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Firestopping and Compartmentation Systems

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FSi Ltd is the UK's largest independent manufacturer of Passive Fire Protection products, supplying innovative and well tested solutions to cover all market needs, both European and Worldwide. With its comprehensive systems, FSi Ltd is the partner of choice for all your built-in fire Stopping requirements. Built-in Fire Protection or Fire Stopping is a method of compartmentalisation within a building that needs to be protected against the passage of fire and smoke, whilst still allowing for the penetration of services through fire rated walls and floors. All systems are manufactured to numerous global standards including CE, UL, FM, AS, ASTM and ISO. FSi manufactures fire protection systems, air, acoustic, water isolation systems, as well as Fire rated Cavity barriers. We offer support, training and CPD through our highly experienced technical team.

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Trade names

  • LGS Linear Gap Seal
  • Paraflam Cavity Barrier
  • Pass-It System
  • PenoPatch Putty Patch
  • PipeBloc EL Intumescent Wrap
  • PipeBloc PCP Intumescent Pipe Collar
  • PipeBloc PWP Intumescent Wrap
  • Pyrocoutsic Intumescent Acrylic Sealant
  • Pyrofusion
  • Pyrolastic Silicone Sealant
  • PyroPro HPE Sealant
  • Silverliner Cavity Barriers
  • Silverseal Compound
  • Stopseal Batt
  • Techno-Sil 619