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Neptune™ Manual Pool Lift

Arjo UK Ltd

The Neptune™ manual pool lift provides a safe, comfortable and dignified method of transferring a patient from the poolside into the water in an effortless way.

The system includes chairs and a comfortable stretcher which attaches easily to the lift. The Neptune pool lift suits above ground pools as well as deck level pools.

Alenti™ Hygiene Lift Chair

Arjo UK Ltd

Alenti advanced hygiene lift chair – as part of an integrated bathing system, the Alenti™ provides excellent quality of transportation and a transfer solution for semi-dependent residents/ patients.

The resident/ patient sits safely and comfortably on the submersible Alenti seat throughout all stages of the bathing process. The Alenti helps improve quality of life by providing a higher standard of safety and comfort during hygiene routines. The Alenti delivers the necessary power-assisted support to allow the caregiver to manage the entire bathing process in an ergonomically sound manner, and without the need for manual handling.

Fewer staff resources are needed for the various stages of hygiene routines – transfers, dressing, drying – as the Alenti enables one caregiver to efficiently manage all tasks relating to the bathing process alone.

The Alenti is a part of ArjoHuntleigh's integrated bathing system, and is compatible with the various lengths of ArjoHuntleigh height-adjustable baths. It is also compatible with the Prelude™ shower cabinet.

Included in object:

  • Alenti™ CDB8152-01 – Alenti™ Lift and Hygiene Chair With Scale.
  • Alenti™ CDB8102-01 – Alenti™ Lift and Hygiene Chair.

Miranti™ Lift Bath Trolley

Arjo UK Ltd

Using the Miranti™, a caregiver can perform the entire bathing cycle with the minimum physical effort. Power Drive™ is just one of the powered features that make this bath lift trolley one of the safest and most comfortable solutions for dependent residents/ patients.

The Miranti can improve quality of life by providing easy access to a safer, more comfortable bathing experience for dependent residents/ patients.

The powered features and ergonomic design of the Miranti enables a caregiver to perform the entire bathing cycle safely and easily. The Miranti enables a single caregiver to perform standard routines with maximum powered support. Resident/ patient bathing can be carried out with the greatest possible efficiency.

The Miranti is compatible with ArjoHuntleigh height-adjustable baths, 1900 mm or longer.

Included in object:

  • Miranti Standard.
  • Miranti Powered Drive.

Ecco Concertina Loft Ladder with hatch

Premier Loft Ladders Ltd

Compact concertina aluminium loft ladder, specially designed for small ceiling openings. It is supplied as a ready to fit unit, consisting of a space-saving aluminium ladder contained within, and attached to, a laminated wooden hatch box. Insulated trapdoor (U value 0.77 W/m²K) with an airtight seal (class 4 certified). 4 point latching system around the trapdoor, with concealed hinges for a high quality and discrete finish. Both sides of the trapdoor are finished in white for improved aesthetics. It is also fitted with WDL sealing and insulation tape, providing a perfect seal between the hatch box and building. Manufactured to EN 14975.

Custom sizes are available. Please contact Premier Loft Ladders to discuss requirements.

Features and benefits:

  • Compact aluminium retractable ladder for small openings
  • Light duty load rating (150kg per tread)
  • Easy to operate
  • Highly insulated trap door / hatch box (U value 0.77 W/m²K)
  • Class 4 certified airtight seal
  • Available made-to-measure to suit specific project requirements
  • Includes anti-slip treads to provide comfort and safety
  • Manufacturer's 2-year full warranty and a 10-year parts warranty
  • Low maintenance with excellent durability
  • Supplied ready to install

Showing 73-108 of 999