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Period and Contemporary Vents and Drains

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28,000mm2 Free Area

Our newest designed cast iron 225x225 air brick allows for an unprecedented free area of 28,000mm2. It is known as the MAX9 air brick and has recently been cast in Oxfordshire, near Cotswolds and is ideally suited to period properties looking for enhanced ventilation. Existing customers include Prime Minister Cameron for installation in Chequers as well as Jesus College Cambridge

Architectural Cast Iron Ventilation Gratings and Grilles in any RAL colour

We have over 250 different cast iron grilles available on our website in either bare metal or painted black. But don't let that put you off specifying cast iron because our website features products that are ready to be dispatched. Actually we can supply them in any colour you or your client requires. If it has a RAL number then we can do it. There's a charge and a week or so extra to bare in mind but if you're looking to make a statement or just to blend then get in touch...

Cast iron air bricks and mesh - a solution at last

Flymesh and cast iron air bricks, up till now, Installers have either pushed the mesh into the back of the air brick from inside - never to be cleaned again - or meshed over the air brick and held it in place with silicon - never to be removed again. Which is why we invented the cast iron flyscreen airbrick with removable copper mesh. It solved a problem faced by Galliford Try, constructing the athletes village for London 2012 Olympics when they needed feature vents for kitchen extraction to enhance their clay bricked homes. Discover how they work...

Cast Iron Cellar and Basement Vents

Originally used during Victorian and Edwardian period as sewer vents or "stench flaps", these cast iron vents with 100mm round spigots are making a bit of a come back. We've replaced the flaps (that used to allow air in but not out) with mesh so air flows freely in both directions and they've become quite a hit with specifiers ventilating basements and cellars and new builds. As well as sending a shipment to Abu Dhabi we've also had orders from closer to home - Travis Perkins, Midas, Bryen & Langley and 800 Group

Cast Iron Rainwater and Drain Outlet Cowl

Before there was an open, 4" (100mm) diameter pipe that drained water from the back of this Devon farm house into the yard. Apart from an open pipe, which never looks good on a listed building, when it rained heavily there was water gushing out across the road causing havoc to any cars parked nearby. With the installation of the cast iron cowled conservation vent now the water is deflected downwards and the opening is no longer open to the elements and in eye line. With a choice of 100mm or 125mm spigots this cowled vent has many uses

Conservation Vent Grilles

Designed by The Cast Iron Air Brick Company, this stunning grille was transformed from a concept to "a work of art" by North Devon based, pattern maker, Peter Hoole in 2010 and is now cast in West Midlands. With over 2000 sold, its fast becoming "the" conservation vent for listed and period properties and is now available with a 5" diameter(125mm) spigot as well as the original 4" diameter (100mm). Supplied in traditional black or primed for contractors to colour co-ordinate to owners requirements on site.

Cork Flood Screen for Cast Iron Air Bricks - an innovative and simple solution to flood defence in period properties and listed buildings

The cast iron flyscreen air brick has the advantage of protecting the property from insect and rodent ingress but can help stop flooding with this innovative and simple barrier. The flood screen is a cork gasket for our single and double flyscreen air bricks and is simply inserted in the air brick when flooding is likely or imminent in place of the fly mesh. Once the danger has passed the copper fly mesh is replaced and the cork flood screen stored away safely until require again. It is available with our 9x3 and 9x6 cast iron air bricks here

Door Step and Below Door Ventilation

Looking down for architectural features in any Georgian town and as well as coal hole covers, manholes and the like you'll see all manner of air bricks and grilles, mostly for sub floor ventilation in property walls. Here is an illustration of a cast iron vent underneath a front door in Regency Bath. Like many it's in a pretty poor state. This one's patched up with steel plate and it's suffocating, what is a key part of the ground floor causing damp. Prevent damp in period property basements and below suspended floors...

Floor Heating Pipes - Libraries, Palaces, Conservatory, Church, Orangery and Public Buildings

The Ecclesiastical cast iron floor grille isn't used exclusively in churches, cathedrals or abbeys. We've supplied these beautiful Scottish made gratings to a number of religious buildings across the country that's for sure but their main use is in "ordinary" period properties and listed buildings. Buildings with large heating pipes sunk into the floor with suspended walkways. Places like Stansted and Rotherfield Hall or National Trust, Mount Stewart Property in County Down and Halls in Melton Mowbray and Stoke on Trent. To make a real feature or for a sympathetic restoration why not take a look ...

Landscaping with Cast Iron Walkways and Bridges

Architects at the Rathbone Partnership in South Devon contacted us in 2011 about a new feature in the garden of Buckfast Abbey. They had a creative and inventive plan to transform a section of the garden into a tranquil retreat for both the visitors and the monks. What a transformation! Our grilles are used to make stunning architectural features such as this bridge over the waterway channel and blend perfectly complimenting stone and water in a way that only cast iron can. Why not create your own lasting legacy in the grounds of a period or contemporary property ?

New Larger Conservation Vent with 150mm spigot

Almost ten years since introducing the CON4 100mm conservation we are now adding to our collection of conservation vents with the CON6 which is our biggest yet. With a massive 150mm diameter spigot and a free area that is 50% larger than the next size down, it's sure to be a hit with many property restorers looking to add plenty of ventilation with a stunning looking vent that will last a lifetime.

Stove Vents, Log Burner Vents and Cast Iron Oven and Range ventilators

The Stove and Fire Vent is the ideal interior vent to compliment a log burner or stove. The cast iron body is available in a polished pewter effect, which has been hand finished by us in our workshop or can be purchased bare metal for contractors or property owners to finish on site. The pewter finish stove vent will enhance any interiors. When the 100mm spigot is connected to an air source it provides 3000mm2 of free area for combustion air for a room fitted with a log burner or stove up to 10KW. Double up for larger appliances.

Using Cast Iron Imperial Air Bricks with Metric Ducting

Although we have cast iron slotted air bricks in metric sizes to perfectly engage with modern plastic ducting and periscopes, there may come a time when the installation requires imperial old patterned cast iron air bricks. Connecting these can be especially difficult which is why we've introduced these aluminium sleeves known as the metimp adapators (short for metric imperial). They are available in two sizes, single air brick size to connect up to a periscope duct and cavity wall sleeve or the double brick size for connecting to a larger wall sleeve

Vents Any Colour

Take one look at our website and customers would be forgiven for thinking our grilles are only available painted in one colour - black. They can of course be supplied bare metal to go rusty in many cases as another option but black is our standard colour. That said we supply vents and air bricks painted in a huge range of RAL colours. These cant be ordered direct from the website and there is an additional cost but they can be turned around in a week or so. Please email for more details

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