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Topfloor ideal low shrinkage flooring


Topfloor is a low shrinkage concrete for use in ground bearing slabs. Extremely durable, with very high abrasion and impact resistance, it provides superior flexural and compressive strength, without the need for steel or mesh reinforcement.The mechanical and shrinkage properties of Topfloor enable the design of thinner and unreinforced slabs, with increased joint spacing at 20mx20m (400m2). Construction can be shortened through early power-trowelling and joint cutting, while slabs can be loaded from just 14 days. The drastic reduction of joints, limited curling and high surface durability combine to deliver substantial savings in maintenance and whole life costs.

Stackdoor Standard

CGT Security Ltd

Stackdoors brilliant security curtain design allows for 80% free airflow without detracting from the buildings aesthetic. Rather than rolling up or down, the upright stacking feature eliminates the need for a traditional, unsightly headbox. https://cgtsecurity.com/product/stackdoor-standard/

Topflow Horizontal ideal for slabs, domestic, mezzanine and residential dwellings


Topflow Horizontal’s finishing characteristics and high quality surface finish can eliminate the need to power float concrete on site dependant on project specification. Topflow Horizontal enables the rapid and effortless fabrication of slabs and floors. Tarmac technology means that surface finish is of a high quality. This can eliminate power floating on site. Floor finish tolerance to BS 8204 – 1 SR2. After extensive research with Loughborough University Topflow Horizontal was proven to improve construction processes. The research made it clear that Topflow Horizontal is not just a material for construction but it is in fact a method of construction.

1. Insect Mesh - Narrow rolls ideal for Soffits & Cladding

The Flyscreen Company Ltd

Standard Insect Mesh is made from woven fibreglass yarn, coated in grey or black PVC. (Rodent mesh is made from stainless steel) The 45-50 metre long rolls are available in a range of widths from 50mm to 300mm (see price list for more details). Stainless Steel meshes are also available. Rolls are 30 metres long, the widths range from 75mm to 200mm (see below). In door and window screens Insect Mesh is unobtrusive allowing light and fresh air into a room with minimal obstruction to the view. Soffit & Cladding Mesh is specified to keep insects out of the gap between external cladding and the main building structure, also from soffits and loft spaces; anywhere that requires a free flow of air without the risk of insects gaining access.

Standard Decking Details

MyDek Ltd

Available in a range of standard colours, Delta 20 allows direct fixing to steel balcony frames without clips. The simple clip-in cover conceals all fixings, and enables quick and easy fixing to a variety of substrates. Coated to Qualicoat Class 2 standards, Delta 20 is your premier choice for versatility in non-combustible decking.

Rafterline Patent Glazing Brochure

Standard Patent Glazing Company Ltd

The Rafterline glazing bars strength is provided by others structural timber rafters x 50mm wide (44mm minimum) and the maximum span of this system is therefore only limited by the integrity of the rafters. The advantages of this system are that the timber rafters create an appealing visual effect inside the building and are totally protected from the effects of weathering from the elements. The external aluminium glazing system will provide excellent weather resistance and is not subject to the regular maintenance required for timber glazing systems. This system readily accepts both single glazing, double and triple glazed units up to 50mm thick and as with all our systems, can be combined with opening vents to offer a total glazing solution.

Skyline Box Patent Glazing Brochure

Standard Patent Glazing Company Ltd

The company's Skyline Box range of extruded aluminium glazing bars offer an economical roof glazing solution when compared with curtain walling roofing systems whilst maintaining a very similar appearance. The glazing bar's strength is provided by an internal box section. This system is able to accommodate double and triple glazed applications where compliance with Building Regulations Document L are a requirement but is also popular for single glazed applications such as feature canopies and unheated spaces. Available in four sizes depending on the design span with box section depths of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm. This glazing system is capable of spanning up to 7 metres unsupported with double glazed infills weighing 30kg/m².

Opening Vents Brochure

Standard Patent Glazing Company Ltd

Our low profile thermally broken aluminium framed opening vents are suitable for installation in both sloping and vertical applications and are generally manufactured to a maximum size of 750mm wide by 1500mm deep. In a typical roof application, its recommended location will be at the top of the patent glazing, although in certain instances these vents can be positioned in the centre or lower parts of the glazing by using alternative top and bottom panel sections. Depending on the size of opening vent and gearing type used the general maximum stroke length achieved will be in the region of 400mm.

Heritage Patent Glazing Brochure

Standard Patent Glazing Company Ltd

The Heritage Lead Covered Steel Patent Glazing bar encapsulates the very essence of the Patent Glazing tradition. The glazing bar design originates from Victorian enterprise and ingenuity. The glazing bar consists of a galvanised rolled mild steel core which is inserted into a seamless lead extrusion covering that incorporates a twin wing weathering system and glass seatings. The ends of the lead covers are then soldered to give a hermetic seal. Cast brass fixing plates and glass stop are screwed on to produce the finished glazing bar. This system is offered today for the replacement, refurbishment and upgrading of grade 1 & 2 listed buildings, buildings of historic value or other prestigious projects.

Skyline Patent Glazing Brochure

Standard Patent Glazing Company Ltd

The Skyline range of glazing bars offer an economical roof glazing solution incorporating slim sightlines. The glazing bar's strength is provided by an internal stalk (or fin) which is cut away at the top and bottom main fixing positions. This system is able to accommodate double and triple glazed applications where compliance with Building Regulations Document L are a requirement but is also popular for single glazed applications such as feature canopies and unheated spaces. Available in three sizes depending on the design span with fin depths of 50mm, 70mm and 100mm. This glazing system is capable of spanning up to 4 metres unsupported with double glazed infills weighing 30kg/m²

Traditional Patent Glazing Brochure

Standard Patent Glazing Company Ltd

The company's traditional patent glazing bars are designed to receive single glazing of any thickness and are also suitable for accommodating solid and multiwall polycarbonate sheets up to 30mm thick. It is possible to incorporate double glazed units into this range of glazing bar when compliance with Building Regulations Document L is not a requiremnt. The glazing bar is an inverted 'T' design and its strength is provided by the external stalk (or web). The outer surface can be weathered by a choice of extruded aluminium screw-on and snap-on cappings or extruded aluminium screw-on wings. A glazing system combined with economy and a proven track record. 30,000m² of this glazing system has been installed by us on many major railway stations throughout the UK in recent times.

Fit for Purpose: Standard SRL

Latchways plc - an MSA Brand

The ManSafe SRL range offers a dependable means of fall protection and has been specifically designed for use in a number of different environments enabling an unhindered hands-free fall protection solution. Utilising modern engineering and innovative design, they are the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective SRL available on the market today. The ManSafe Standard SRL has undergone extensive, independently verified testing to ensure consistent, reliable performance. The ManSafe Standard SRL has been developed with a number of unique features to provide a Smarter, Safer and Stronger alternative to traditional SRLs. This document is designed to highlight the benefits and assist the decision making process.

MyDek -Standard Colour Range.

MyDek Ltd

Above everything else, we commit to our aluminium decking range being Safe, Smart, and Sustainable. Whichever product variation you choose you can relax in the knowledge that MyDek is non-combustible, durable, and easily recycled. Both aesthetically pleasing in design and with a range of attractive and tough coating options, MyDek is the smart decking solution. The aluminium decking is available in a range of attractive finishes to suit every application, and the fast-fit concealed clip system ensures a simple installation that saves both time and labour costs.

Polyfoam Floorboard Standard and Extra

Polyfoam XPS Ltd

Polyfoam Floorboard is a rigid, lightweight extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation. Available in Standard, Extra and Super grades, it offers a range of compressive strengths for use in applications ranging from domestic floor slabs to intensively loaded industrial flooring. In addition to lambda values as low as 0.033 W/mK, the thermally efficient foam boards are also robust and moisture resistant, making them suitable for basement walls and floors, swimming pool basins and perimeter insulation below DPC.



This is the most common application, where the mailboxes are positioned either freestanding, wall mounted or recessed within a wall. The standard mailboxes are for both external and internal use. All mailboxes will take standard A4 sized mail, and they all comply to British Standards and Secured By Design Homes 2019 requirements.

07. Dryvit Standard Finishes

Dryvit – a brand of CPG UK Ltd

Todays building exterior demands high performance cladding. Dryvits external wall insulation (EWI) and anti-crack render systems satisfy these demands and often exceed the toughest regulatory requirements. The standard range of finishes and textures that are used with our range of systems offer specifiers and clients the versatility to meet their aesthetic aspirations. The standard texture PMRB range offers 100% acrylics incorporating dirt pickup resistant (DPR) and proven mildew resistant (PMR) properties with aggregates ranging from 1-3mm. We also offer high performance Dryvit HDPTM and FD PMR finishes. HDP textured finishes incorporate silicone-based technology that promote hydrophobic properties, which repel water resulting in less dirt pick up and a cleaner wall appearance.

Ultima Standard Support System

Wincro Metal Industries Ltd

Wincro ULTIMA is a standard, ex-stock, fully adjustable stainless steel masonry support system that is supplied in kit form, offering greater flexibility on site compared to traditional welded support systems. Wincro ULTIMA is cost effective, convenient and easy to install. Brackets and angles are fully interchangeable, can be easily moved around site and the system requires no setting out or detailed layout drawings. Brackets can be simply changed on site to suit cavity variances between the structural face and masonry. Suitable for concrete and steel framed structures, the system is supplied with all necessary fixings and installation instructions.

SMARTPLY OSB - Standards & Application


SMARTPLY Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is the cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to many plywoods. It is suitable for use in structural and non-structural applications. With unrivalled quality and environmental certification, it is manufactured from a locally-grown sustainable forest resource in an energy efficient process and therefore has a lower carbon footprint than many types of plywood. SMARTPLY OSB - Defining the standards of OSB

Inspirational Design Ideas for your Kitchen Renovation

Glazing Vision Ltd

Kitchen design is constantly changing and evolving in order to bring originality and style into the heart of the home. However there should always be a careful balance between style and functionality to deliver an impressive but practical living space for the entire family. In this updated 2018 feature, we look into the many different aspects of achieving a great design and help you spot some of the current trends that interior designers and architects are following, in order to get the most out of your kitchen space.

G-Standard bracket fixing guide

Goelst UK Ltd

The G-Rail program consists of many different profiles developed to suit various applications. Whether it is for a living room or a meeting room, a lightweight sheer curtain or a heavy lined curtain, every situation requires a practical and/or elegant solution.

Standard Range -Perforated Metal Overview

Graepel Perforators Ltd.

Perforated Metal Overview. Perforated Sheets can be used in a wide range of applications from flooring, balustrade infill, ventilation panels, cladding, shelters, bin enclosures, ceiling tiles and many more applications. Graepels manufacture perforated aluminium sheets, perforated corten sheets, perforated mild steel sheets, galvanised perforated sheets and many other materials including rubber and plastics for a range of uses. We offer rolling folding welding, bolt holing and other various fabrication services. Our mesh and perforated products are manufactured using only CE marked material and top of the range machinery with almost 60 years in the industry Graepels have an extensive range of industry knowledge in tooling and capabilities.

Showing 1-36 of 89