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An innovative manufacturer of Structural Waterproofing Systems and Construction Chemicals

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Premcrete is an experienced manufacturer of Structural Waterproofing Systems, Gasproofing systems and Construction Chemicals such as structural grouts and epoxy floor coatings. As well as the grouts, sealants, admixtures and coatings, the Premcrete range provides a complete range of waterproofing barriers from Bentonite and Polymer enhanced external membranes and waterproof concrete to internal slurry coatings and plastic cavity drain membranes. Premcrete collaborate with FIS Products to produce an unusual level of excellence in Structural Waterproofing Design, specification and supply. FIS are structural waterproofing experts well qualified with many years experience to provide quality advice and working detail designs for structural waterproofing systems on any type of structure.

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Trade names

  • Bituseal
  • Cureaid
  • Envirocure
  • Epocote
  • Eposcreed
  • Hydrobar
  • Hydrocrete
  • Hydroflex
  • Hydroflow
  • Hydroguard
  • Hydroprufe
  • Hydroseal
  • Hydrostop
  • Maxiprufe
  • Preflex
  • Prembase
  • Premstrike
  • Premtop
  • Prodafix
  • Teknocem
  • Teknodure
  • Teknolevel
  • Teknopave
  • Twinseal