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Novia VC8 Reflective Air and Vapour Control Layer

Technical data sheet

Novia VC8 Reflective Air and Vapour Control Layer

by Novia Ltd

Novia VC8 Reflective is a technologically advanced reflective air tight and vapour check membrane for use in insulated wall, roof and floor applications. By installing Novia VC8 Reflective facing a minimum 25mm cavity, the end result will have improved results for the U and R value scores. By using new production processes, Novia has produced a reflective AVCL that delivers a carefully chosen vapour permeability, which helps to prevent any surface condensation problems that may occur, and yet still remains highly reflective and so delivers greatly improved r and u-values. Novia VC6 Reflective must be installed in conjunction with our two-tape sealing system to provide a fully airtight seal.

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