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Solus Ceramics Anti Slip Brochure

Solus Ceramics Ltd

Having an anti slip or slip resistant finish is important for any flooring application, whether it be in the home, commercial premises or industrial warehouses and factories. The reason? Safety. Not only does slip resistant flooring protect the end user from harm, in many commercial projects slip resistance requirements are mandatory.

Ceramx-Digital Ceramic Printed Glass

Gx Glass

Digitally printed glass has transformed the creative possibilities for designers working with decorative or structural flat glass panels. With Gx Glass CeramX-Digital the only restriction is your imagination; the photo realistic detail achieved by the print means that its ideal for replicating textures such as wood grains, metal meshes, marble and stone for a more cost effective cladding equivalent. CeramX-Digital can be used for the following applications: Decoration for splashbacks, cladding and partitions Shower screens Balustrade Glass display cases Magnetic glass whiteboard design Solar control TV Mirrors

Solus Ceramics Shaping the way you work

Solus Ceramics Ltd

Want to stay ahead of the trends, why not start your own trends? Stay a cut above the rest by utilizing our multi blade-cutting machine to design your own unique range. You may have found the perfect tile, but have you ever imagined being able to create unique design of varying shapes and sizes without the hassle of sourcing unconventional sizes? Solus Ceramics can provide designers and architects with a greater range of tile choices than ever before, at a more economic rate than using nonstandard sizes, or sizes that may previously been expensive to cut.

04. Mosa Murals - A ceramic wall layered across multiple dimensions

Mosa Tiles

Ceramic walls Mosa Murals® is a unique and innovative concept for ceramic walls. The essence is not only found in applying tiles to a wall, but also in creating an authentic ceramic wall: a mural. Each mural has an individual character and signature, and is designed by balancing size, tone, colour and surfaces in a preselected or custom-designed grid. The resulting pattern is a ceramic wall, layered across multiple dimensions. Discover the endless design possibilities and be inspired. The Mosa Murals collection consists of three series: Blend, Lines and Change. Each series has its own character taken from the same colour palette.

20. Mosa Tiles General installation guidelines

Mosa Tiles

Mosa. Tiles. General installation advice; Mosa has developed several guidelines and brochures on the application and care of Mosa products. This advice was compiled by Mosa in collaboration with a number of experts in the market. These guidelines were drawn up to help users properly install their Mosa products.

19. Technical product datasheet glazed wall tiles

Mosa Tiles

Technical advice: Mosa has developed several guidelines and brochures on the application and care of Mosa products. This advice was compiled by Mosa in collaboration with a number of experts in the market. These guidelines were drawn up to help users properly install and maintain their Mosa products.

19. Technical product datasheet Porcelain floor tiles unglazed

Mosa Tiles

Technical advice. Mosa has developed several guidelines and brochures on the application and care of Mosa products. This advice was compiled by Mosa in collaboration with a number of experts in the market. These guidelines were drawn up to help users properly install and maintain their Mosa products.

01. Mosa Terra Maestricht - A contemporary classic tile with endless possibilities

Mosa Tiles

The integral, modular tile programme Terra Maestricht® is fully geared to the requirements that architects set for tiles. Extremely comprehensive in terms of size, colour, surface finish and accessories. The tiles are suitable for walls, floors and facades, inside and out. Terra Maestricht tiles are made of pure porcelain, which means they are rock-hard, scratch resistant, durable and frost proof. In other words, they are made to last. The entire programme carries the Cradle to Cradle® Silver certificate. Terra Maestricht is available in a wide range of colours and shades, from cool to warm.

Goxhill Handmade Plain Tile with Double Camber

Sandtoft Roof Tiles

The Goxhill handmade clay plain tile is one of the most distinctive and characterful roof coverings available. Each Goxhill tile is unique – made by our team of dedicated experts, from the finest alluvial clay. At Sandtoft, we are passionate about beautiful roofs and Goxhill is a testament to this passion – creating a visually stunning roof that combines character and charm with quality and durability.

GROHE Ceramics


GROHE Ceramics are made to match in form and function. Finding a perfect match isn't easy that's also true for the bathroom. Because our ceramics come with a selection of recommended combinations that fit our basin mixers, showers and sanitary systems, they compliment each other in both design and technology. The overwhelming variety of options is distilled into one simple choice. Save yourself the trial and error and make only ONE easy choice - for a perfect match.

07. Mosa Quartz - A new generation of unglazed porcelain floor tiles with a rich appearance

Mosa Tiles

The Quartz® collection is a new generation of unglazed porcelain floor tiles with a rich appearance; pure ceramics thanks to the natural striations of sandy-looking grains and crystal-like particles in combination with varying colour hues. Quartz is available in large sizes, for example 60 x 60 and 90 x 90 cm, in neutral and earthy, warm and cool shades, and in both smooth and relief versions. Every tile is unique. A surface of Quartz tiles therefore has a rich look thanks to the subtle gradations between the tiles.

Humber Machine Made Plain Tile with Double Camber

Sandtoft Roof Tiles

The Humber plain tile combines beauty with hands-on practicality. Clean lines and a double cambered design deliver striking aesthetics whilst the use of Sandtoft’s easy-to-cut alluvial clay, provides higher levels of on-site flexibility. Available in four rich colours and offering exceptional durability, the Humber tile will never fade; weathering and maturing naturally to create a roof of character and elegant charm.

20/20 New Generation Interlocking Clay Plain Tile

Sandtoft Roof Tiles

The 20/20 is a New Generation interlocking clay plain tile that makes a clay plain tile roof more affordable through an innovative design that reduces labour and material costs, and cuts completion times. This tile has a single lap design providing coverage of approximately 20 tiles per square metre instead of the usual 60 when using traditional plain tiles. This economy of materials together with Sandtoft’s use of 100% green electricity combines to offer a 50% saving in CO2 per roof when compared with traditional clay plain tiles.

TOTO Ceramic technology


In addition to ensuring long-lasting shine, CeFiONtect guarantees the utmost in hygiene – it makes it very difficult for waste, bacteria and mould to accumulate. The ultra-smooth glaze on these ceramic surfaces literally redefines cleanliness. Conventional ceramics have tiny rough surfaces, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Under the microscope, they look like little mountain ranges. No matter how often these surfaces are cleaned, it is still possible for bacteria to collect in these uneven structures. In contrast, CeFiONtect creates incredibly smooth surfaces that give waste practically nowhere to hide. The special CeFiONtect glaze is applied to the ceramic prior to firing and provides a permanent extremely durable surface.

ARDEX Natural Stone Tile Brochure

Ardex Ltd – Flooring, Tiling & Screeding products

ARDEXs heritage dates back more than 50 years and, as a global manufacturer of high performance speciality building materials, ARDEX has remained at the forefront of the UK tiling and flooring industry. Operating across 50 sites worldwide, it is a premium supplier of products for sub-floor preparation, and the installation and finishing of natural stone. ARDEX products have been specified on many prestigious projects, from the worlds largest shopping mall in Dubai, to Londons most iconic hotel: The Savoy.

Optiva Ceramic Super Matt [3] TDS

Tikkurila UK

Suitable for new and previously painted walls and ceilings in new construction, schools, offices, hotels, residential properties. Optiva Ceramic Super Matt 3 has London Underground approval for use in sub-surface locations. Due to encapsulation technology the paint has very good hiding power and high resistance to dirt, dust and stains. The paint guarantees the flat coating structure with the highest wash and wet scrub resistance (class 1, PN-EN 13300) => stands up to repeat washing. Excellent application properties and very good adhesion to the surface.

06. Mosa Terra Beige and Brown - Attractive lines in various shades and sizes

Mosa Tiles

The name Terra Beige & Brown perfectly describes the composition of this collection. The colour palette is divided into three colour types: neutral, grey and reddish shades in logical gradations from beige to brown, and from very light to intensely dark shades. Beige & Brown is a high­-quality unglazed porcelain tile. Thanks to neat edge finishing and ground edges, minimal joints can be realised. Terra Beige & Brown consists of 12 colours in the 60 x 60 cm size.

10. Mosa Colors - A source of inspiration for colourful interior design concepts

Mosa Tiles

Mosa's answer to the growing demand for special colours. Light, dark, fresh, soft, aged, saturated. There's a choice of 50 contrasting colours in 15 x 15cm and also a selection in 10 x 10 and 15 x 30cm. If you can't find the exact shade you're looking for, we'll simply make it for you. That's Mosa Colors®. An exclusive range of gloss wall tiles with one glazed edge. They're also modular, making them easy to combine with other sizes for walls and floors. Practical as they are creative. A source of inspiration for architects who are looking for colourful interior ideas. Colors on demand: In addition to the comprehensive colour collections of Mosa Colors and Global Collection, almost any colour can be supplied on request.

05. Mosa Terra Tones - Setting the Tone

Mosa Tiles

Subtle shades with Terra Tones. This series is the innovative addition to the modular, integral tile programme Terra Maestricht. Terra Tones is a set of three tiles in a single colour group. These colour groups are grey green (215), mid grey (206), anthracite (216) and cool black (203). Each set comprises a light tone (X), a mid tone (Y) and a dark tone (Z), supplied in equal quantities (in m²). Mixing the tones creates amazing ceramic surfaces. To provide inspiration, the Mosa Design Team has produced various tile patterns that show off the Terra Tones effect at its best. Terra Tones has a subtle, even, powder like surface (V). These unglazed tiles are resistant to wear, frost and weather. And they're strong.

Showing 1-36 of 287