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Autex Acoustics Ltd

A versatile decorative fabric which can be used in a wide variety of applications from wall covering, to making lampshades, to covering furniture.


Autex Acoustics Ltd

Decorative fabric which can be used as a standalone wall covering or with a backing to provide acoustic absorption.


Autex Acoustics Ltd

Suspended acoustic panels which appear to float from ceilings and walls while increasing acoustic performance.

Quietspace® Accent Ceiling Tile

Autex Acoustics Ltd

Made from 100% Polyester and developed with two functional sides for creative flexibility; Quietspace® Accent Tiles have the added benefit of a smooth, classic white face combined with one of the exciting range of Autex CubeTM colours. Gain creative control over your ceiling space with the ability to mix-and-match colours to complement your environment.


Autex Acoustics Ltd

Available in a range of over 35 premium colours with a smooth sophisticated flat pile, Symphony® offers unlimited design options.

Symphony® is constructed using Autex Vertiface® fabric laminated to an acoustic, needle-punched and thermally bonded 100% polyester backing. Adhered to the wall substrate, Symphony® reduces the need for extensive wall preparation and painting. Ideal for use on vertical surfaces; Symphony® can also be used as a pinboard, effectively transforming your walls into acoustic notice boards.

Quietspace® Ceiling Tile

Autex Acoustics Ltd

Designed to fit into standard grid systems and available in a rebated or square edge; Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles are a lightweight, easy and safe solution for suspended ceiling systems.

Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles are extremely durable and will not chip, crack or break, resulting in no wastage whilst installing. Because Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles do not contain chemical binders or crystalline silica they are non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic.


Autex Acoustics Ltd

Durable and lightweight, Workstation can be used in wide array of commercial applications, including office dividers and partitions, sustainable furniture and as a creative medium for sound absorbing feature pieces. Workstation will help increase privacy in open offices, reduce reverberated sound and assist in controlling background chatter noise; creating a private, comfortable and functioning workplace environment.

With the ability to custom print and cut, the bright and clean colours of Workstation can inspire unique designs and creative solutions where functionality and aesthetics are crucial.

Made from 100% recyclable polyester and manufactured under Autex’s ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited Quality and Environmental Management Systems, Workstation products contain a minimum of 60% post-consumer recycled material (PET bottle-flake).


Autex Acoustics Ltd

A lightweight and semi-rigid acoustic panel that can be used as a wall covering, creative medium and stand-alone feature.

Quietspace® Horizon

Autex Acoustics Ltd

Tested for seismic compliance and simple to install; Quietspace® Horizon’s adjustable system allows you to set the suspension height with ease.

Hung at various heights from the ceiling; Quietspace® Horizon gives you the ability to target multiple frequency levels across a single space. This provides complete acoustic control across numerous sound sources; perfect for the hospitality industry and commercial environments.

SG895 – ATEX Gas Sensor

Duomo (UK) Ltd

The SG895 is a pellistor gas sensing unit that detects the presence of methane, LPG and other types of gas. An automatic drift compensation function permits the probe to adapt to difficult ambiences and variable temperatures, avoiding false alarms due to anomalous events. Additionally, the SG895 is ATEX certified and is therefore ideal for very high specification applications.

Detectable Gases: Methane, LPG, Ammonia, Hydrogen, Acetylene, Gasoline, Methanol, Ethanol, White Spirit, Acetone, Hexane, Ethyl Acetate, Toluene.

Showing 1-29 of 29