WILOTEKT-PLUS Structural Waterproofing System

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WILOTEKT-PLUS Structural Waterproofing System

by Axter Ltd

WILOTEKT-PLUS - Axter's unique, second generation (hot melt) tough, seamless, self-healing structural waterproofing for roofs, podium decks, car parks, green roofs and civil engineering applications. WILOTEKT-PLUS has been awarded European Technical Approval ETA-03/0049. The unique formulation of a polymer modified (SBS) bitumen compound combined with an integrated polymer modified reinforced bitumen sheet results in a tough, flexible, monolithic system designed for use over concrete and plywood in all protected membrane (inverted) constructions. WILOTEKT-PLUS is designed to last for the lifetime of a building or structure on which it is installed and comes with a 35 year guarantee. A full environmental impact assessment is available.

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