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Folienwerk Wolfen is an innovative film manufacturer with 110 years of rich tradition, specialized expertise, insight & solutions for your glass needs. Using high value raw materials we designed innovative glass laminating solutions, which are not only tailored to the high demands of architectural glazing, but are also multifunctional, extensively tested and highly adaptable to varying conditions. Our structural and functional laminating interlayer film for safety and security applications - evguard® - offers superior moisture resistance for open edge applications, sufficient shear strength and uniform mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, excellent acoustic properties (achieving 37db with FL44.2), high temperature resistance at least up to 240 deg C. The combination of evguard® with our special high performance multi-layer polyester insert - evguard® MPE - is used by our customers for bulletproof and hurricane-impact applications. For decorative indoor and outdoor applications, we supply both - colored evguard® laminating interlayer film and evguard® MPE polyester. Architects worldwide confirm: With its very good printability and the premium properties, evguard® MPE offers both, a variety of gorgeous possible designs and superior mechanical strength for indoor and outdoor applications. Our core value is providing solutions that encourage the evolution of society by using technologies, products and services.

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