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element Lounge Seating


The lounge and collaboration zone is the perfect space for impromptu meetings or just to find a bit of peace and quiet. The element modular upholstered furniture programme was specially developed for lounge and collaboration zones in open-plan offices. The backrest elements can be fitted vertically one on top of the other individually and in different combinations. The height of the upholstered backrest determines the degree of visual and acoustic screening. Spatially, element can be grouped in different combinations, from the individual sofa to large configurations, making it particularly suitable for new forms of communication, as a place to withdraw to or as a temporary workstation.

pulse Conference & Lounge Chairs


High class, comfortable, and extremely versatile this is pulse, the shell chair for luxury communication areas. Combining a design vocabulary alluding to the 1960s with modern elements makes the design both novel and distinct. The waistline of the shell appears inviting and enveloping at the same time. Sitting comfort is excellent: the shell dimensions allow ample room to move, the comfortably resilient backrest and the soft seat padding afford high comfort, even after hours of sitting. The upholstery multi-coloured on request, or also combining fabric and leather conveys different impressions from dignified and noble to young and fresh. pulse is not only versatile as regards its upholstery, but also its frame variants.

Cast Iron Long Ventilation and Drainage Grilles

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Cast iron long gratings and grilles are made from grey iron, cast in sand moulds bonded with resin to a fine cast finish and are available in various widths. They are imperial so are predominantly available in 3ft lengths. They are used either laid vertically for ventilation or laid flat as drainage gratings for walkways and pavements.

CORE EDGE HD LONG Trade Metal Edging Specification Sheet

CORE Landscape Products

A complete range of flexible steel edgings and pre-rolled tree rings designed to create the perfect edge restraint for a variety of landscaping applications. The ground spike incorporates a unique fold along its centre to provide maximum strength, reinforcing the spike, making it ideal for use in tougher ground conditions. If soft ground is encountered, a rebar extension simply fixes through the ground spike to provide additional stability. The entire range is quick and easy to install with no specialist tools required and is available in a range of finishes.

System 17000: High performance, Torch-on Roofing System, Resilient, Flexible, Long lasting

Bailey - Total Building Envelope

Bailey System 17000 is a superior, torch-on, waterproofing system for flat and pitched roofs. Manufactured with an untearable spun bond polyester carrier coated in APP modified bitumen, makes System 17000 resistant to UV light and a life expectancy in excess of 30 years. Certificated by BBA and carrying an insurance backed guarantee, System 17000 is a secure choice for flat roofs.

PermaRock Dry Dashing Aggregate / Stone (tough, durable, long lasting, cost-effective and almost maintenance render finish)

PermaRock Products Ltd

Dry Dashing is a traditional decorative rendering technique that provides a tough, durable, long lasting, cost-effective and almost maintenance free exterior wall finish. Dry Dash comprises pre-washed and screened Dashing Aggregates which incorporate different types and colours of stones that are blended together and applied to a specially formulated, self-coloured, polymer enriched mineral-cement Dashing Mortar (DM) offering enhanced performance over traditional sand/cement renders. Dashing Mortar is available in Grey, White, Yellow, Cream, Red and Pink, with other shades made to special order (minimum order quantities). Any of the comprehensive range of graded dashing stones can be used with any shade of PermaRock Dashing Mortar to achieve an attractive pebble dash finish.

Showing 1-8 of 8