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Award-Winning Service Station Maximise Space with Gartec Lift

Winner of 2017’s “Best Forecourt Innovation Award”, Abbeyside Service Station's recent renovations included a second storey for café, seating and storage. Maximising shop floor was priority and a Gartec 7000 platform lift with kerb for goods ticked all the boxes. “A platform lift meant much less space was used, but prams and wheelchairs can still get upstairs to the new café easily – and we saved a lot of money. The lift is used daily for stock and does exactly what we need it to do – very reliable and works very well”

Castle on the Hill Use Gartec Lift for Access to New Exhibition

Framlingham Castle, an 11th century listed fort nestled in the countryside of Suffolk, has been undergoing key renovations to create a new mezzanine exhibition. The listed building required an access solution, but any works had to protect the building structure. Minimal fixing points and child-friendly key locking made a Gartec 7000 platform lift the perfect solution, and the frosting and logo they added helped to blend it in. “The small size of the Gartec lift and the finishes, including the frosted glass coating we have added, have made it a subtle but modern addition” (Joseph James, Project Manager)

Double Goods Lifts Project in Cambridge

Creating a new logistical and warehousing space in Cambridge, project managers at a new premises at Farboud Innovation Park got in touch with our Goods Lift Manager, Nick Gibbons. They were looking to include 2 high capacity goods lifts on the project to improve efficiency at the premises. They decided our box goods lift was ideal for the project. The quick turnaround and additional hard-wearing features to prevent damage when loading made it suitable for goods logistics. The team chose a shutter gate on the upper floor, but swing doors on the lowest floor for alternative loading efficiency.

Gartec Install Highest Platform Lift in UK

Rising into the clouds at the top of Mount Snowdon, Wales, the summit centre required a short travel lift in a tight alcove for less able visitors – to replace an old, unreliable lift. Transporting the lift to the top of the mountain on the Snowdon Railway was part of the challenge, with weight and size restrictions. The Gartec 7000 platform lift fit the bill, with a 410kg limit and wheelchair sizes without a huge footprint. The modular parts were ideal for transport to the top and the small 50mm pit and minimal building works were ideal.

Godalming Home Gets Smart with Gartec Home Lift

Already in their dream home, a couple in Godalming needed a home lift installed to help with restricted mobility. After visiting our showrooms, the couple went for our HomeLift, a design driven smart lift with linked phone app. A huge range of colours and flooring helped blend the lift with the interior decor, and gives them freedom. Our team helped the couple pick a better spot for the lift and design artwork for the back wall. Kevin, one of the homeowners, commented "the Gartec team helped us the whole way through the process - we love it".

Gym Group Lift Boosts Brand Identity

The Gym Group required external street-level access for the Monument location in London, and the Aritco 7000XT from our commercial range was ideal. External installation also saved valuable space internally for the group, vital in a city or restricted location where space is at a premium. Additional weatherproof finishes, canopies and heating/ventilation systems keep the lift in great condition in any weather. Providing the lift with restricted access using a key locking system also allowed them to lock the lift out of hours to prevent any misuse or unattended access.

H&M Boost Mezzanine Access with Gartec Lift

Busy retail store, H&M, needed to provide customer access to the upper mezzanine floor. With floor level fixing points and 2 day out-of-hours installation, a Gartec 9000 cabin lift was installed. The cabin lift looks and feels exactly like a conventional lift, but with half the cost, no building works and simple retrofitting it fitted the bill perfectly for the retail environment. Emily, the store administrator, commented "this lift does the job perfectly and provides a familiar environment for our customers".

London Mews Futureproof with Smart Residential Lift

With renovations finishing up at a 3 storey residential property in a quiet London mews, the owners of this beautiful property were looking at futureproofing options. From the upper outdoor atrium area to the stunning railway sleeper stairway, the home spans over 3 floors and has been designed as a ‘forever home’. They wanted a modern lift to match the renovation work. Our smart HomeLift with connected app gave them the control and technology they wanted. Using black for the shaft and frames, their home lift contrasts beautifully on each floor with the bright white walls and darker accents.

Matalan Reduce Manual Handling with Gartec Lift

A busy Matalan retail store in Rugby was having issues with manual handling. They required quick installation, a quiet system, and a lift able to carry goods and attendant without a time consuming training or commissioning process. Our 7000 Flexi provided the speed and simplicity they required with extra features like a curb for trolley protection. Daneka, Team Leader at the store said: “The curb has stopped any damage to the lift shaft – it’s bulletproof!”

Motorline Renault Plan Showroom Access with Gartec Lifts

Motorline Renault car showroom in Maidstone had an access issue during building, with customer showrooms and a meeting room spread between 2 floors. To open the showroom to everyone, a lift was required in the customer lounge. Gartec suggested an Aritco 7000 as a simple, low cost option which ticked all the boxes. Our team worked around their building schedule and the lift blends perfectly with the high end showroom. “Whilst we don’t use it very often, the lift is a perfect addition to make our entire showroom accessible to everyone” (Lin, Showroom Administrator)

Twyford HQ Taken to the Next Level with Gartec

The high traffic HQ for Interserve required a lift in an awkward stairwell space, to match the contemporary style of the building. A Gartec 7000 passenger platform lift was installed in just 3 days with no building works, with a fully glass shaft. Gartec worked around the glass stairwell, removing panels where required. The small footprint, low cost and simple maintenance made the lift ideal for the location. Sheena, the Office Manager, commented "the install team worked quickly and efficiently... now completed it looks like it has always been there".

Viewing Platform at Brooklands Museum Accessible with Platform Lift

Brooklands Museum recently completed a project refurbishing a WW2 hangar with a mezzanine viewing platform. The stairs were unsuitable for disabled access, so required a lift with minimal support points, no head fixing and small footprint. Gartec's 7000 passenger platform lift was installed in 2 days - Valerie Mills, Commercial Director, commented “Once features and prices were compared, the 7000 was an easy choice. Gartec provided everything to make an informed decision. We're surprised how quickly the team completed the installation – efficient, clean and professional. The lift ticks all the boxes and opened the upper space for everyone to enjoy”

Showing 1-12 of 12