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SAS Mesh

SAS International Ltd

An increasingly popular material option, mesh is an ideal choice to achieve contemporary design aesthetics and is an alternative option to exposed soffit. Across commercial, transportation, retail, leisure and educational sectors, we work directly with architects, designers and contractors to meet the desired aesthetic and functional needs of the project. SAS Mesh has a wide range of pattern and finish options and can be manufactured to the specifiers shape and design.

SAS Timber

SAS International Ltd

The use of natural textures and materials by architects and interior designers often governs the feel of warmth and wellbeing in internal spaces. SAS Timber ceilings offer the natural aesthetic of wood, as a key design influence within on-trend interiors, whilst offering acoustic control, service integration and meeting the rigorous demands of fire safety. In collaboration with architects and acoustic engineers SAS International have integrated wooden panels within a wide range of systems with a choice of multiple finishes and veneers. The acoustic panels are ideal for use in auditoriums, conference centres, theatres, schools, restaurants, shops and offices.

SAS Lighting Brochure

SAS International Ltd

SAS International® has a global reputation for outstanding integrated metal ceilings installed in the most prestigious buildings worldwide. We are design and integration experts, achieving the complex balance between performance and aesthetics. This expertise includes the integration of lighting within the ceiling plane, delivering excellence in manufacturing and engineering quality. Our lighting offer is the result of 50 years of design collaboration with the worlds most discerning and innovative clients. Pioneers in our field, we understand the smallest error in detailing can undermine success. Designed in-house and manufactured by SAS International, our integrated lighting products ensure design intent where only the best will suffice.

SAS Window Brochure

Senior Architectural Systems Ltd

All our window products are designed with meticulous attention to detail and are available either in aluminium, Hybrid timber/aluminium composite and fibreglass. Privately-owned, the ongoing mission at Senior Architectural Systems is to offer high performance window solutions to meet the needs of each project so that the fabricator is competitive and the client is totally confident.

SAS Unit - SkySas EV

Gunnebo UK Ltd

The sleek, streamlined design of the SkySas EV harmoniously integrates into its existing surroundings, fitting in discreetly whether installed inside or on the facade of the building. Fitted with two sliding doors, it features the most accurate metal detection system on the market, compliant with NILJEC international standards. SkySas EV guarantees security perimeter continuity and meets the highest standards for ballistic resistance. In its swing door version, it is the only security airlock to be totally certified for ballistic resistance of up to level FB4 (EN 1522). A broad range of detection systems can be installed, meeting the requirements of most client security issue. Some versions of the SkySas EV are compliant with BS EN 179 emergency exit regulations.

SAS Curtain Wall Brochure 2015

Senior Architectural Systems Ltd

An overview of the entire range of curtain wall systems available from Senior Architectural Systems. From commercial shop front, to high specification architect designed buildings featuring the most stringent requirements, SAS has a product to suit all needs.

Newton 323-SA Injection Resin Data Sheet

Newton Waterproofing Systems

A four-part acrylic injection resin with a controllable reaction time and low viscosity, making it ideal for sealing fine cracks, wet or dry, deep into the substrate. The resin can also be injected into the Newton 302 InjectionHose system to provide a maintainable Type B waterproofing solution.

Dry mortar basecoat suited for levelling and renovation

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend Prep is a high quality factory manufactured dry mortar especially suited for levelling and renovation. It is well suited to low and high suction backgrounds such as lightweight block or pre-cast concrete. ProRend Prep Basecoat can be finished with ProRend decorative renders, Silicate Paint, or ProRend thin or decorative renders. ProRend Prep Basecoat is also suitable as a background for tiling. ProRend Prep is a smooth render, easy to apply by hand or machine. ProRend Prep Basecoat has very good bonding after drying, is vapour-permeable and water-repellent.

6 Monocouche render for new builds

SAS Europe Ltd

GoRend HBS is a factory batched, through coloured monocouche render, specifically designed and formulated for new build properties. GoRend HBS is quick and easy to apply in one coat, over new blockwork, and has an attractive and durable 2mm scraped aggregate finish. 12 colours with next working day delivery available on stock colours, fast application, 5-36 hours scrape time depending on weather conditions, suitable for machine and hand application, through coloured low maintenance decorative finish, no basecoat required - can be directly applied to concrete block which is cost effective and speeds up application, high tensile and compressive strength giving long term durability, vapour permeable - allows walls to breathe, providing a healthy living environment.

2 Rendered External Insulation Finishing System EWI

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend External Insulation Finishing System, (EIFS), is a complete insulated render system for new build and renovation properties, both residential and commercial that uses two primary installation methods, adhesive and rail. With a high thermal efficiency EIFS uses a breathable render system, leaving a low maintenance watertight facade. The ProRend EIFS rail system offers a perfect solution for uneven substrates that cannot receive renders directly. The adhesive system is suited to new build and renovations onto masonry or backing boards where no cavity is required. Mineral wool or expanded polystyrene can be used as insulation, and the system can be installed on a wide range of substrates. Our technical team will work with you to specify the right insulation.

Professional PVCu beading for rendering and plastering

SAS Europe Ltd

ProBead is through coloured, non-corrosive, non-flammable, frost and UV resistant. ProBead is market leading PVCu beading for plastering and rendering: standard colours manufactured from 100% reground PVC. ProBead offers the widest range of standard colours of through-colour PVCu render beads, we are also able to supply a wide custom colour palette to order.

5 PVCu Render and Plaster Bead 25 year BBA

SAS Europe Ltd

ProBead is a high quality, market leading PVCu beading for plastering and rendering with standard colours manufactured from 100% reground PVC. ProBead offers the widest range of standard colours of through-colour PVCu render beads, and 34 profiles. In addition to the standard colours we are able to supply a wide custom colour palette to order. BBA certified profiles, REACH registered raw materials, extensive through-coloured standard and custom range, 34 internal and external profiles, lightweight easy to cut, cost-effective with excellent keying that reduces render or plaster wastage, non-corrosive - no staining on the walls due to rust, non-flammable with a 25 year guarantee against failure.

Silicone resin thin coat render and primer system

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend Colourtex is a premium factory batched proprietary silicone resin thin-coat render. This attractive render is available in a wide range of colours including NCS, RAL and our own range. It is suitable for application onto the widest range of substrates with an appropriate ProRend basecoat and is available in 2 textured finishes: Uniform 1.5mm and Grained 3mm. Manufactured from fine natural and coloured aggregates, ProRend Colourtex Uniform is a textured finish that has excellent weather, scratch and knock resistant qualities. Maintenance is therefore minimal. ProRend Colourtex Uniform contains carefully selected and blended raw materials giving a consistently durable and high quality product. Contains effective biocides to help preserve its attractive appearance.

Linear Ceiling Range

SAS International Ltd

A simple to install, the range of premium linear profile systems are ideal for budget applications requiring aesthetic treatments or integral design feature.

Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Range

SAS International Ltd

Acoustic baffles offer a visually engaging alternative to suspended acoustic ceiling systems, ideal for exposed soffit areas. Baffles offer good sound absorption, effectively controlling reverberation within these highly sound reflective interiors. Available in numerous colours and sizes, the baffles can be suspended at a range of heights for further visual interest.

Open Cell Ceiling Range

SAS International Ltd

SAS800 Trucell and SAS810 Tricell are decorative open cell ceilings, for airflow and smoke extraction applications. The metal ceiling system comprises a series of open cell modules designed to lay onto a suspension grid. The ceiling tiles can integrate within other metal ceiling systems and plasterboard ceilings. The open cell ceiling range is ideal for retail, transport or leisure applications with high human traffic flow. Rapid and safe smoke extraction is critical in such environments.

Premium mineral thin coat render

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend Mineraltex is a premium factory batched proprietary mineral thin-coat render. This attractive render is available in white and can be painted using our Siliconecoat paint to in excess of 65,000 colours, Minetaltex provides an ideal mineral finish for masonry type substrates and has an attractive 2mm uniform finish. designed for application over ProRend basecoats. Specifically designed to incorporate the benefits of a thin coat render into a cementitious render system, water is prevented from penetrating the masonry, while moisture accumulating inside is able to escape without problem. A premium industrially-produced stone finishing plaster, based on bonding agents of white lime hydrate, white cement, white marble stone and lightweight additives with a variable grainy texture.

7 Self Cleaning Masonry Paints and Water Resistant Masonry Paints

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend paints are premium factory batched and silicone based, suitable for mineral backgrounds. Tinted at our colouring plant in the UK, avaialble in our standard colour range plus we can colour match to RAL, NCS or BS colour. Highly flexible silicone base, available in 65,000+ colours, simple 2 coat application, using a brush or roller, highly water repellent, low maintenance and vapour permeable, allowing walls to breathe. ProRend Self-Clean Masonry Paint creates a microscopic texture, resulting in a hydrophobic surface that causes rain water to bead and run over the facade to remove dirt and contaminates. ProRend Water Repellent Masonry paint protects facades from driving rain, yet allows walls to breathe. Easy to apply and repair. Both come with our 10 year Product Guarantee.

self clean masonry paints and water resistant masonry paints

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend paints are a premium factory batched range of silicone based decorative coatings, suitable for mineral backgrounds. Tinted at our colouring plant in the UK, avaialble in our standard colour range plus we can colour match to RAL, NCS or BS colour. ProRend Self-Clean Masonry Paint Utilises the Self-Cleaning Effect so the surface is cleaned when it rains. The paint creates a microscopic texture, resulting in a hydrophobic surface that causes rain water to bead up. The beads of water run over the facade and removes dirt and contaminates. ProRend Water Repellent Masonry paint is highly flexible with a low maintenance finish, this coating protects facades from driving rain, yet allows walls to breathe. Easy to apply and repair. Both come with our 10 year Product Guarantee.


SAS International Ltd

Ceiling Rafts offer a variety of applications from the purely aesthetic to high performance acoustics with service integration. The rafts and modules are available in a range of curved, flat or angled profiles as standard. Bespoke designs can be achieved to realise highly aspirational interiors. The flexibility of rafts and modules makes them ideal for both new build and retrofit acoustic solutions.

Polynodal Ceiling

SAS International Ltd

SAS900 Polynode is an adjustable nodal ceiling system used to create multi-faceted ceiling designs. This polynodal system meets the demand of specifiers who desire a free-form ceiling surface which contributes to modern building design. Simple equilateral triangle tiles can create a near infinite variety of polyhedral ceiling forms. Our patented nodal system can also be used to transition from ceiling to wall.

Showing 1-36 of 310