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Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Bristan Group

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV) significantly reduce the risk of scalding. They allow water to be stored and distributed at high temperatures while reducing the outlet temperature at the point of use.

Pegler General Valves

Pegler Yorkshire

As well as offering traditional threaded and compression connections the Pegler commercial valves range also offers the new connection technology of press-fit and push-fit jointing and sets a new standard for the industry. When pipe sizing reaches 2" sizes and above, particular consideration should be given to material selection.

TN 10318 - Air admittance valve


Where branch pipes are long or steep, negative pressures can develop in the system which can cause loss of seal in water seal traps by self siphonage. EN 12056-2, Table 6 and Approved Document H1, Diagram 3 give guidance on when provision of branch pipe ventilation is required. This is traditionally by provision of a water seal trap incorporating an AAV. Where HepVO ® is used in place of a water seal trap there is no further need for a branch air admittance valve for venting protection at that appliance. The HepVO ® will only allow air to enter the systems and will prevent backflow of air from the stack.

Wavin Vortex Valves Product Overview

Wavin Ltd

Wavin is the leading European manufacturer of industrial plastic products, and one of the largest producers of plastic pipe and fittings in the world. Wavin is credited with inventing and pioneering the use of plastic pipe for water distribution in the mid 1950s. Constant research and development has enabled Wavin to maintain its position at the forefront of plastics technology.

TN 10317 - HepVo self-sealing waste valve


HepVO ® is a self-sealing waste valve for use as an alternative to a traditional water seal trap, in particular where a water seal trap is not suitable, for example, due to climate, movement of the appliance or because of infrequent use. Its in-line design and the option of either horizontal or vertical installation can save space. The valve can also reduce the requirement for additional venting of some appliances. HepVO ® is made of a polypropylene body with an elastomeric membrane, in the form of a self-flattening tube, acting as a selfsealing valve. The self-closing membrane prevents foul air from drainage systems from entering the building and also acts as an insect barrier.

U-Value Tables

Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd

A unique, detailed and comprehensive series of solutions for meeting a range of current and future u-values with a range of block type / wall type combinations. Containing over 900 individual calculations, this reference guide will offer a valuable resource for buyers, designers and builders wanting to achieve a given u-value with the minimum cost.

Performance values of Ampelite sheeting

Ampelite Australia

This document includes the SHGC,U-Value and R-Value for the following products: EasyClick PC; Solafrost Polycarbonate; Solasafe Polycarbonate; Wonderglas GC; Webglas GC; Lexan Thermoclear; Lexan Thermoclick; RolyRib; Thermal Skylight.

Ensign EEZI-FIT: The added value push-fit range

Saint-Gobain PAM UK

EEZI-FIT is a cast iron push-fit system for sanitary soil installations available in 100 and 150mm diameters. EEZI-FIT offers all the benefits of cast iron with the speed and simplicity of push-fit assembly. In a time trial study witnessed by the BRE EEZI-FIT was 50% quicker to install over a 9m high vertical stack against HDPE using fusion welded joints. EEZI-FIT cast iron is acoustically the best performing system on the market and using the acoustic brackets will exceed NR 30 without the need of pipe wrapping. EEZI-FIT being made of cast iron is fire rated A1 and requires no fire protection. See new above ground technical brochure for the latest range

PAM cast iron drainage solutions adding value to Commercial and residential developments

Saint-Gobain PAM UK

An overview document of PAM cast iron drainage solutions for Commercial, public and residential buildings. PAM provide solutions for the complete building from under the building below ground pipes and fittings, suspended pipework in basements, to the main risers for foul soil and waste, venting and rainwater. PAM have mechanical and push-fit solutions, Ensign to standard BS EN877 and Timesaver manufactured to British Standards.

Teckentrup Insulated Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors, Steel, Aluminium and fully glazed 40mm and 80mm sections U value 0.58

Teckentrup UK Ltd

The 40 series Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors: The industrial sectional overhead doors from the 40 series are based on a double-walled and 40mm thick door leaf design. As standard, they are equipped with a special PU hard foam core and are thus commonly used in logistics and production centres, agricultural enterprises or warehouses. The 80 series insulated industrial sectional doors: The SW 80, SL 80 and SLW 80 industrial sectional doors have a door leaf thickness of 80 mm. They are thus the first choice for all areas that require high-quality thermal separation. With the SL 80 and SLW 80 door types, heat insulation including glazing elements are possible.

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