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Howe Green Tree Pits and Tree Grilles

Howe Green

Tree Pits and Tree Grilles are special purpose access covers which provide easy, safe access to the root ball of a tree and facilitate the maintenance of the tree. Tree pits and grilles can be produced to your exact size/configuration or special purpose requirements.Suitable for use in interior and exterior public places where trees have used to enhance the environment.

Lime Tree Lodge, Norfolk

H+H UK Ltd

H+H products were selected for this project due to the aircretes high thermal performance which helps meet Passivhaus standards. Passivhaus is achieved by the application of high levels of insulation, avoidance of thermal bridging within the structure, low levels of air leakage all of which are qualities addressed with the use of the H+H range of Celcon Blocks.

RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit

Ronacrete Ltd

RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit is a resin bound natural aggregate finish surround for planted trees in public and private areas. Surrounding the tree in a solid yet semi-flexible construction allows the tree to grow, prevents a build up of litter and removes a storage or hiding place for hazardous items such as syringes and needles. Dogs are also less likely to foul in such areas. Its porosity allows water to flow through a 6-10mm aggregate system at the rate of >850 litres/m2/minute. The flow rate may be reduced when using a smaller or more angular aggregate.

Combined Planters & Tree Protection Brochure

Furnitubes International Ltd

Furnitubes combined Planters & Tree Protection brochures. Furnitubes has developed our range of street furniture planters, tree grilles and guards and hanging baskets to be flexible enough to complement any location, whether it's streets, parks or other outdoor public spaces.

RonaDeck Rubber Granule Tree Pit

Ronacrete Ltd

RonaDeck UV Rubber Granule Tree Pit is a resin bound rubber granule tree pit surfacing for trees in hard landscaped areas. RonaDeck UV Rubber Granule Tree Pit surrounds trees in a solid yet porous and flexible construction, allowing drainage of rainwater to roots and unlike grilles presenting no voids for litter, or hiding of syringes and needles. The RonaDeck UV Rubber Granule Tree Pit comprises a two layer system of resin bound rubber granules. The thicker base layer is composed of black recycled 2-6mm granules bound in UV stable polyurethane resin and the topping layer of 1-4mm coloured granules is bound in the same resin. The design of this resin bound tree pit system provides a surface which is attractive, highly porous and able to receive light foot traffic.

Certificate of Registration TREE Pty Ltd

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods

This is to certify that Australian Sustainable Hardwoods Pty Ltd operates a structural timber testing system for continuous monitoring of modulus of elasticity that complies with the requirement of AS 4490 TimberSolid-Stress-graded for structural purposes - verification of properties. The monitoring ensures solid structural grade timber meets the physical properties of A17 as outlined in AS 2082.

ASF cast Iron Tree Grilles and Guards

Architectural Street Furnishings part of WB White Foundry

ASF are part of WB White Foundry, and as such manufacture as extensive range of recycled cast iron tree grilles - combined with an equally impressive range of steel tree guards ASF can offer UK manufactured, recycled tree protection products to suit just about any scheme. As part of WB White Foundry we can manufacture in a range of iron grades and make new patterns for completely bespoke jobs if desired. You think it. We make it. BIM objects are available for all products

Trex Architectural Guide

Trex by Arbor Forest Products

Informational document detailing product features and accessories, installation, warranty details and technical specifications including the material safety data sheet and physical and mechanical properties sheet

Showing 1-24 of 24