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Floor Access Door for internal applications

Surespan Ltd

Floor door covers for internal application are designed for non-weatherproof situations. The single leaf cover has a flush patterned tread plate lid. Featuring gas spring assisted opening of the lid. The lid locks into position with a safety hold open stay to prevent against accidental closure. The range is available with pedestrian rating FACTA Class A loading. Units can be manufactured to provide up to 1 hour fire resistance for integrity.

Motorised security revolving door for internal/semi external installation - GyroSec

Gunnebo UK Ltd

GyroSec is an elegant design offering a choice of security levels preventing tailgating and piggybacking.As option, is available a basic anti piggy backing APB providing an adequate compromise on performance and price, and also an advanced APB optional system for a greater performance and passage flow. It offers simultaneous authorised entry and exit and both directions are electronically controllable. GyroSec enforces both rejecting and alarming upon potential unauthorised use and avoids entrapment. GyroSec also prevents unauthorised passage from the opposite direction whilst a valid passage is being made in the other direction. This is achieved via sensors located in the ceiling that continuously monitor all door sector.

Security doors

Shadbolt International

Fully tested internal security doors and doorsets suitable for use, for example, as entrance doors to apartments within a residential building (not for external use). ShadPAS security doors are fully tested to PAS 24 and are suitable for most common security requirements including the Building Regulations Part Q for dwellings. ShadSecure doorsets provide a higher standard of security, having achieved the LPS 1175: Issue 7 SR2 rating in independent tests.

Fire doors and doorsets

Shadbolt International

Shadbolt timber-based fire doors provide fire resistance up to 60 minutes. Available as door leaves only or as doorsets, and as matching non-fire doors. Purpose-made for each project, with extensive freedom to choose frame and edge details, glazing designs and ironmongery. High quality appearance with veneered, laminate or paint finishes. Independent UKAS-accredited third party fire test reports or assessments for every individual door type supplied. Acoustic doors with fire resistance can also be supplied.

Acoustic doors and doorsets

Shadbolt International

Standard Shadbolt timber acoustic doors and doorsets provide good sound insulation up to 35dB SRI Rw. High-performance acoustic doors up to 44dB SRI Rw can also be supplied. Purpose-made for each project, with extensive freedom to choose frame and edge details, glazing designs and ironmongery. Performance of standard doors confirmed by independent testing on normally operable doors with non-specialist ironmongery. Fire resisting acoustic doors also available. High quality appearance with veneered, laminate or paint finishes; can be matched to non-acoustic and fire doors throughout a scheme. Matching or complementing acoustic wall and ceiling panelling. Glazed apertures can be provided whilst retaining acoustic performance.

Timeless solid hardwood panelled doors

Shadbolt International

A new range of hardwood panelled internal doors: Timeless in design and craftsmanship, but manufactured to twenty-first century technical standards and performance. Timeless doors will complement homes of distinction, as well as hotels and similar properties.

Speed Doors

HAG Ltd. - The Door Specialists

Speed Doors, VR & VL Door Rapid operation vertical lifting door and rolling Speed Door. With stand high wind loads (80kph), minimal maintenance requirements and temperature resistance -25°C to +75°C.

Industrial Doors

HAG Ltd. - The Door Specialists

HAG industrial doors range covers all types from industrial roller shutters, industrial sectional doors, bi folding industrial doors and horizontal sliding folding doors. Applications range from industrial units, supermarket loading bays and aircraft hangers. HAG can advise which industrial door suits your needs.

Garage Doors

HAG Ltd. - The Door Specialists

Insulated roller shutter garage doors. HAG domestic garage door range covers roller garage doors, sectional garage doors and traditional "up and over" georgian garage doors With a choice of operation, finish and security level we can match your garage door requirements to your home and budget. All Products can be supplied for self installation if required

Sectional Doors

HAG Ltd. - The Door Specialists

The Z Door - Industrial vertical stacking sectional doors available with full panoramic curtain. Space saving design with a max width 8000mm. Also The S Door - A vertical opening sectional overhead industrial door system.

Forza Defining Doors: Timber Veneer & Laminate Doors, Panels and Doorframes

Forza Doors Limited

Throughout our brochure and website we offer an insight into the extensive range of Timber internal flush doors , frames , panels and fire screens manufactured at our factory in West Sussex, England. Face finished with totally bespoke hand crafted real wood veneers or commercially available decorative laminates, Forza doors and panels will ,when installed, be a perfect partner with other chosen finishes to complete a fully co-ordinated project design.

Gilgen PSF Frameless Door System

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

Aesthetic design and the effective use of interior space are high priority considerations in many commercial environments. WIth the GILGEN PSF full-glass automatic sliding door architects can deliver high levels of accessibility for visitors along with a clean, modern finish that blends harmoniously with contemporary interiors. With its clear-view full-glass finish GILGEN PSF helps create an inspirational and flexible environment, ideal for offices, receptions, hospitality suites and multi-retail outlets - Whats more, the system is easy to install and with a wide range of surface finishes available tailored solutions can be created around client needs.

Gilgen Door Systems Product Brochure

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

Setting new standards. Since 1961 we have led the industry in setting new standards in door automation. High quality Swiss design and innovation combined with a meticulous eye for detail means our door systems offer unrivalled performance, durability, functionality and style. Our automatic doors are designed, manufactured and installed to EN16005 guidelines. Engineers are professionally trained and certified to work on customers equipment and we consistently follow ISO9001 quality standards.

Gilgen FFM Automatic Folding Door

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

Folding Doors are synonymous with making room. While requiring a minimum of installation space the Gilgen FFM automatic folding door offers a maximum clearance width. Proven component modules guarantee optimal user comfort and and first class quality.

Gilgen SRM Curved Sliding Door

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

GILGEN SRM curved sliding doors lend the entrance area a particular distinction. This touch of elegance is especially attractive in curved façades. Thanks to the curved shape, convenient passage proportions can be created even in situations where space is restricted.

Gilgen FD 20 Swing Door Brochure

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

The technologically advanced Gilgen FD 20 swing door drive is designed for the automation of new or existing doors up to 250kg in weight and can also automate external doors facing wind loads up to 50MPH. Due to its Swiss build quality and strength the FD 20 is ideally suited to tough applications such as hospitals, schools, garden centres and transport hubs.

Gilgen SLX-D Hermetically Sealed Door

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

The GILGEN SLX-D hermetically sealed sliding door with patented pivoting mechanism prevents unwanted exchange of air as well as the penetration of foreign particles and impurities. The required pressure hierarchy can be maintained in sensitive environments such as hospitals, surgeries and pharmaceutical manufacturing areas.

Gilgen Fluveri Multipoint Door Locking System

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

The Gilgen multipoint locking FLUVERI, a high quality lock system, guarantees fast and safe locking and unlocking of the door. It is invisibly incorporated into the vertical profile of the door leaves. Thanks to the pivoting locking bolts, the door is efficiently protected against forced opening attempts using lever action from any direction.

Gilgen PST Thermally Insulated Sliding Door

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

The Gilgen PST insulated automatic sliding door offers improved energy efficiency with U-values as low as 1.1. Alongside improved accessibility, PST improves energy efficiency and protects buildings from wind and driving rain. Also tested to the RC2 security standard PST offers several benefits rolled into one.

Gilgen PSA Narrow Framed Sliding Door

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

The narrow framed GILGEN PSA profile system creates a design-oriented look optimised for internal spaces, with its delicate design incorporating a high ratio of glazing and very low-profile frames. Regardless of its great style and harmonious looks PSA incorporates an innovative dry-glazing arrangement that makes the system surprisingly robust; the vertically interlocking configuration of the door leaves also provide further rigidity and protection from draughts. When matched with the GILGEN SL operator safety is assured and the system offers easy installation for numerous applications.

Gilgen PSXP Standard Automatic Door System

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

With a header profile measuring from just 100 mm in height the Gilgen automatic sliding door with our PSXP framing system meets the performance and aesthetic needs of modern facades today. This powerful system can operate even heavyweight doors with smooth, robust efficiency.

Showing 1-36 of 826