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Barrisol Mirror


Specially designed for mounting on self-supporting frames in any shape (2D or 3D), these membranes will add an exceptional touch to any décor. Remarkably, Barrisol Mirror® combines the reflective power of a mirror and the technical characteristics of stretched Barrisol® membranes to create a perfect illusion and extend your interior, giving the impression of space. Whether printed or back-lit, Barrisol Mirror® membrane use an exclusive micro-perforation system to enhance the acoustic comfort in any space.

Prism Stand Out Mirror


This innovative, multifunctional design was conceived for convenience while adding sleek styling to a modern washroom. Mirror Boxes make the most of wall space to offer an attractive, concealed storage space for paper towels and soap dispensers. These can then be easily replenished and the washroom properly maintained. In this way, Mirror Boxes save both time and floor space, providing easily accessible storage. These vanity mirror units are equipped with gas strut hinges for effortless access. The minimalist design, using mirror panels, complements a buildings contemporary interior styling.

Heat Mat Mirror Demister Datasheet

Heat Mat Ltd

A simple to install solution to ensure mirrors remain permanently condensation free in a bathroom. Ideal for bathrooms in hotels and new-build developments Suitable for sports changing rooms Mirrors are steam and condensation free Available in 250, 400, 500 or 800mm widths Bespoke sizes available The heater can be wired up through the lighting circuit so it only heats when the bathroom is in use, and a 50 by 50cm unit uses only 50 Watts of power per hour.

Mirox 4Green and MNGE - New generation ecological mirrors by AGC

AGC Glass UK Ltd

Mirox MNGE Rising to the demand for advances in resistance, processing and performance, this new generation of ecological mirrors stands out for its copper-free metal coating, the use of low-level lead paints and its high resistance to corrosion. In line with the companys sustainable approach, AGC also offers a premium mirror, Mirox 4Green. This product delivers the same high-quality performance as Mirox MNGE but stands out for its use of lead-free paints and its high opacity, making it ideal for backlit applications.

Surface Mounted Stainless Steel Mirrored Cabinet with Soap Dispenser and Hand Dryer or Paper Towel Dispenser

ASI Group

ASIs Velare Behind the Mirror system is designed to elegantly conceal clutter. The stainless steel cabinet houses a hands-free automatic soap dispenser, and your choice of a paper towel dispenser or high-speed hand dryer, with a HEPA filter. The mirrored door featuring ¼ thick tempered glass is supported by twin, damped gas springs when opened, and etched backlit icons that direct the user to their choice of soap and hand drying option. The sophisticated, high capacity design makes it ideal for iconic buildings and high-traffic environments.

Stainless Steel Sanitaryware - A Comprehensive and Economic Range of Safe, Highly Durable, Hygienic Sanitary Appliances, Including WCs, Basins, Urinals, Mirrors, Baths and Bins

Anderson, GEC Ltd

The GEC Anderson range of hygienic, durable, attractive and safe to use stainless steel sanitary appliances is for use in a wide variety of public, commercial, industrial and institutional environments. Examples include public and commercial washrooms, bathrooms, changing rooms and staff facilities. Products are non-chip and shatterproof, have brushed satin finish surfaces and their robust construction enables them to withstand heavy use and vandalism. Range comprises floor fixed and wall mounted WCs, bowl and trough urinals, wash troughs, single and multi-station basins, wall hung and pillar drinking fountains, mirrors, baths, pedestal and wall mounted sluice sinks, sand traps, bins, cleaners' sinks and the Stortidy stepless shelving system with its choice of shelf types.

Showing 1-14 of 14