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Opening Vents Brochure

Standard Patent Glazing Company Ltd

Our low profile thermally broken aluminium framed opening vents are suitable for installation in both sloping and vertical applications and are generally manufactured to a maximum size of 750mm wide by 1500mm deep. In a typical roof application, its recommended location will be at the top of the patent glazing, although in certain instances these vents can be positioned in the centre or lower parts of the glazing by using alternative top and bottom panel sections. Depending on the size of opening vent and gearing type used the general maximum stroke length achieved will be in the region of 400mm.

Open Mesh Floor Grating


Lang+Fulton supply a comprehensive range of pressure locked and electrofused gratings for all flooring and ventilation applications. Alternative gratings are recommended for landscaping, vehicle loadings, the built environment or internal use. There are also specialist products: Barrot for pedestrian areas and AntiVertigo which is non-transparent. The Technical Department can advise an appropriate product for a particular project before preparing the most economical panel layout. A complete package of CAD drawings, support steelwork, fixings and loading specifications are provided. All panels are bespoke: cut and framed to custom sizes before hot-dip galvanizing with optional polyester powder coating in any RAL colour. Gratings are available in mild steel or stainless steel.

Open Cell Ceiling Range

SAS International Ltd

SAS800 Trucell and SAS810 Tricell are decorative open cell ceilings, for airflow and smoke extraction applications. The metal ceiling system comprises a series of open cell modules designed to lay onto a suspension grid. The ceiling tiles can integrate within other metal ceiling systems and plasterboard ceilings. The open cell ceiling range is ideal for retail, transport or leisure applications with high human traffic flow. Rapid and safe smoke extraction is critical in such environments.

DORMA EM Hold-open magnets

dormakaba UK & Ireland

This range of hold-open magnets offers a modular system for flexibility in application and a uniform appearance. Models offer optimum holding force, minimum power consumption and concealed cable run. Range offers choices of surface-, flush- and floor-mounted models (the latter using a floor angle bracket), holding force of 100 or 400 N, anti-remanence pin and test pushbutton. All models include polarity reversal protection. Accessories include floor angle bracket, adapter frame and separate manual release switch. Finishes are white and stainless steel. Units are quick and easy to fix.

Aluminium Parallel Opening Vent Window

Metal Technology Ltd

Metal Technology have developed an aluminium framed Parallel Opening Vent (POV) Window. This design of window offers double the airflow of a traditional top hung window with its utilisation of both high and low ventilation zones. The system also incorporates High Insulation Thermal Break Technology.

Proven performance for over 50 years

Sika Sarnafil

Since the 1960s the performance and longevity of Sika Sarnafil roofs has been demonstrated in millions of successful applications worldwide, in every conceivable climate, and many of the early installations are still providing reliable protection today. Some of Britains best known buildings feature Sika Sarnafil roofs, and it is the system of choice for applications in education, commerce, retail, leisure, travel, and many other sectors.

Hush Over Screed Acoustic Membrane

Hush Acoustics

Hush Over Screed Acoustic Membrane consists of a fine granulate of recycled rubber with a cork and PU elastomer bonding agent. Hush Over Screed Acoustic Membrane is a resilient layer suitable for use under most floor finishes. It has been developed for use many market sectors including Residential, Industrial, Educational, the Healthcare sector and the Leisure sector. Hush Over Screed Acoustic Membrane has been developed to meet the ctriteria of all UK Building Regulations including Document E, Section 5 and Part G.

Techdek Aluminium Open-Grille Systems


A comprehensive brochure outlining Techdek aluminium open grille systems. Techdek is a definitive architectural solution that delivers ultimate performance in a multitude of applications.

GRP Access Platforms and Step Overs

Step On Safety Ltd

GRP grating and pultruded profiles have an impressive strength to weight ratio and replaces traditional materials like galvanised steel and aluminium fabrications. All fabrications are manufactured to individual requirements but to the relevant British Standards unless requested otherwise.

Insulated Aluminium Shutter (for small openings)

UK Roller Shutters Ltd

Our ALU-12M411 Model of aluminum roller shutter combines heat and sound control with aesthetics. Made from 43mm insulated aluminum, this shutter is ideally suited to windows and doors to domestic or commercial properties where the customer wants to block out light, cold and sound. Furthermore, these shutters can be programmed to run off a variety of control methods including remote controls, switches or even your smart phone. If security is more important to you, perhaps look at our ALU-1237 model too.

AshJack™ - The Lightweight Over Roof System

Ash & Lacy

By constructing a lightweight steel sub-frame over the existing roof (which is then over-clad), an effective pitch is created to facilitate water run-off. This combined with the relocation of drainage to the outside of the building ensures water is permanently removed from a roof and the potential for any further problems eliminated. Developed by Ash & Lacy in 1991, AshJack™ was the first structural lightweight flat-to-pitch over-roof conversion system to be introduced in the UK. Supported by a network of experienced installers, AshJack™ provides a range of systems, which can be individually tailored to suit the specific structural and design requirements of the existing building. Over-roofing conversion system has been punching above its lightweight properties for two decades.

Speedlane Open - barrier free speed gate

Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

The Speedlane Open is a barrier free speed gate with the smallest footprint that assists with channelling the flow of people entering and moving around buildings. Speedlane Open acts as a boundary between public and private worlds, guiding users to their destination under the watchful eyes of a security guard. It interacts with both worlds to ensure the right people are channeled to the right place, alerting security guards if there is a breach of access.The Speedlane Open has been designed to the highest standards, ahead of industry trends. The options include single lane or multiple lane set-up and external control panel.

Lifeline Speedlane Open - The Unobtrusive Entry Solution

Boon Edam Limited

Slender, sleek and unique, the Lifeline Speedlane Open is an open optical turnstile with smart sensors that allow for tailgating detection which include alarm notifications.Fashioned without door wings for an advanced user-friendly and welcoming experience, the open-style facilitates faster thoroughfare and a compact footprint.

Fire Stop Open State Cavity Barrier

FSi Limited

Silverliner Open State Cavity Barrier is developed to protect the voids between the outer facade and the inner construction element of the building. This is the Ventilated Cavity Barrier which leaves up to a 50mm gap to ensure movement of air and moisture within the building. The aluminium foil facing provides class O rating and excellent resistance to smoke. A unique method of manufacture provides a resilient lateral compression required to ensure a tight fit.

Listone Giordano Over Underfloor Heating Systems

Listone Giordano

Founded in Italy, Listone Giordano gained worldwide acclaim as the creators of engineered wooden flooring and tongue and groove technology. ALL of Listone Giordanos wooden flooring products can be specified as wall installations or with underfloor heating.

Dorma TS 73 EMF Hold-open system

dormakaba UK & Ireland

The DORMA TS 73 EMF is a combination of hydraulic door closer and electro-magnetic hold-open unit. In conjunction with a smoke detection system (e.g. DORMA RMZ), the TS 73 EMF can be used as a hold-open system for fire and smoke check doors. The hold-open of the door is performed under electro-magnetic control. In the event of a fire, the door is reliably closed by the integral hydraulic closer. The closing cycle is also initiated by manual door operation or automatically in the event of a power failure.

Showing 1-36 of 71