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Novia Polythene Vapour Control Layers

Novia Ltd

Novia Polythene Vapour Control Layers (VCL) are highlighted in this datasheet bundle. Novia 500, 1000, and 1200 Gauge virgin polythene VCLs will each offer a different moisture resistance due to the varying thicknesses. 500G is more suitable for a residential property, whereas the 1200G is more commonly found within commercial or industrial applications. All of Novia VCLs are CE Approved to EN 13984:2013.

Novia VC2 Air and Vapour Control Layer

Novia Ltd

Novia VC2 is reinforced air-tight vapour check membrane suitable for use in all insulated wall, roof and floor applications. The membrane should be fully taped when installed to prevent any air leakage which will help in making the construction more efficient without loss of heat through gaps. With a low SD value and low water vapour permeability, Novia VC2 is ideal for use as a vapour check in residential properties.

High Performance Vapour Control Layers - Polyvap

Polyglass Ltd

POLYVAP is a range of high performance, aluminium cored vapour control layers (VCLs) coated with a high quality polymer modified bitumen coating. The underside of POLYVAP TT & POLYVAP TS are protected by Polyflam a special polyethylene film which melts upon torching. In the POLYVAP TT version the top surface is also protected by a layer of Polyflam providing a bitumen rich surface. The top surface of POLYVAP TS has a coating of fine sand thereby enabling the use of bitumen or Polyglass polyurethane adhesive to bond insulation to the upper face of the VCL. POLYVAP SA is a self-adhesive membrane manufactured using ADESO ® technology and can be incorporated in to a completely flame free ADESO ® self-adhesive roofing system.

SIGnature Torch-on System Vapour Control Layers Datasheet

SIG Design & Technology

SIGnature built-up flat roofing is a versatile system, which includes fire-rated torch-on cap sheets to provide safe, effective, long-lasting and guaranteed solutions for new or repair work. It is a proven system and is ideal for use on cold or warm roofs in most market sectors, including education, healthcare and commercial. SIGnature built-up flat roofing is our recommended system for specification in the CIF improvement for schools and academies initiative. The SIGnature Torch On Cap Sheet is a fire retardant formulation, polyester reinforced, SBS, torch applied finishing layer. This cap sheet is utilised on both the 20 and 25 year systems and will achieve an EXT.F.AA fire rating as standard. It is available in two mineral finishes, black or green.

SIGnature Bitumen Roof System Vapour Control Layers Datasheet

SIG Design & Technology

Exclusive to SIG Design & Technology, the SIGnature range is a torch-applied built up roofing system for flat and pitched roofs which is robust, tried and tested. Intended for both new work and overlay projects and offering different warranty packages dependent on the underlay option selected. The SIGnature range will ensure that you can tailor the system to your client's requirements, and come in on budget. Designed for new work or overlays, this bituminous roofing system comprises fire rated torch-on cap sheet, underlay and vapour control layer and is suitable for warm or cold roofs. There are three underlay options with the potential for either 20 or 25 year warrantees.

Hush Triple Layer

Hush Acoustics

Hush Triple Layer is a high performing acoustic system comprising of high mass barrier mats that are isolated by a unique resilient material. This engineered acoustic product ensures superior acoustic performance is achieved when reducing impact sound. The product also contributes to general noise reduction due to its high mass levels, something that is not normally the case with acoustic for products. When used in the correct applications, the Hush Triple Layer can be used over most existing construction types to help achieve compliance to all UK Building Regulations.

Control Options

Bilco UK

Bilco UK controls and accessories are designed to work effectively with the range of Natural Smoke Ventilators and Roof Hatches. The OS2 control unit can be a stand-alone management system - in its own right, or it can be integrated into a fully-networked fire alarm or BMS system. In the event of a fire, if the mains electrical supply to the building is cut, the OS2 offers a fail-safe option as it incorporates a backup battery system to ensure the Natural Smoke Vents will still open. Special control units for unique applications can also be manufactured.

Electronic Controls

Bristan Group

Non-touch taps and washroom controls which operate when human contact comes within their range, allowing significant scope for water-saving and cost efficiencies. They also help to optimise hygiene by lessening the risk of cross-contamination.

Expona Control

Polyflor Ltd

Welcome to the world of Expona Control - a floorcovering of which you will not have experienced before - one of pure innovation and clear understanding of the commercial industry. Polyflor have taken the great opportunity of fusing high-design aesthetics with sustainable performance, by marrying two key areas; luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) & safety flooring, into one exceptional product.With a combined history of over 50 years of expertise and creativity in the manufacturing of these product types, we continuously learn from our own experiences and that of our customers, to be able to introduce a brand new flooring concept.

Novia STRP Reinforced Polythene Vapour Barrier

Novia Ltd

Novia STRP Vapor Barrier is a reinforced polythene membrane with a flame resistant coating added. The translucent design allows easier installation to help ensure all seals and laps are completed to have an air-tight installation. Novia STRP is commonly installed in industrial and commercial properties and is CE Approved to EN 13984 as a vapour control layer.



COREFLEX is designed for waterproofing applications where the product is properly covered and confined. COREFLEX should only be installed after substrate preparation has been properly completed and is suitable to receive the waterproofing system. COREFLEX should be used with structural grade reinforced castin- place concrete with conventional forms that produce a smooth surface. Use COREFLEX with reinforced shotcrete walls conforming to ACI 506 Core Grade 1 or 2; minimum 200 mm thick, applied from the bottom up in their full wall structural design thickness in a single application per shotcrete lift. Consult CETCO for guidelines for stay-in-place concrete forms.

H Birch Laser Plywood

Hanson Plywood Ltd

H Laser Birch Plywood is a multiply, cross banded plywood made entirely from Birch veneers. The varied range of face qualities, thickness and sheet sizes available allows us to supply the ideal product to cover your needs. An interior glueline means that H Interior Birch Plywood is bonded with a colourless, urea-formaldehyde glue which allows clean, burnfree cutting when cut with a laser and also allows use where a clear end grain is required. Applications for this quality are wide and varied, ranging from packing cases through to high quality furniture.

Lighting control reimagined


Delmatics latest systems reimagine and redefine lighting control. We supplied the worlds first smart lighting control system (sixty years ago) and weve supplied the worlds largest smart lighting control system. The catalogue outlines the latest in wired and wireless technologies, details open protocols and integration, shows software and graphics, outlines features including emergency light monitoring and biodynamic controls, and explains the application of controls across a spectrum of project types.

Palladiom Wall Control

Lutron EA Ltd

Lutron Palladiom is a range of wall controls for lighting, blind, curtains and temperature controls. Elegant and easy to use with large and engraved buttons developed with an intelligence backlighting to make sure it doesn't glow inconveniently. Palladiom comes in a large range of finishes and colors.

Wallgate Activation & Control

Wallgate Ltd

We supply a comprehensive range of electronic, mechanical and pneumatic water-activation methods for our WCS, basins and showers together with a range of highly capable and flexible electronic controls.

Which Door Control

dormakaba UK & Ireland

There are two main considerations in specifying door controls: Does it meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010? If applied to a fire door - does it satisfy the fire regulations? This brochure will help you select the correct door control for your application.

Access Control: Bollards

Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons provide a host of bollards to suit all of your needs. Each type of bollard has its own unique advantages from our static security bollards to automatic security bollards for your home providing security and peace of mind. If you require high security bollards for your premises then we can also be of assistance.

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