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Ventrolla Bespoke New Timber Windows

Ventrolla Sash Window Restoration

Original timber sash and casement windows embody the charm and heritage of any period property, however, with rising heating bills many homeowners are looking for a solution that provides maximum energy efficiency whilst still maintains the authentic look and charm of a period timber window. Ventrolla hand craft complete new timber windows using a slim double glazed unit and traditional joinery methods and expertise to match the profile of the existing windows.

Timber High Performance Windows Certificate

Bereco Ltd

The Bluesky High Performance Timber Window Scheme is designed to raise the bar when it comes to the performance of wooden windows and doors. The Scheme enables us to demonstrate that our windows perform at a much higher level than the standards covered by the Window General Performance Scheme BS644:2012. Bereco are the only timber window and door supplier in the country with membership to voluntary scheme highlighting our commitment and dedication to supplying the very best, high performance wooden windows and doors on the market.

Made-to-order timber windows & doors

Lomax + Wood Limited

Supplying timber windows and doors to the construction industry for more than sixty years. Lomax + Wood work closely with architects, developers and private individuals nationwide to deliver quality timber products to budget and on time.

Energy-efficiency Guidelines for Timber Windows

Mumford & Wood Ltd

Wood Window Alliance members manufacture some of the most advanced, energy-efficient windows and doors available in the UK, whether timber or aluminium-clad. All are double or triple-glazed (with the exception of specialist period windows) and can be specified with low-emissivity glass, gas-filled glazing units and warm-edge spacer bars. They exceed the energy-efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations and the performance requirements defined in BS 6375 Parts 1 and 2, relating to weather tightness, operation and strength characteristics.

Timber Sash Window Guide From Lomax + Wood 2018

Lomax + Wood Limited

A brief guide on the detailing and use of box cord and weight timber sash windows and the modern spring balanced version from Lomax + Wood. Including positioning within the wall, in both flush and recessed reveals, glazing bars, sash horns and example photos from London and across the country.

Concealed tilt and turn window hardware for timber and PVC-U systems

Siegenia-Aubi Ltd

The TITAN axxent 24+ is for timber and timber-aluminium profiles with at least 24 mm rebate width, as well as for PVC profiles and aluminium systems with a 16 mm eurogroove. It has a high load-bearing capacity up to 150 kg without additional parts and infinitely variable pressure adjustment on upper and lower pivot for optimal sealing. The sash is easy to fit in the tilt or slightly opened position and has optimally accessible 3D adjustment. It has a lower storage cost and has faster assembly due to fewer components. The TITAN axxent 24+ is fully concealed and is now in vogue and generously dimensioned window surfaces have become an absolute must. This flyer contains features and benefits of the TITAN axxent 24+ hardware systems for fabricators, architects and end users.

Timeless Timber

BSW Timber Ltd

The new Timeless Timber range has been developed by BSW Timber for all your landscaping and construction needs.

British larch external cladding timber

Vastern Timber

Technical specification for British larch cladding. Contains full data for the completion of H21 specification as well as information about the use and fixing of the cladding boards. British larch offers a cost effective timber cladding for rustic dwellings or barn conversions. British larch is grown is sourced from woodlands in England and Wales.

Siberian larch external timber cladding

Vastern Timber

Siberian larch makes for a hard wearing external timber cladding and a relatively cheap option when compared to other species such as Canadian cedar. Larch cladding is naturally durable and consistent in colour. Available in two grades and a range of profiles Siberian larch is suited to both traditional and contemporary properties.

Brimstone sycamore modified external timber cladding

Vastern Timber

Brimstone is the first range of thermally modified British hardwoods. Having a silky grain and being relatively free of knots Brimstone sycamore makes for an attractive exterior cladding. Being thermally modified Brimstone sycamore also has the benefits of stability, durability and colour consistency. Brimstone poplar is produced from logs grown only in Great Britain supporting local woodland management. GIB third party certified.

Brimstone ash modified external timber cladding

Vastern Timber

Brimstone is the first range of thermally modified British hardwoods. Being stable, durable, colour consistent and relatively knot free Brimstone ash is ideal for contemporary external timber cladding. Brimstone ash can be used externally and internally and can be orientated as vertical cladding or horizontal cladding. Brimstone ash is produced from ash trees grown in Great Britain supporting the management of our local woodlands. GIB third party certified.

Brimstone poplar modified timber external cladding

Vastern Timber

Brimstone is the first range of thermally modified British hardwoods. Brimstone poplar is extremely stable when compared to non-modified woods as well as being naturally durable and colour consistent. Brimstone poplar is even in colour and weathers quickly and evenly when left untreated. Brimstone poplar can be used externally as well as internally and can be orientated vertically and horizontally. Brimstone is produced from logs grown only in Great Britain supporting management in our local woodlands. GIB third party certified.

Brimstone ash modified timber cladding at Lighthouse Mews

Vastern Timber

Modern Arc, a design and build company based in London, have collaborated with Vastern Timber on many projects. This project was possibly the most challenging, being in a tight spot in the centre of London. The client had decided upon a timber clad exterior but understood that many species can react badly to the pollution and shading common in the capital. Collectively the decision was made to use Brimstone ash because of it's natural durability, stability and it's tendency to weather well even in challenging conditions. Brimstone ash is thermally modified, British grown ash produced by Vastern Timber. The cladding on this project consisted of a 20mm board and a 33mm fin fitted alternately. Doors and joinery were also produced from Brimstone ash.

Timber Lift and Slide Doors

TRC Windows

These lift and slide doors create a light and spacious feel, while providing outstanding thermal containment. Narrow frame profiles hold huge glass panes up to 3m x 3m; and fixed panels may also be installed down to threshold level and below for additional light. Additional low-profile threshold inserts provide near-seamless accessibility, making these timber sliding doors ideal for public building such as hotels and restaurants, as well as contemporary apartments. Lift and slide doors use a high-performance mechanism to lift the doors onto runners only when they need to be moved, hence this system can accommodate doors as heavy as 400kg. Double or triple glazing is offered in four glass types; and the hardwood or softwood frames are also available in RAL colours.

IRO heat enhanced architectural timber

BSW Timber Ltd

IRO is a revolutionary, exciting new range of products developed by BSW Timber. Each and every piece of IRO architectural timber is crafted using an intricate seven-step process that combines an eye for detail with the latest timber technology. The result is a beautiful unique product that adds charm and character to a range of spaces. Created using the traditional Japanese method of Yakisugi, IRO is available in a range of 15 colours to complement every environment.

Case study - Canadian cedar timber cladding on Fir View

Vastern Timber

Self build in forest setting, designed and built by two architects, Liam and Mark. The two chose Canadian western red cedar cladding to wrap the entire building. Originally oak had been chosen but the contractors favoured cedar because of the ease of fitting> Liam and Mark are now sold on cedar and have since completed another build named Powers House which is also clad in cedar.

British western red cedar profiled external timber cladding

Vastern Timber

British cedar cladding offers a British grown and cheaper alternative to Canadian cedar. Although British cedar is more knotty, it's stability and natural durability make it ideal for external timber cladding. British cedar is sourced exclusively from woodlands in England and Wales.

BCL Timber Panel Systems

BCL Timber Projects Ltd

This brochure provides a general overview of BCL pre-fabricated timber panel systems, including external timber cladding, internal acoustic walls & wood ceilings / soffits. BCL’s wood panel systems are designed for large commercial projects, allowing large areas of timber to be delivered quickly and efficiently, minimising waste, installation time and improving quality control.

Acoustic Curved Timber Ceilings

BCL Timber Projects Ltd

This case study gives an overview of the acoustic timber ceiling system installed at Leicester High Cross Mall. The secret-fixing panel system, designed and manufactured by BCL involves complex curved geometry. The ceiling has been manufactured to provide Class C acoustical absorbency and Class 0 SSF fire resistance. Subjects covered include: creating curved ceilings in timber, manufacturing secret-fixing panels, designing acoustic systems.

Flush Casement Windows

TRC Windows

With smooth lines, our traditional flush timber casement windows sit beautifully in the frame. But they offer more than sleek aesthetics they are Secured By Design (SBD) certified too. Our flush casement timber windows open outwards and can be top or side hung. They can also be supplied fully reversible to enable external glass to be cleaned safely from inside the building: perfect for high-rise developments. We offer four glass options mounted in hardwood of softwood frames. Double and triple glazing is available, and the Uw rates for thermal containment will impress. With double gasketing, weather containment is assured; and beading is mounted internally to enhance security.

Heritage Sash Windows

TRC Windows

Our heritage sash windows are made to match box sash windows crafted more than a century ago. These premium sash windows, with the classic weight-and-pulley mechanism, are the perfect choice for replacement windows in listing buildings, while also suiting high-end architect-led new developments. We use traditional putty externally to secure high-performance Slimlite glass. Single or double glazed, this authentic-looking slim glass satisfies the modern demands for acoustic and thermal performance. Solid glazing bars come as standard, so each window comprises a number of individual glass panels, giving these heritage sash windows genuine character.

Tilt & Turn Windows

TRC Windows

Our timber tilt turn windows combine style, versatility and security. A practical mid-range choice, they are rich in features and deliver tremendous value for money. For those seeking to impress, these windows provide a lavish operable sash size of up to 3m in height, conveying grandeur and natural light in abundance. Discreet internal beading aids both aesthetics and security, and they hold Secured By Design (SBD) approval. Our tilt turn windows are inward opening and side hinged, although we offer the option of tilt-only hinging too. Double and triple glazed options are available as standard, with a choice of glass types, frame timbers and colours. They are thoroughly tested for thermal, acoustic and weather containment plus wind resistance.

Heritage Casement Windows

TRC Windows

Our heritage casement windows perfectly echo the smooth, traditional styling of historic windows. Ideally suited for refurbishment contracts and listed buildings, our conservation casement windows also bring an evocative timelessness to contemporary developments. This premium product boasts time-honored details, including traditional putty; and is offered in a choice of hardwood and softwood frames, plus RAL finishes. Single or double Slimlite glazing means these casement windows deliver both historic styling and modern thermal and acoustic performance. A versatile choice, our heritage casement windows are available as inward or outward opening, side-hinged or top-hung.

Self builder chooses Brimstone ash timber cladding for his Passivhaus certified build

Vastern Timber

Designer and builder Alex Clifford intended to renovate and extend the 1950's bungalow but it soon became clear that the project would require demolition and a full re-build. The site of the house offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and is located near an area of natural woodland. As well as reaching the highest levels of energy efficiency, Alex was also keen to minimise the visual impact of the building. After testing a number of imported modified timber products for the exterior cladding, Alex settled on Brismtone ash, the thermally modified British ash product produced by Vastern Timber. His reasoning was that he liked the grain and the fact that it was made from locally grown material.

Southampton University - External Timber Cladding

BCL Timber Projects Ltd

This case study gives an overview of the BCL external timber panel system installed at Building 85, Southampton University. The secret-fixing panels, manufactured in Western Red Cedar are designed to minimise waste and installation time, whilst increase quality control. Building 85 is the first major UK project to employ BCL’s UV resistant timber panel system, allowing the external facades to retain the natural beauty of wood, without weathering or silvering. Subjects covered include: Secret-fixing timber systems, UV resistant wood panels, curved timber walls.

Blue Planet - External Timber Cladding

BCL Timber Projects Ltd

An overview of the external timber panel system installed at the ‘Blue Planet’. This provides project examples of BCL’s external timber panel systems for large commercial projects. Subjects covered include: secret-fixing panel design, sustainable timber cladding, pre-fabricated timber boarding.

Wetherby- Secret Fixing Timber Soffit

BCL Timber Projects Ltd

This case study provides a typical example of BCL’s pre-fabricated timber panel systems for ceilings and soffits. The secret-fixing wood ceiling internally was manufactured to provide Class D acoustic performance and Class 1 SSF fire rating. Subjects covered include: Acoustic timber ceilings / soffits.

BCL Acoustic Timber Systems Handbook

BCL Timber Projects Ltd

The BCL Acoustic Timber Systems Handbook, a complete technical guide through BCL’s design-flexible panel systems for internal acoustic walls and ceilings. The handbook is designed to provide all the key information required to design and specify a BCL acoustic panel system including: Panel design, timber species selection, acoustic considerations, drawing details and more.

Showing 1-36 of 464