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FIRA Gold Product Certification
QA Certificate

QA Certificate

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FIRA Gold Product Certification

Symphony Group

Provided by Quality Assurance

Additional notes: FIRA Gold for Products covers all types of furniture and components. The scheme has rigorous test requirements for the products covered, backed by an ongoing audit and re-test programme to ensure that a particular product having achieved the FIRA Gold certification maintains the standard. FIRA Gold Product holders are represented both throughout the furniture supply chain and across the furniture industry, with components and products within the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, component, upholstery, office and worktop sectors and more. FIRA Gold Product Certification gives confidence products thave been proven to meet all current applicable standards. They can also be reassured that these standards will be maintained through ongoing third party auditing.

Date of first issue: 01/06/1995

Date of last issue: 01/07/2021

Expiry date: 30/06/2022

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