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BOYCO UK - Colour Selector Guide

We know how important it is for your project to look good, but there are some real psychological impacts that should be considered when choosing your colour scheme. Traditionally, furniture has been always been quite understated, however research has proven that the choice of colour can have a real impact on mood and emotions, because the different colours stimulate different brain functions. For example, when considering your choices and options for your classroom or educational furniture you might want to take into account the fact that certain colours create a different type of working environment for the children, in healthcare environments choosing the most appropriate healing colours for hospitals or inspiring choices to motivate champions in a sports and leisure environment.

BOYCO UK - Education Brochure

When it comes to bringing educational spaces to life, Boyco is top of the class. Were the market leader in fixed furniture and equipment for educational settings and weve been partnering architects and education specialists for over 50 years. We create interactive learning environments that maximise space, inspire children and transform the way teachers work. If youre looking for A+ design, we can help.

BOYCO UK - Education Technical Specification Guide

At BOYCO we believe that students perform better within vibrant and engaging teaching spaces. BOYCO - EST. 1962. As a leader in FF&E, we know that to improve peoples lives we have to understand what matters to them. This insight drives our innovation process to create products that deliver real value and are built to last. Our products can be found in great spaces around the UK and Boycos dedication to the customer has kept it at the forefront of the industry. Today we work across a wide variety of markets, but BOYCO are still regarded as the education sector specialists.

BOYCO UK - Healthcare Brochure

Boyco healthcare brochure showcasing the Grab Rails, Anti Ligature Grab rails, Hinged Grab Rails, Lockers and Bench Seating, Fixed and Adjustable Shelving Systems, Fixed and Mobile Shelving System, Handrails, Ramp-rail and Balustrades and Door Restrainer Ranges.

BOYCO UK - Lockers

This document provides details on the Boyco range of lockers.

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