouse and dispatch. Choose from goods only or goods with attendant options, with optional shutter and picket gates at each floor. With 2 models, 2,000g weight capacity, and custom car sizes, the Gartec Goods Lift range has you covered.

Gartec Dumb Waiter Service Lift Brochure

Installing a dumb waiter / service lift means you distribute goods quickly, efficiently and safely between any number of floors. The Gartec Dumb Waiter is a simple, durable service lift, using a counterbalance system and steel frame. An extra quiet motor and wipe-clean surface makes it perfect for use as a hotel, restaurant or kitchen dumb waiter. The supporting frame system means quick and easy installation with no motor room or load bearing shaft required. Our lifts make light work of moving loads of virtually every shape, weight or size, protecting staff from manual handling and improving efficiency. Additional options such as heated shelves and lower doors make it work in all environments.

Gartec Goods Lift Brochure

Gartec offer 4 models of goods lift. The Classic, Standard and Attendant allow internal or external use. With high capacity up to 3,000kg, the Gartec Goods lift range is a key solution for logistics environments. An efficient gear motor reduces maintenance and no machine room saves you space. The modular construction makes installation quick, allowing up to 18m travel. The freestanding sheet metal structure will fit into existing or new buildings, and custom car sizes allow for almost any goods. Automatic doors, light curtain, safety stop, OSG, lighting and internal control make the attendant goods lift a safe choice. The internal-only Mezz Lift is a tailored mezzanine goods solution, with perforated casing and simple safety features. Carry up to 1,000kg over 2 stops.

Gartec HomeLift Brochure - Smart Residential Passenger Platform Lift

The Gartec HomeLift is Gartec's design driven smart passenger platform lift with linked app for control of lighting and servicing updates. The brochure details all colouring and design options, technical details and drawings. Offering residential clients a stylish, functional platform home lift with key aesthetic features such as bespoke art backwall and lighting colour control. The worlds first lift uniquely designed for the home. Simple operation using screw and nut system makes a safe and quiet system, using less energy than a kettle to run.

Gartec Lifts - 7000 Commercial Platform Lift Range

Gartec commercial platform lift brochure detailing technical information, design features, plan views and specification for the Aritco 7000 passenger platform lift range - basic, external and light goods. With multiple Part M and Equality Act (DDA) compliant sizes, and a range of finishes mean Gartec commercial platform lifts are fully customisable to match your clients location, and make any location wheelchair accessible. No head room, machine room or oil pit is required (MRL), and only a 50mm ramp or pit. A minimal 3-4 day installation time reduces disruption. The Aritco 7000 is also available as a light goods and passenger lift (7000 flexi), and external passenger platform lift (7000XT).

Gartec Passenger Platform Lift Servicing & Maintenance Packages

A leaflet detailing the servicing and maintenance packages provided by Gartec for Aritco passenger platform lifts. We offer 5 packages, with a range of options including parts, labour and call outs, as well as optional bi-annual LOLER inspections (The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998). Our low cost maintenance plans for passenger platform lifts include access to our 24/7 breakdown emergency line and reduced price, or included, parts, labour and call out charges to give you peace of mind.

Gartec Platform Stairlift Information

Economical and space saving, a platform stair lift is a versatile access solution for wheelchair users. The platform stairlift is similar to a normal stair lift, but with a platform for wheelchairs rather than a seat. Use on almost any inclined stairway. The wheelchair user rolls onto the platform, safety bars lower and safety ramps raise, and a constant pressure joystick controls movement along the staircase. A stanchion mounted control panel calls and sends the stairlift and optional wander lead and remote controls provide attendants with control of movement. Folds away to just 290mm wide to save space when not in use. A range of platform sizes give flexibility for different environments, and design options help to match surroundings in style.

Gartec Scissor Platform Lift

The Gartec Platform Scissor Lift starts as a simple hydraulic table lift, travelling up to 9.5m and carrying up to 10,000kg. Use as a goods lift or passenger lift with additional features. Clad and create a shaft frame for lift-style travel, or use to raise goods or equipment to another level, create a better working height by raising items, or provide passenger access to a building or level. Build your perfect scissor lift by getting in touch to let us know your requirements. From rails to buttons, materials to colours, the Gartec Scissor Lift can be designed to almost any requirements.

Gartec Trolley Lift (Small Goods Lift) Brochure

A versatile small goods lift for larger, bulky or heavier loads up to 300kg, our trolley lift provides a convenient and fast way to transport trolleys, goods, barrels, refuse and general bulky items without manual handling. Installing a trolley lift means you distribute goods quickly, efficiently and safely between floors. The trolley lifts require only a shallow 175mm pit and come in their own galvanised steel frame structure, so they slot in almost anywhere and are economical to run. With hinged door, concertina shutter or picket gate options, and 2-3 day installation, the small goods lift can be tailored for almost any work.

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001:2015 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 sets out the criteria for a quality management system. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.

OHSAS 18001:2007

OHSAS 1800:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification is an international standard which provides a framework to identify, control and decrease the risks associated with health and safety within the workplace.

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