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Hathersage Road Car Park, Manchester Royal Infirmary


PROJECT BACKGROUND: Patients, staff, and visitors for the Oxford Road site of Manchester Royal Infirmary use the linking Hathersage Road Car Park daily.

REQUIREMENT:A compact internal ramp for the level 2 and level 7 entrances.


Two small internal ramps with bespoke yellow handrails and a 1:15 gradient were installed within a few hours. 

Our ramps come in components that were small enough to be carried into the carpark lift and onto the levels.

The ramp feet were bolted into the ground to keep the systems securely in place.


  • Standard Handrail - this handrail system ensures users always have support to hold onto.
  • Trombone Ends - these are added to the ends of a Rapid Ramp to prevent clothes catching.
  • Mesh Platform - the self-draining mesh allows water to pass through rather than collect on the surface.
  • Powder coated Finish – rails are coated with thermosetting powder to provide a non-conductive, non-slip and scratch resistant surface.
  • Telescopic Legs - these can be adjusted to accommodate different threshold heights.


  • Yellow Powdercoated Handrails – yellow is one of the easiest colours to see because of its ability to reflect light.
  • Yellow Tread - this is a safety feature designed to help those with impaired vision identify the nose of the ramp and level changes.

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