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Playground surface


Specifically developed for recreational applications, TARMAC ULTIPLAY is a dense, low texture asphalt, designed to provide a safe play surface and deliver long term durability in demanding environments like playgrounds and skate parks. The even surface avoids trip hazards and is also suitable for use by wheelchairs. It is also available with a fine, high quality limestone aggregate that is less abrasive to the skin in the event of a fall.

MUGA and Playground Fencing Systems


Lang + Fulton (formerly Orsogril UK) fencing systems can be used either for MUGAs, or as a full ball court or goal ends, or to provide a secure playground area. The solid construction of the grating panels and heavy duty posts avoid the possibility of loss of shape or sagging which can be a problem with welded wire mesh. The panels are designed to withstand the pressures of high impact sports such as football; hockey; basketball or cricket.

School Playground Fencing and Gates

Jacksons Fencing

We offer a variety of solutions in timber and steel for school, playground and play area applications where security, safety, durability and sustainability are key considerations. Installing the correct line of physical defence in play areas specifically developed for younger children requires an acute focus on providing a safe fencing or gate solution. This will minimise the risk of puncture wounds or entrapment of limbs to reduce the possibility of public liability claims - an all-important consideration in todays increasingly litigious society.

Porous asphalt playground surface


Specifically developed by Tarmac for play and recreational areas, ULTIPLAY POROUS is a specialist asphalt with an open, porous structure and excellent drainage characteristics. It eliminates the problem of surface water, improving safety and extending playing time. Using the latest porous asphalt technology and a modified binder, ULTIPLAY POROUS provides effective drainage, along with impressive resistance to scuffing and surface wear. It eliminates the problem of both standing water and surface ice that forms in cold weather conditions, reducing the risk of injury to children.

Showing 1-4 of 4