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Fastener Specification Guide

Our detailed guide sets out the basic principles of fastener performance in terms of material make-up, durability and aesthetics, together with guidance on the requirements of system applications. Youll also find an overview of the relevant standards and regulations, and a checklist to work through when developing written specifications.

Fixfast Facade and Rainscreen Overview

Our rainscreen support systems are the complete engineered solution for securely fixing rainscreens from substrate to skin. Based on the specifc demands of your project, we will put together a package of best-in-class components - including substrate fasteners, the substructure and facade fasteners - so you can deliver cost-effective, compliant, secure and durable rainscreens for your clients.

Flat Roof and Drainage Overview

The Fixfast product portfolio includes at roof fastening systems to securely fix many roof build-ups to a variety of substrates, robust roof drainage systems to suit most at roof membranes and a substantial range of other rooftop products essential to completing the weatherproofing. Fixfasts fastening and drainage systems are designed to help you deliver long-lasting and secure at roofs. Our solutions are suitable for many deck types including steel, aluminium, timber and concrete and many at roof systems. Our range includes products for single ply, TopDek, bituminous and liquid systems as well as for warm, cold, inverted and living roof applications.

Safe Access Overview

Details of Fixfast's complete engineered access and permanent collective protection. Height safety systems including access ladders, walkway, guardrail and access platforms.

Showing 1-16 of 16