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C/S Acrovyn Doors

Designed to stand up to extensive wear and tear, C/S Acrovyn Doors are suitable for use in a wide range of applications including healthcare, education, leisure and transport. They utilise a tried and tested C/S Acrovyn impact resistant covering as a surface finish to provide increased performance, extended lifecycle and ease of maintenance. Available in a wide range of options and configurations to satisfy operational, performance and aesthetic requirements, they are suitable for new build and refurbishment situations. 30min or 60min fire doors, or non-fire rated options can be supplied.

CS Acrovyn by Design® Bespoke Wall Protection

CS Acrovyn by Design® combines the environmentally friendly, PVC-free Acrovyn® 4000 with high resolution imagery to take wall protection beyond the ordinary and into the world of infinite possibilities. High quality photographs, patterns, signage, branding or custom graphics can be embedded behind durable Acrovyn® 4000 Sheet creating bespoke interiors that last. Suitable for application to interior walls, doors, counters and many other substrates, Acrovyn by Design can be used to protect and transform any environment.

CS Acrovyn Wall, Door and Corner Protection

CS Acrovyn offers a stylish and effective protection to walls, doors, corners and other interior surfaces which are likely to suffer from impact damage. CS solutions are highly durable, easy to clean and maintain and available in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes. The latest additions to the range are Acrovyn 4000 - PVC-free & 100% recyclable wall protection, and Acrovyn by Design - a bespoke wall protection incorporating imagery or graphics.

CS Airfoil Solar Shading Systems

An external solar protection system based around an aluminium blade that is very effective in reducing solar gain and glare. A number of end fixed and bracket fixed options are available for securing blades to the supporting structure, which allows a variety of blade configurations to produce a bespoke design.

CS Allway Expansion Joint Covers

Construction Specialties manufactures a comprehensive range of expansion joint covers to accommodate most types of building movement. To complement a wide offering of joint covers for floors, walls and ceilings in a choice of styles and finishes, the product range also includes speciality covers for car parks, roofs and exterior walls, to offer a solution for any part of the building.

CS Explovent Explosion and Pressure Relief Systems

If your facility is one where potentially explosive atmospheres, materials or processes exist, you know that it is critical for your buildings pressure venting system to perform according to its design parameters as a means of limiting damage in the event of an explosion. With CS Explovent® Wall Vents you can field test the release parameters for the explosion vent panel at any time. The system is re-settable, compliant with ATEX 95 and meets the guidelines of NFPA 68 and FM 1-44.

CS Louvres

A selection of architectural louvre systems providing natural ventilation and airflow to building systems, whilst offering weather protection. From rain defence options, to screening and acoustic louvres, CS range provides solutions to suit different project needs.

CS Pedisystems Entrance Flooring Systems

CS Pedisystems entrance mats keep the entrances of commercial buildings, schools and hospitals, safe and beautiful by stopping dirt, snow and water at the door to reduce interior maintenance costs. CS matting systems are easy to maintain, offer excellent appearance retention and moisture absorption, and are BS 8300:2001 compliant. The range includes aluminium grid systems in a variety of depths, stainless steel systems, PVC tiles and clean-off carpet tiles to suit different project requirements and budgets.

CS Supertrak Plus Cubicle Curtain Track

Cubicle curtain systems provide an easy to install and cost-effective partitioning method in multi-bed hospital wards, which helps to offer some privacy to patients and staff. They can also be used as screening in retail/leisure changing rooms and shower areas. CS Supertrak® Plus combines a totally rigid structure with the flexibility of configuration to meet individual requirements.

CS Wallglaze Hygienic Coatings

CS Wallglaze Wall and Ceiling Coatings range provides solutions for any situation whether in the commercial, private or public sector. All systems are highly durable and feature anti-microbial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi on their surface. These properties remain effective throughout their long design life and even after rigorous and regular cleaning.

Showing 1-10 of 10