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Boulder Developments

Multi-layer foil thermal insulation for roofs, walls and floors, consisting of 11 layers in total.


Boulder Developments

Thermal, vapour and air tightness barrier foil insulation for use on walls, ceilings and floors.


Boulder Developments

Combined breather membrane and multi-layer foil thermal insulation for roofs and walls, consisting of 19 layers in total.

FIBREfon® Micro 50

Cellecta Ltd

Acoustic sound absorbing slab, ideal for application between joists and cavities in new build and refurbishment projects.


Euroform Products

A range of insulation materials constructed using polyethylene bubble, with aluminium foil to one or both faces.



Tecsound® is a flexible, easy to handle and high performing acoustic membrane for all your soundproofing needs. It is a feature in many of our acoustic systems and is suited for timber and concrete structures with particular focus on the 'muting' of vibration in metal structures. Tecsound® is a visco-elastic membrane, and this means it is both a viscous material, part way between a solid and a liquid, having elastic properties, meaning that it returns to its original form when stress is within its limits, like pulling an elastic band, if you pull it too hard it will break. Tecsound® is primarily designed to be installed within acoustic systems (often laminated between two layers of plasterboard) or used to be directly applied to metal cladding to dampen vibration.

Mapetherm Mineral Wool

Mapei (UK) Ltd

High-density, glass wool insulating panels for thermal insulation systems.

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  • Mapetherm Mineral Wool 40
  • Mapetherm Mineral Wool 50
  • Mapetherm Mineral Wool 60
  • Mapetherm Mineral Wool 80
  • Mapetherm Mineral Wool 100

Showing 1-36 of 251