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Symphony Group

Leading supplier and installer of kitchen and bedroom furniture for new build residential projects

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Symphony is the UK’s largest supplier of kitchen furniture with a turnover of over £350 million and over 2000 employees. Symphony's Skyline team is experienced in designing and delivering high-rise urban developments that feature the latest kitchen and bedroom trends delivered with the backing of Symphony’s industry renowned service and support.

With over 50 years of experience we understand the importance of operating in a responsible, sustainable manner. We have always taken our responsibilities to the environment seriously and with our furniture being timber based we ensure that the wood we use is sourced from responsibly managed forests and is FSC® certified.

We also strive to include recycled content where we can, such as in our cabinet board which includes over 50% recycled content and in our recent kitchen ranges that use 100% recycled chipboard.

Sustainability has always been a key focus for our operations and back in 2007 we designed our head office and manufacturing facility to industry leading BREEAM standards. We’re pleased to report that we have reduced our carbon emissions year on year since 2017.

We're delighted that our Linear and Gallery kitchen brands are available on NBS Source – making us the first mainstream kitchen supplier to feature products across the NBS platform. RIBA CPD material is also available to assist you with kitchen design advice and tips.

Visit one of our Skyline Design Centres: Islington BDC, London, or 15mins from the M1 North Sheffield. To book an appointment contact: 01226 446000.


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Gallery Kitchen Brochure

Gallery Kitchen Brochure

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Skyline Brochure

Linear Brochure 2023-24

Linear Brochure 2023-24

Sustainability Statement 2023

Sustainability Statement 2023

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  • Gallery Kitchen Furniture
  • Koncept Kitchen Furniture
  • Kubix Kitchen Furniture
  • Laura Ashley Bedroom Collection
  • Laura Ashley Kitchen Collection
  • Linear Kitchen Furniture
  • Symphony Kitchens
  • Urbano Bedroom Furniture
  • Freedom Accessible Kitchens
  • Symphony kitchen
  • Symphony Group
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