evguard® laminating interlayers - Artificial UV aging (3,000 hours)

Case study

evguard® laminating interlayers - Artificial UV aging (3,000 hours)

by Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH

Laminated glass samples were tested. § In accordance with the norm DIN EN ISO 12543-4, the artificial aging by UV irradiation was carried out by means of a xenon-arc solar simulation spectrum with a power of 50 W / m2 in total UV wavelength. The examined samples have been continuously irradiated for 3,000 hours. In this case, a control measurement of the haze values and the light transmission was carried out for every 500 h. The artificial aging by UV radiation was carried out by Friedmann & Kirchner testing institute (Germany) on laminated glass samples made from a series of different laminates. Both the LSG made with evguard® laminating interlayer and combination with evguard® MPE passed the test successfully. No visual change was observed.

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