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Troax Self Storage

Troax (UK) Ltd

Troax UK Secure solutions from Troax Our UX450, UR350, UR325 All Mesh options using 25mm & 50mm mesh for all general storage applications. Modular or Bespoke solutions ex-stock.

Static Shelving System Brochures

Accessible Storage Solutions By Rackline

Rackline offer a range of static shelving system designed for a range of environments. Profile shelving for general storage. Proform double sided shelving for libraries and museums. Prospan shelving for large and/or bulkier items. All products are available in a wide range of sizes with optional accessories.

Isocrete Self Level Screeds

Flowcrete UK Ltd

A general all-purpose self levelling floor screed. Designed for the all-purpose levelling of surfaces prior to the installation of floor finishes including carpet, vinyl, tiles or resin.

Guides - Self builder's guide

Procter Cast Stone

Extensive ranges of standard products are available either for delivery from stock or on short lead times, or bespoke products can be manufactured to order in colours and finishes that, to the untrained eye, are indistinguishable from natural stone. Cast stone also offers an exceptional degree of design freedom; almost any three-dimensional geometric form can be cast, incorporating elegant curves as well as straight-edged features and intricate details.

Topflow Self Compacting Concrete


Topflow self compacting concrete is specifically designed to flow easily through highly congested, heavily reinforced areas. Designed to meet the demands of any type of construction, self-compacting properties make Topflow Concrete suitable for any job with areas of difficult access or complex formwork configurations. Can be designed with either 10mm or 20mm coarse aggregate depending upon application required and also maximum 25% recycled aggregate when available. Supplied with cementitous replacement as standard. Low-heat and high sulphate resistance mixes available.

Self retractable lifeline for industrial maintenance

Latchways plc - an MSA Brand

Latchways has developed an advanced range of safe, strong, self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) that combine innovative engineering, superior materials & futuristic design with quick & easy recertification. SRLs feature a patented, frictionless braking system with no moving parts, easily removable components and that requires visual inspection only. A 100% reliable locking mechanism is not driven by tensioned springs, has stainless steel components and cannot freeze, hang up or corrode. They are of modular construction in a strengthened nylon case that protects against impact damage. SRLs are available in a wide range of lengths for both webbing and cable lifelines and offer significantly lower costs of ownership and ease of servicing.

Self-adjusting Bow Top Railing


Heras TangoRail Railings are a self-raking railing systems, the flexibility of the panels follow the ground contours providing optimum site safety and security. The TR800 play is made from vertical tubular bars with horizontal rails, manufactured to RoSPA guidelines ideal when safe systems have to be considered as there are no head, neck or finger traps. TangoRails exclusive non-welded modular design enables the panels to be assembled after coating; this means each component of the panel can be supplied in different colours. Various colour combinations are available to brighten and suit all perimeters.

RonaScreed Self Smoothing Exterior Screed

Ronacrete Ltd

RonaScreed Self Smoothing Exterior Screed is a flow applied industrial flooring system. It provides a hard, durable floor surface for new floors or for renovating existing surfaces. The material gains strength quickly and can be accessed by foot traffic in 45 hours and by light to medium traffic after 24 hours @ 20ºC. When applied correctly, RonaScreed Self Smoothing Exterior Screed produces a smooth, durable wearing surface. The application thickness can vary, ranging from 5mm to 40mm. For optimum performance and appearance RonaScreed Self Smoothing Exterior Screed should be applied by specialist industrial floor layers with expert knowledge of preparation, mixing and application.

Agilia® self compacting concrete

Aggregate Industries - Concrete

Agilia is a self compacting concrete that brings new opportunities to architect, engineer and contractor. Agilia concrete will flow freely around congested reinforcement without the need for vibration or other energy input. It can be used in virtually any form of construction from housing to heavy civil engineering projects. Aggregate Industries offer the customer a complete service from the supply of curing agents and the training of site supervisors and operatives, to a guaranteed delivery within a 60 minute window and a guarantee that subsequent loads will each arrive in a timely manner.

Lytag - Self-Compacting Lightweight Concrete

Aggregate Industries – Lytag

Developments in admixture technology, especially in self-compacting admixtures, have now made Self-Compacting Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (SCLWAC) possible with coarse and fine Lytag aggregate. Due to the continuous grading and high fines content of the 0/4mm fine Lytag, when it is combined with Lytag coarse aggregate and cement an excellent, even grading curve results. With no gap in the grading between the aggregate and cement, this makes it ideal for SCLWAC. This allows contractors or precast concrete manufactures to get all the benefits of Self Compacting Concrete like ease of placing without vibration and noise, filling around very congested reinforcing, while giving the designer the benefits of reduced concrete density.

Self-Levelling Underlayment (SLU) Brochure

Parex Ltd

The secret to a long lasting floor is in the substrate preparation. The PAREX range of self-levelling underlayment products can help create the perfect finish. Whether new build or restoration, onto concrete, tiles or wood, for light or heavy traffic, theres a solution for your application.



TECHNOELAST VB 500 SELF is an aluminium lined, foil-faced, self-adhesive vapour control membrane which helps to effectively control condensation and ensure optimum performance of the roofing system components.

Sika Sarnafil Self-Adhered Membrane

Sika Sarnafil

Sarnafil G410-15EL SA is a self-adhered hot-air weldable roof membrane that combines all the traditional and proven advantages of a Sarnafil membrane with fast and easy installation, thanks to a strong self adhered attachment method.

Sealing set (self-adhesive for shower area)

Easy Sanitary Solutions

SAM is a self-adhesive sealing system which offers a secure sealing in combination with Easy Drain Shower Boards. With this sealing kit, we guarantee 10 years of water tightness of the entire bathroom area. In all standard packages, a sealing certificate is included. SAM is certified according to: ETAG 022, ab (P) and ANSI 18110. Sealing Solutions SAM is a revolutionary sealing system based on elastic foam technology. The self-adhesive sealing membrane can be glued directly to wall and floor surfaces without using additional liquid sealing material. The top side is fleece-coated with an anti-bacterially film and offers an ideal base surface for every type of tile glue.

Product Brochure - shelving, racking, mobile, rotary products

Accessible Storage Solutions By Rackline

When it comes to innovative storage solutions, Rackline have a whole host of options for you. With almost 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing steel storage, we are one of the UK’s leading shelving and filing solutions providers. Our headquarters, manufacturing and showroom facilities are based in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, with a combined workforce of over 70 people.

Bruynzeel Library: Be Inspired - A range of library shelving and accessories

Bruynzeel Storage Systems Ltd

Sysco Library Shelving is an adjustable, flexible solution for libraries. Offering a full range of accessories, finishes and way-finding options provides aesthetic shelving for any library. The range includes mobile shelving for Library repositories. A high degree of dimensional flexibility ensures that the optimum shelving solution can be designed for any room, providing efficient use of space. Thanks to a modular construction, the library shelving can easily be altered or extended. Library Shelving runs can be finished with glass, steel, wood / timber or acoustic end panels, to complement the interior.

Altro Self-Adhesive Transport Floors Product Brochure


Since first entering the transport market in 1960, Altro have been driven to create quality, holistic flooring solutions to meet the unique challenges of this diverse industry. So, sticking to form, we have developed a self-adhesive solution to streamline the process of vehicular installations.

TN 10317 - HepVo self-sealing waste valve


HepVO ® is a self-sealing waste valve for use as an alternative to a traditional water seal trap, in particular where a water seal trap is not suitable, for example, due to climate, movement of the appliance or because of infrequent use. Its in-line design and the option of either horizontal or vertical installation can save space. The valve can also reduce the requirement for additional venting of some appliances. HepVO ® is made of a polypropylene body with an elastomeric membrane, in the form of a self-flattening tube, acting as a selfsealing valve. The self-closing membrane prevents foul air from drainage systems from entering the building and also acts as an insect barrier.

Topflow Trenchflow self compacting concrete for foundation applications


Topflow Trenchflow is a superior quality self-compacting concrete that reduces labour overheads on site typically one man can place, level and finish the concrete. A self-compacting concrete for use in all mass fill concrete foundation applications. Delivered in a highly fluid form with high deformability, allowing quick changes of direction and easy flow around the foundation trenches. Trenchflow has a high resistance to segregation and it consolidates easily and efficiently within the pour location.

JUTA WP-SAM (Waterproof - Self Adhesive Membrane)

Juta UK Ltd

JUTA WP-SAM (Waterproof - Self Adhesive Membrane): is a bituminous water proof sheet, composed of self-adhesive SBS polymer modified bitumen with an upper surface finish of grey co-extruded polyolefin, and a lower surface finish of siliconized release paper. JUTA WP-SAM is used for the waterproofing of underground structures, and to prevent the ingress of RADON.

Bruynzeel Office: Space for inspiration, a range of mobile shelving for offices

Bruynzeel Storage Systems Ltd

Compactus Mobile Shelving - high quality aesthetic mobile shelving cabinets & storage systems for the main office - is the ultimate in office filing and document storage. Consisting of mobile cabinets or mobile shelving mounted on roller racking carriages. Most modern offices adhere to a Clear Desk policy at night, which requires that sufficient storage capacity is provided for all of the users’ information and equipment. Information that is used by several people should be placed in a central location within the office. Information stored for retrieval at a later date, or as reference material, should also be filed centrally. Placing the storage in the centre of the office, where it can be easily and quickly accessed by everyone who uses it makes sense and frees up floor space.

Bruynzeel Static Shelving: Sysco® - ideal for offices and static storage

Bruynzeel Storage Systems Ltd

This modular aesthetic shelving and cabinet system offers a wide range of dimensions to suit any office. Easily adjustable shelves with open-access or made secure with doors or roller shutters, Sysco shelving offers a wide range of useful accessories. Sysco steel shelving offers multiple lengths, depths & heights, to allow the system to be tailored into an area and around obstructions. It is suitable for single runs along a wall or for double sided shelving runs in the middle of the floor. The system uprights are either closed or with perforations for ventilation. Sysco shelving can also be mounted onto mobile carriages at any time to provide high-density mobile storage. A version for libraries exists with special wayfinding accessories and book supports.

CMS Danskin Acoustics Regupur Self-Levelling Screed Range

CMS Danskin Acoustics

New screeding system provides a seamless floor finish and single manufacturer guarantee Regupur® - a new range of screeding products to complement the Regupol® portfolio of acoustic underlayments. Offered as a complete system with a single manufacturer guarantee, Regupur® combined with Regupol® is designed to provide one of the smoothest floor finishes around.

Cordek Gas Resistant Self Adhesive Membrane Data Sheet

Cordek Ltd

The Cordek Gas Resistant Self Adhesive Membrane is generally used within foundation construction, predominantly to prevent the transmission of ground gases in both horizontal and vertical applications. It is manufactured using an aluminium/polythene laminate coated on one surface, with an additional layer of self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen.

self clean masonry paints and water resistant masonry paints

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend paints are a premium factory batched range of silicone based decorative coatings, suitable for mineral backgrounds. Tinted at our colouring plant in the UK, avaialble in our standard colour range plus we can colour match to RAL, NCS or BS colour. ProRend Self-Clean Masonry Paint Utilises the Self-Cleaning Effect so the surface is cleaned when it rains. The paint creates a microscopic texture, resulting in a hydrophobic surface that causes rain water to bead up. The beads of water run over the facade and removes dirt and contaminates. ProRend Water Repellent Masonry paint is highly flexible with a low maintenance finish, this coating protects facades from driving rain, yet allows walls to breathe. Easy to apply and repair. Both come with our 10 year Product Guarantee.

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