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ASF 128 Bollard / Step Unit Handrail

ASF's 128 pattern cast iron bollard was used in this project as the post for a bespoke step unit. One side of the steps was fixed to a set of railings (also by ASF) by a core fixing directly to the bollard upright. The handrails themselves were bespoke manufactured mild steel, galvanised rails, with steel side mounting brackets made to mechanically fix into the ASF 128 Bollards.

ASF 4 Rail Quayside Stainless Steel Post and Rail, Swansea

ASF Quayside post is available in cast iron, steel and stainless steel. On this project stainless steel was used with a 4 rail set up. The project included not only straight runs, but it took in some complicated topography and a Norwegian Gate that was a very difficult manufacture, but which looked and worked great in the end

ASF 5000 Bollard with Bespoke Enamelled Paintwork - Rusholme

This is an ongoing product for the Rusholme area that ASF have been manufacturing for over 15 years. They already stylish ASF 5000 triangular stainless steel bollard has on it's tall face an etched and enamelled design that makes this product that little bit better than the rest!

ASF 5006 Stainless Steel Hand Railing, Bradford Library

A hugely popular handrail design that ASF have supplied to projects in many locations. The full sized bollards that are used as post uprights give a sense of solidity and permanence, whilst the mitred top gives them just enough of a decorative nature to lift the product beyond a simple post and handrail job. In this project all welds and interfaces were polished back on site so the finished product becomes a complete unit with no visible fixings. With both double and single handrails over multiple flights and angles, this project shows how ASF can manage any project need.

ASF 5008 Guardrail

An impressive version pedestrian guardrail using the machine topped ASF 5008 bollard as posts, and solid bar stainless steel vertical infill panels to create the guardrail. This system is made to order, and as such can be set up to host any combination of post and panel or hand railing. Contrasting polish finish can be used on the bollards to show the machined top as more of a feature. Posts can be reinforced to make them ram raid resistant.

ASF Art Deco Stainless Steel Railings, Bradford Town Hall

ASF were approached by Bradford Council with drawings of a complicated art deco railing design. ASF worked to these drawings to produce a fully fabricated, fully welded set of railings for the area around Bradford Town Hall. The railings are manufactured in large section, heavy duty marine grade 316 stainless steel that was then painstakingly hand polished to give a satin brushed final look. The railings are sited around garden areas, along walkways and a shorter version was manufactured to run along a wall top. The end product is a very robust, visually stunning railing that requires little maintenance.

ASF Balmoral Parapet Panel Post, Salford Quays

The ASF Balmoral short panel post was used as a parapet railing for the top of a section of refurbished industrial walling alongside the Manchester Shipping Canal. The acorn finial and feature rail knuckles make a decorative and chunky post to house panels made with slightly oversize tube. The overall effect turns this practical 'safety rail' into a design feature that compliments the heritage parts of the famous Salford Quays development. ASF also manufactured many of the stainless steel street furniture products seen in the pedestrian and residential areas of the Quays.

ASF Balmoral Post and Panel with Top Rail, Keighley Town Centre

ASF supplied extensive runs of Balmoral Post and Panel with Top rails for this town centre development. Balmoral posts feature decorative shallow pyramid rail knuckles and an acorn ball finial, which frame the more utilitarian guardrail type railing panels giving the whole job a more architectural feel than simple guardrail alone. The Balmoral post is available not only this set up, but also as a full panel post, a 2 rail, 3 rail and knee rail post, offering excellent versatility alongside very agreeable looks.

ASF Bespoke Bronze Street Furniture, Crowle Market Square

ASF worked closely with the architect to develop a 'whole material solution' for what started as an open spec project. The brief was to produce a single material and very high quality street furniture package that complimented but did not dominate the market square. It was decided that LG2 Aluminium Bronze would be used. In this material ASF produced bespoke cycle stands, feature paving strips, a feature paving tree surround and bollards as well as step units to properties surrounding the square. Feature products were all sand cast and above ground externals machine engineered.

ASF Bespoke Bronze Tree Grilles, NOMA, Manchester

Drawings of these decorative grilles were supplied to ASF as proposed designs. ASF then specified these up including all manufacturing techniques and grade of bronze. Grilles were waterjet profiled and mounted on ladder frames, with a hidden steel support plate beneath to support the malleable bronze. PB102/EW541K bronze was chosen, a grade of bronze known for high fatigue strength and ductility. The end result is a stunning tree grille that will patina over time, getting better year on year.

ASF Bespoke Corten Planter / Seat

ASF Manufactured this large planter and seat from corten steel. The structure of the planter is 100% corten, manufactured as modular sections that were transported to site in sections and simply put together in situ. The seat area is a lowered platform alongside a running edge of the planter with hardwood seat slats attached to the top with invisible fixings. The seat area brings the lowered side up to full planter height so people can sit alongside the raised garden bed the planter creates.

ASF Bespoke Waterfront Railings, Birkenhead

This long run of railings brought with it a number of manufacturing challenges and techniques. They needed to be curved in profile so they form a quayside post, curving and leaning inwards so they do not make a 'natural ladder' beside the water. The panels themselves are manufactured in mild steel, finished galvanised and then painted in satin finished graphite grey. The top rails are of a contrasting polished finished grade 316 stainless steel, finished satin brushed. The run of railings has a combination of straight and curved panels, meaning each individual horizontal infill bar needed to be curved individually.

ASF Boston Load Bearing Trough Bollards, Liverpool Football Club

ASF were already supplying the ASF 5002 bollard to this site with an internal heavy duty steel core to make them ram raid resiatent, when we were asked about bollards that would fold into a trough below ground level. These were for the players entrance and would need to sustain a lot of traffic passover as well as fully loaded coaches. The ASF Boston Trough was used which is manufactured to meet the U.S. H20 load bearing capacity, suitable for 'large trucks', HGV's and artics. This has a 32,000lbs axle weight capacity

ASF Bronze Sign Posts

Solid cast bar bronze posts for mounting signs. Can be in a range of bronzes, brasses and gunmetals. Finished self coloured, polished or waxed and toned. A range of heights and diameters are available

ASF Channel Fixed Glass Balustrade, Bradford Library

ASF had already manufactured and supplied stainless steel street furniture and the ASF 5006 hand rail system to the Bradford Library refurbishment project. We were approached to offer our channel fixed glass as infill panels for slate piers on the pedestrian walkway. Toughened glass panels were supplied in an invisible fix channel with a loading certified to 3kN. (Higher loadings are available).

ASF Feature Bronze Tree Surround

Bronze pavement feature strip to house resin bound aggregate. Available in any grade of bronze, brass, ally-bronze or gunmetal. Bespoke manufactured to any thickness and to suit any dimension of tree pit.

ASF Ground Compass, Leeds Station / Brewery Wharf

ASF manufactured this large cast iron ground compass as a feature piece for the new South Entrance and Waterside Development at Leeds Station/Brewery Wharf. It required 17 individual patterns to be made, so the 17 castings from that would build up and make the complete disc of the ground compass, approximatley 3m in diameter. Ductile SG Iron was used in the casting to ensure the ground compass would remain undamaged even if driven over. The finished product has been left unfinished to oxidize and patina over time.

ASF Hawick Cast iron Posts

The site engineers approached ASF to develop a specialised quayside post and rail system that has a straight post on the inland side of the riverside path and a curved quayside profile on the waterside. Critically the base and top of the curved post had to be on the same vertical plain, thus not interfering with the width of the path. Posts are finished spun galvanised offering a maintenance free finish for many years

ASF LED Illuminated Quayside Posts

ASF utilised the ever popular ASF 211 Quayside post profile to manufacture a bespoke LED illuminated system for this site at Merthyr Tydfil. The finished product was a curved quayside post with 4 rails and 4 tension cables, with the LED lighting cassettes situated into the top rail, angled to provide down lighting for the waterside path. There were straight profiled versions made for the non waterside area to create a seamless transition between the water front and the inland pathway.

ASF Max Pave Tree Grille, University of Manchester

ASF Max Pave Tree Grilles are a paving infill tree grille, available in any size with any amount of trays. Usually manufactured in heavy duty mild steel and finished galvanised, they are also available in stainless steel

ASF Morrisons Logo Bollard and Railings

ASF have for decades been supplying the supermarket chain Morrisons with a host of external furniture and fittings. From the very beginning ASF were specified as manufacturers for the M Logo Cast Iron Bollards, still in use today on their heritage stores. In this example the bollards were converted into railings, allowing the supermarket retain their corporate branding whilst creating a site perimeter. ASF are also specified on the stainless steel and recycled plastic products seen at Morrisons stores.

ASF Norwegian Gate within ASF Quayside Posts

As part of the quayside post project at Swansea, ASF manufactured a Norwegian Gate at a boat access ramp. A double curved gate that was twin hinged to ensure clearance was manufactured, and worked as a gate whilst maintaining the curved profile of the quayside posts

ASF Stowe Balustrade Railings, Great Portland Street, London

These railings were used on a roof terrace and lower floor balcony area. On the roof section the standard root fixed version was used, and a bespoke side mounted version manufactured for the lower floor balcony. These posts were cast in ductile SG iron to that they met and surpassed all loading requirements.

Bike Shaped Cycle Stands, Halfords

ASF have been manufacturing and supplying these cycle stands to Halfords stores since 2013. Manufactured in stainless steel and finished either polished or painted, these stylish bike stands look great and are long lasting and low maintenance. Because ASF use stainless steel as a base metal on all of these stands, including the painted ones, they will not rust even if the paint is deeply scratched

Cleggford Bridge Parapet Refurbishment

Part of an 1885 Ashlar Dressed Bridge widening and strengthening scheme, the listed Victorian Parapet required uplifting, repairing and refitting. ASF's unique position of having our own on site foundry, pattern shop, casting engineers and metallurgists meant we could complete this task using traditional techniques whilst managing to retain about 75% of the original damaged parapet railing.

Exmouth Beach Stainless Steel Handrailing

ASF used the Exmouth Stainless Steel Post and Rail system to manufacture bespoke handrailing for the new handrail installations at Exmouth Beach. Manufactured in marine grade 316 stainless steel and finished bright polished to avoid discoloration, each of the 12 stepped areas required individually measuring and bespoke rails manufatured to suit.

Globe Works, Birmingham, ASF Corner Protection Bollard

ASF's Building Protection Corner Bollard was used in the above project. The bollard is set up so that there is one quarter missing on the upright plane so that it fits perfectly on a 90 degree outside wall. The pattern can be adapted to other angles if necessary. Once in place the bollard acts as a wheel buffer for any vehicles getting too close to the corner - thus reducing the risk of damage to either the building or vehicle.

Llanelli Seafront - Millennium Project

ASF were commissioned to help design a range of cast iron products for the Llanelli Millennium Park seafront and visually impressive viewing towers. ASF adapted the popular ASF 211 quayside post and centrifugally galvanised it, a process that offers a finish that is expected to last 50 years with no maintenance. Grade 316L rails were used in conjunction with the cast iron posts. The outcome was a stunning combination of the earthy and organic look of cast iron with the clean cut edges of bright polished stainless steel - the project still looks great after 15 years.

Reproduction Victorian Posts, Roker Pier, Sunderland

ASF were approached with a well weathered post dating back to the mid 1880's with the hope that we could use this post to reproduce the originals. Resins and moulds were taken from this post and a new pattern produced, from which over 600 individual posts were cast and used in the renovation of the Roker Pier in Sunderland. ASF's on site foundry and pattern shop means that heritage jobs such as this can be taken on and completed using many of the original skills and techniques that were utilized when the first posts were made.

Ruthin Art Trail

ASF were approached by artists Lucy Strachan and Fred Baier who had produced conceptual drawings of laser cut tree grilles. Alongside these drawings was a brief that the guards should fit with invisible fixings into the ASF 303 cast iron tree grille. ASF took these concepts forward and produced a set of tree guards that met the needs of both the artistic concept and the required practical applications. The guards were first laser profiled and then rolled to the desired diameter. The guard halves then had to be hand fettled and blended so the pattern carried perfectly through 360 degrees.

Wind in the Willows Project - Whittle Brook

ASF worked with artist Bernadette Hughes to develop these spectacular products. Highly decorative laser profiled panels were used to make seats, litter bins and signage. The detailed profiles themselves were manufactured in stainless steel plate and then powder coated, to retain the intricate laser cut details that would be lost is the sheets were galvanised after cutting. The outer shapes were then profiled from heavy duty mild steel sheet that was galvanised, and the two sheets mounted cheek by cheek with invisible fixings. The result isa highly visible design that is decorative, strong and has zero finger traps.

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