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Luxigraze Artificial Grass Catalogue

Talasey Group Ltd

Luxigraze is a high quality and innovative brand that is supplied by the Talasey Group. Luxigraze is an established range of artificial grass products and accessories, supplied by the Talasey Group. Designed to make your lawn look lush all year round, Luxigraze offers a selection of refreshing grass products, accompanied with installation and cleaning products, to ensure your grass is fitted and maintained to the highest standard.


Grass Concrete Ltd

Mass concrete blocks in three sizes to construct storage bays for glass. aggregates, waste paper,or recycled materials. Fully bonded dry laid and de mountable


Grass Concrete Ltd

A fully designed dry bonded earth retaining wall system for walls in excess of 10 meters high. Available in both plant-able format and split faced finished. Manufactured to ISO 9001 and complete with design warranty


Grass Concrete Ltd

Grassroof is a simple yet very effective green roof system that can be used for new-build or retro-fit flat roof construction. The lightweight structure can be used to good effect across a range of EXTENSIVE, SIMPLE INTENSIVE, or INTENSIVE APPLICATIONS used either as the paving layer or a drainage enabling base layer


Grass Concrete Ltd

Lightweight recycled plastic grass paving system for infrequent lightweight use. To be filled with soil and seeded to achieve a grass finish Laid on sub base and sand and incorporates grasskerb restraint


Grass Concrete Ltd

Plastic kerb in one meter lengths made from recycled materials. Used as restraint for all types of paving and landscape products. Complete with pins


Grass Concrete Ltd

Pre cast grass paving blocks in three depths for parking and non trafficked slopes Fully compliant with SUDS requirements for all types of civil or domestic aplications


Grass Concrete Ltd

Product overview and basic guidance for the specification of Grasscrete, a cast in situ concrete SUDS solution.

CORE PRO GRASS Grid Specification Sheet

CORE Landscape Products

CORE PRO GRASS provides the perfect surface for grass driveways, access routes and temporary commercial parking. The green pro grass grid is the best seller due to its ability to blend into grass surfaces and remain discreet. The Pro Grass is manufactured from recycled HDPE with a colour addative to make the panels green. This grid is very robust and easy to install. We also have supply plug in markers to create parking bays, this system will comply with current UK building regulations for commercial car parks.

MagnX Magnetic Glass

Gx Glass

MagnX is a range of fully customisable and sustainable magnetically receptive glass products. Manufactured to order in Kent, the non-porous surface is easy to maintain, hygienic and the surface will not degrade or discolour like traditional whiteboards. These versatile boards are offered with a variety of finishes to suit every budget: basic white, back painted or back painted and printed to your unique specification. The MagnX range provide the perfect solution to every requirement, from simple white fixed sized boards to fully branded work walls, we can help you customise the shape, colour, size and graphics you need to provide a truly individual writing surface.

ColourX Back Painted Glass

Gx Glass

Back painted glass provides a sustainable, durable and stylish design solution, perfectly suited to a wide variety of interior glass. ColourX back painted comes in almost any colour, making it a fully customisable and visually striking surface that is hygienic and easy to maintain, ideal for high traffic areas such as lift lobbies, tea points and kitchen splashbacks. Our ColourX system can be combined with other products and processes such as digital printing and magnetically receptive glass, and the glass can also be pre-processed for fittings or fixing with internal or external cut outs for sockets, urinals or WCs.

Ceramx-Digital Ceramic Printed Glass

Gx Glass

Digitally printed glass has transformed the creative possibilities for designers working with decorative or structural flat glass panels. With Gx Glass CeramX-Digital the only restriction is your imagination; the photo realistic detail achieved by the print means that its ideal for replicating textures such as wood grains, metal meshes, marble and stone for a more cost effective cladding equivalent. CeramX-Digital can be used for the following applications: Decoration for splashbacks, cladding and partitions Shower screens Balustrade Glass display cases Magnetic glass whiteboard design Solar control TV Mirrors

4. Foam Glass in Landscaping

GEOCELL Foam Glass

GEOCELL® is easy to handle and can be driven over and walked on during construction. It is resistant to rotting, maintains its form and thanks to its high insulating properties, prevents frost damage. Ideal for landscaping and gardens. With a density of less than 150 kg/m³ and a 45 degree repose angle, GEOCELL® can be used effectively on roof construction - from flat roofs to underground parking garages and tunnels.

GEOCELL Foam Glass Bubbles

GEOCELL Foam Glass

GEOCELL® Foam Glass Bubbles have great free-flowing properties due to their spherical shape. They easily fill every void in beamed ceilings, floors and walls for thermal insulation. It is also very easy to cover pipes and cable ducts. The environmentally friendly GEOCELL® fill is very light, non-combustible, moisture-resistant and provides long-term stability. Perfect as a cavity fill insulation, chimney flue insulation, and much more.

OverSized Glass by AGC

AGC Glass UK Ltd

Demand for OverSized architectural glass is soaring as investors, architects and engineers continue to push the boundaries of architectural glass in order to create unique, iconic architecture. In response to this, AGC is able to manufacture and deliver glass with up to 18 metres of continuous length.

iPlus, Glass for Insulation

AGC Glass UK Ltd

iplus is a comprehensive range of low-emissivity products dedicated to thermal insulation, providing a more comfortable living space. Using advanced magnetron technology, our low-emissivity coatings are the most performing on the market today, and certified by the rigorous Cradle to Cradle programme. Whatever your needs may be – protection from the cold, achieving both thermal insulation and solar control, good insulation while preventing condensation or additional safety functions – there’s a product engineered to meet each specific requirement. In addition to this, their durable surface resists scratches and handling, making it easy to process, something glass processors and architects will appreciate.

The benefits of glass in building

Guardian Glass UK Ltd

This report focuses on the non-energy-related benefits of glass, with a focus on how glass used in buildings provides health, psychological and social benefits to human occupants. An important component of the goals for a sustainable built environment is that it must include not only energy and resource sustainability but healthy environments and social sustainability as well as productive environments and economic sustainability.

Solar Control Glass and Low Emissivity Glass for Thermal Insulation by AGC

AGC Glass UK Ltd

Performance values for solar control and low emissivity glass for thermal insulation. AGC's extensive range of solar control glass products including Stopsol, Stopray, Sunergy and ipasol deliver concrete solutions that offer you the right combination of solar and thermal performance. Aesthetically, AGC products can meet any requirement: highly transparent or tinted glass, neutral or reflective, curved, toughened, laminated or silkscreen printed. Benefit from AGC's expertise in coated glass products.

Solar Control Glass by AGC

AGC Glass UK Ltd

AGC's extensive range of solar control glass products including Stopsol, Stopray, Sunergy and ipasol deliver concrete solutions that offer you the right combination of solar and thermal performance. Aesthetically, AGC products can meet any requirement: highly transparent or tinted glass, neutral or reflective, curved, toughened, laminated or silkscreen printed. Benefit from AGC's expertise in coated glass products.

A Guide to Glass Specification and BREEAM

Guardian Glass UK Ltd

Breeam is one of the worlds leading environmental and sustainable assessment methods for building. It takes into consideration many factors which assess the impact of building, and credit good design. The Breeam assessment can be chosen to review a building project through many categories and provides a final score which rates the building from a basic Pass to Outstanding. Today, Breeam has become the key assessment tool to identify the eco and sustainable credentials for many modern developments. Glass used in building helps to achieve additional Breeam credits for any project on many levels, however choosing the right type of glass is imperative. The attached document is a quick guide to achieving added Breeam credits through glass specification.

Halio, smart-tinting glass system

AGC Glass UK Ltd

Halio is currently the worlds most-advanced smart-tinting glass system. It transitions from clear to dark in under 3 minutes, provides sun blocking, anti-glare protection, near-privacy, and the ability to modulate your glazings appearance and energy performance at your fingertips.

Showing 1-36 of 253