AS NZS 1170.1 Test report New Zealand by Q-railing

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AS NZS 1170.1 Test report New Zealand by Q-railing

by Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH

Several base shoe barriers were mounted on a steel test rig with sufficient strength to withstand the loads. For each barrier we tested the horizontal line load since the concentrated load of 0.6 kN was not significant. A horizontal line load is applied to the height of 1000 mm for the residential buildings, which represents the handrail height. The load is generated by hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders and is measured with a load cell. Loading was applied to the glass on a handrail height of 1.00m from finished floor level and the deflection was measured at the same height. The impact test with an impactor having the mass of 50 kg was executed on the glass: with the EN-12600 body: at the horizontal middle of the glass, 250 mm below the handrail at a fall height of 700/900/1200 mm

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