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HD2 Hand Dryer

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

A quiet hand dryer, the HD2 offers a compact, slimline solution for smaller washrooms. Ultra-lightweight, just 2.7kg, and with automatic no touch operation for added hygiene, the HD2 is perfect for lower usage areas which dont have the demands of other environments.

EL600 Hand Dryer

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

The EL 600 offers a great value for money, ultra low energy hand dryer, and with its lightweight yet durable construction is ideal for most washroom environments.

VERDEdri hand dryer

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

VERDEdri is a high speed, surface-mounted hand dryer featuring HEPA filtration system and antimicrobial technology. VERDEdri is extremely energy efficient utilizing only 950 watts of power and with global universal voltage, the VERDEdri is suitable for any commercial washroom environment. Warner

SMARTdri hand dryer

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

SMARTdri offers a unique drying solution, enabling the user to select from three different power outputs and features an optional heating element. This offers a drying solution which can be customised with excellent energy savings.

Airforce - Low energy Hand Dryer

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

Airforce: the low energy solution. Airforce is manufactured by World Dryer and has taken the market by storm. Using patent-applied technology to force air through 11 nozzles at high speed, the Airforce marries a very low power output of just 1.1kW with a great fast dry time. Airforce features SteriTouch antibacterial surface protection on the cover of the white and black units, and on the air outlets of the chrome versions. End users have been thrilled at the savings they have made on their running costs by installing Airforce dryers, and contractors love the fact that the purchase price is around half that of other well known low energy dryers. The Airforce is a perfect solution to the problem of ever-increasing running costs, and is environmentally friendly too.

SR1100 low energy Hand Dryer

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

With a fast dry time of less than 15 seconds, SR1100 Hand Dryer is ideal for busy washrooms ensuring users hands are dried thoroughly and quickly helping to reduce washroom congestion. Ideal for hygiene conscious environments, it contains HEPA filters which remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the drying air, ensuring that only hygienically clean air is blown onto users hands. The outer casing and touchable parts also feature SteriTouch, an antibacterial additive that prevents the spread of pathogenic germs such as MRSA, E.coli and salmonella. The filtered, ambient air has a comfortable warmed feeling created by the 1100w energy efficient motor. This creates a fast flowing curtain of air whilst being very cost efficient, ensuring low ongoing running costs.

Airstream - Low energy hand dryer

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

80% less energy without compromising hand drying performance Featuring the latest design technology, the Airstream is a patented ergonomic automatic hand drier that combines energy efficiency with a high quality of performance. This hand dryer delivers an impressive 13-second dry time, using just 1.8kWh per 1,000 drying operation. The Airstream® hand dryer has a die-cast aluminium cover, ensuring it is sturdy and long lasting. It also weights just 3.5kg, making it suitable for partition and stud walls. With its automatic operation, optimum hygiene levels are ensured at all times. Airstream® automatic hand dryers are also coated with SteriTouch® antibacterial technology to drastically reduce the risk of the spread of germs such as MRSA, E.coli and salmonella.

Hand Dryer


Toto warm air hand dryers are low noise and designed for maximum hygiene performance. Feature built in drip collection tray and seamless gully

DRYX500N Hands in Hand dryer

Franke Sissons Ltd

This high speed hands-in dryer is designed with a touch free opto-electronically controlled sensor and integrated HEPA lter, the DRYX500N provides peace of mind in environments where hygiene is essential. The antibacterial ABS plastic, separate water tray and drainage hole also ensures optimum hygiene by preventing water spilling on to the wall and oor (protection class IPX4).

Turboforce Hand Dryer

Intelligent Facility Solutions

The Turboforce hand dryer is a very solid all round hand dryer, delivering realistic 10-15 second dry times. It has the option to operate with heat or without for improved energy efficiency and the motor speed can also be adjusted to lower the noise output. The products energy efficiency has been recognised by the Carbon trust and appears on the UK governments (ECA) list for energy efficient products. The construction is extremely vandal resistant with a thick steel cover and anti-theft, steel back plate making it ideal for locations where abuse can occur. The simple, minimalist design and UV activation light make it a popular and recognised choice.

DB38 Hair Dryer

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

The DB38 hair dryer is part of the Classic Range of World Dryer products, and shares the same properties of reliability, longevity and durability. Available in either white or polished stainless steel finishes, this hair dryer is powerful enough for all users.

The World Dryer Classic Range

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

The World Dryer Classic Range is the most recognisable and iconic range of hand dryers on the market. A warm air dryer ideal for public washrooms with high traffic, or any environment which requires a long lasting dryer, these units will run and run, providing peace of mind for the end user.

Dryflow Elite Hand Dryer

Intelligent Facility Solutions

The Dryflow Elite hand dryer is one of the most slim line hand dryers available, making it unobtrusive and allowing maximum space in the washroom. It was specifically designed to adhere to American disabilities act (ADA) requirements, which focus on maximising mobility space in disabled bathrooms. The quiet performance and wide airflow are other reasons why it is an appropriate product for disabled washrooms. The motor has one of the longest life spans in the industry making it suitable for all locations.

Dryflow Vapordri Hand Dryer

Intelligent Facility Solutions

Fast drying hand dryer, compact and water vaporising. Solid ABS construction. One of the fastest drying hand dryers available, ideal for keeping high traffic washrooms flowing and leaving every user with completely dry hands in seconds. Extremely compact hand dryer, a unique small wall footprint for this type of hand dryer makes it suitable for the tightest of washrooms. For a high-speed hand dryer, it emits a low noise level. An intelligent heating system is a real bonus as it makes sure running costs and energy use are kept low. It includes a large, long lasting H14 HEPA.

Dryflow Viper Hand Dryer

Intelligent Facility Solutions

The Viper utilises the latest in modern blade technology. Two angled blades of air simultaneously scrape moisture from the hands providing a rapid and consistent dry which is not so easy to achieve from a single outlet. With 4 settings to choose from, you can really customise this hand dryer based on your own unique requirements. This fast drying, yet quiet hand dryer can be set to a really energy efficient 600-800W by switching off its heater element, saving you money and reducing energy usage. These are proving popular with restaurants, shopping centres and offices due to their robust build and quiet in operation noise levels.

D-Flow Hand Dryer

Intelligent Facility Solutions

The D-flow hand dryer is a popular dual blade airflow hand dryer manufactured in the EU. In independent comparative tests we commissioned, this dryer was found to be one of the fastest drying on the market. The D-Flow hand dryer is elegant in design, making it attractive for modern developments. It has an adjustable motor which allows noise levels to be decreased as desired in different areas of the building. There is a heater element switch which only adds 400W to the rated power if chosen to be used.

Blade Technology Hand Dryers

Intelligent Facility Solutions

Hand dryer catalogue - Although they seem a modern phenomenon, the first official hands in style hand dryer was launched in 1993. In more recent times however, the popularity of this style of dryer has grown dramatically. Not only have the next generation of blade style hand dryers surpassed the high performance of their predecessors, they have also been kitted out with some exciting additional features which consumers love. What are the advantages of this style of hand dryer? All is answered in this document.

Hotel & Leisure - Hand Dryers

Intelligent Facility Solutions

Hand dryer catalogue - In this type of location, it is imperative to strike the perfect balance between performance, design and elegance when choosing a hand dryer. There are some key questions that need to be answered that are highlighted in this document. Hotels and leisure facilities have certain requirements when it comes to hand dryers. They must suit the décor of the facility yet be practical, energy efficient and cost effective to run. Because some leisure locations can be open to users who are less friendly than others, our products are designed with anti-vandal characteristics to minimise damage.

Dryflow EcoSlim Hand Dryer

Intelligent Facility Solutions

Super low energy, slim and quiet. A solid 1.5mm thick steel and stainless-steel cover. Extraordinary energy efficiency; this unit can run at just 180W using an adjustable motor speed and ability to turn the heater element off. A low noise Quiet Mark approved hand dryer, silent-blocks dampen vibrations at the rear of the product. It has a 100mm depth making it compliant with ADAAG accessibility requirements. It also means it will fit in the tightest of washrooms without taking up much room. It is a Universal voltage hand dryer. It works at 100-120V or 220-240V automatically without any adjustment required. The HEPA filter not only stops solid particles, ranging from dust mites to fungi, but also absorbs fumes and mitigates bad odours thanks to an activated carbon filter.

Wallgate Hand Wash Dryers

Wallgate Ltd

Recessed hand wash dryer range available in solid surface and stainless steel for all types of commercial washrooms and specialist applications such as railway carriage toilets. All are highly robust and save space, water and energy.

Biozone air purification system

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

BioZone will resolve permanent odour problems and kill germs by destroying 99.99% of bacteria both in the air and on surfaces. It is proven to be effective against E.coli and flu viruses, making BioZone the perfect hygienic solution for hospitals and doctors waiting rooms. BioZone uses a combination of 5 sterilising techniques:Ozone obliterates bacteria, viruses and fungi and removes odour from the air Photoplasma, a type of energised oxygen, eliminates the reproductive capability and reduces the number of micro-organisms, disinfecting the air Negative ions decrease the total concentration of harmful chemicals in the air Deep-UV-light sterilises micro-organisms that pass through the unit Photo Catalytic Oxidation process destroys volatile organic compounds on the surface material

2016 Warner Howard Brochure

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

With over 30 years experience, Warner Howard has established itself as a market leader in the supply of air dryers to the trade. Their mission is simple - to provide the very best in high quality washroom products including hand dryers, hair dryers, air care and water management systems to wholesalers, architects and contractors.

AeraMax Professional air cleaner

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

AeraMax Professional is an air purifier solution that enhances the quality of your entire facility by eliminating odours and removing harmful germs, allergens and other irritant from the air. We spend 90% of our time indoors and nine hours every day sharing spaces with others. While we may not give much thought to indoor air quality, we are certainly should. The air we breathe indoors is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Public spaces are breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and germs. Maintaining good hygiene also means cleaning the air. Installing an AeraMax Professional air purifier in your washrooms will improve the washroom environment, reducing airborne germs, viruses and other odour causing pollutants.

HD1 - HD5 - HD8

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

A versatile hand dryer which offers a durable, high performance solution for any washroom. The HD5 is a popular hand dryer which is ideal for medium usage areas, as it has a vandal resistant die cast aluminium cover and a 2.4kW power output ensuring fast dry times. It has a flip vent to dry both hands and face, and has automatic operation. The HD1 offers a manual push button version of the HD5. The HD8 is a stylish, curved, brushed chrome hand dryer that has automatic operation and a fast dry time that is suitable for all locations. It will complement any washroom decor.

Mini PowerZone

Warner Howard Hand Dryers

The powerful portable odour removal system. The Mini PowerZone uses advanced technology to create a powerful odour removal system. The unit draws in air, and treats it using germicidal UV light and photo-catalytic oxidation that destroys odour-causing micro-organisms, as well as emitting purifying plasma which circulates in the room destroying further bacteria and odours.

Dryflow Dri-tap Hand Dryer

Intelligent Facility Solutions

A more efficient system of hand drying. Solid chromium nickel stainless steel, with a gradient light at the end of the tap, the Dryflow Dri-tap hand dryer is beautifully crafted and will complement any washroom design. Available in desk mounted or wall mounted options. This system keeps water in the wash basin, floors dry and creates a better experience for the user. Low energy use keeps running costs minimal. The airflow direction and speed has been carefully configured to ensure that there is no excess splashing or spray created and therefore works with a huge range of sinks. The motor speed is adjustable so you can create the right airflow and noise output. This product is ideal for retro-fit, installing next to existing water taps. The intake of air is passed through a filter.

Office Build and Refurbishment - Hand Dryers

Intelligent Facility Solutions

Hand dryers. When it comes to the office, a washroom needs a hand dryer that not only looks great, but does the job efficiently and reliably. Architects and designers will spend a lot of time selecting products that match the style of the overall vision for the building and these that follow are some of the best looking available. Not only does it have to look good, it has to be able to meet the requirements of the working environment. Some of the questions that need answering include: Does it need to be fast drying to satisfy the end user? Does it need to be energy efficient to maintain the eco credentials of the building as well as minimising annual costs? Are the washrooms close to working environments where noise transfer from washroom to work room would be undesirable?

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