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IG Brick Slip Lintels

IG Masonry Support Ltd

Relates to IG Brick Slip Lintels for External Masonry, one-piece external wall lintels in powder-coated galvanized steel or stainless steel with a brick slip façade.

4. Licata Clay Brick Slips

Licata Building Systems Ltd

Clay Brick Slips are thin sections of brick that replicate the look of conventional brick work and can be used both internally and externally. They are a quick and cost effective way to replicate the look of conventional brick work, providing excellent durability and low maintenance, the brick slips are ideal for new build or renovation projects and are incredibly easy to fit and point. They are used across a wide range of market sectors: for residential and commercial applications, for smaller features, full rooms or complete building exteriors.

PermaRock Brick Slips (Lightweight, flexible and breathable synthetic resin brick)

PermaRock Products Ltd

PermaRock Brick Slips are a lightweight, flexible, breathable synthetic resin facing and corner (pistol) bricks used to replicate brickwork. Manufactured from high quality raw materials with modern machinery and the skills of experienced craftsmen, these simulated bricks offer a multitude of outstanding product characteristics. The brick slips offer flexible application and design features, and are durable, robust, impact resistant and easy to clean: Long maintenance intervals reduce follow-up costs. Bricks slips are available in a range of 12 standard colours and 3 textures: Special colours, textures and sizes can be manufactured to special order. The Brick Slip Adhesive used to fix and joint the slips, is available in three standard colours (cement-grey, sand-white & dark grey).

Cast Iron Air Bricks Single Brick Sized (nom 9x3 inch)

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Mainly used as an exterior air brick in the place of a clay brick. The single air brick can be used to provide air under suspended floors and for room ventilation to reduce condensation or provide combustion air for solid fuel appliances. . One of the simplest and our earliest design is the grid pattern air brick. It was a design used during Georgian and Victorian period and its no surprise that weve supplied many fine and glamorous properties across the country (including Royal crescent, Bath) as well as hundreds of simple single fronted terraced houses. Weve supplied the REG3 for Maccreanor Lavingtons restoration of a Bastwick street property in London. The MAX3 with 7800mm2 free area of ventilation is our most efficient single air brick as its name suggests.

Cast Iron Air Bricks Double Brick Sized (nom 9x6 inch)

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Cast iron air bricks are ideal for installation in period properties and building renovation. They are made from grey iron, cast in sand moulds to a fine cast finish and can be supplied bare or painted. Mainly for exterior use, the double air brick can be used to provide air under suspended floors, for room ventilation to reduce condensation or provide combustion air for solid fuel appliances. The air bricks are mortared into the walls in the place of two bricks and designed to sit flush with surrounding brick work. The double air brick is often used in larger properties to provide additional ventilation for reduction of condensation and damp. Here we look at the eight different types of double air bricks commissioned by us from English and Scottish foundries

Cast Iron Air Bricks Triple Brick Sized (nom 9x9 inch)

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

The triple sized cast iron air bricks are made from grey iron, cast in sand moulds bonded with resin to a fine cast finish. Here we look at the seven different types of our largest triple air bricks and the 12 x 6 inch. Mainly used as exterior air bricks for large properties and commercial buildings, the triple air brick is predominantly used to supply room ventilation especially for combustion of solid fuel appliances and to reduce condensation. They are also suitable for use as extractor ventilation grilles from kitchens and exhaust grilles for restaurants and commercial premises. These large air bricks can often be found installed in external buildings, garages and workshops and period industrial buildings especially around Victorian era.

Cast Iron Louvre Air Bricks

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

The louvre cast iron air bricks are almost exclusively used in external positions. The great advantage of this type of air brick is its ability to deflect driving rain and also to reduce the possibility of back draught in exposed conditions. Cast iron louvre air bricks are made from grey iron, cast in UK in sand moulds bonded with resin to a fine cast finish and are available in three sizes (9x3, 9x6 and 9x9) The air brick is constructed from grey cast iron and is used for supplying natural ventilation to interior rooms and also as an extractor outlet vent grille over core drilled duct holes. In this instance the louvre air bricks are used as the terminal grille for fans extracting air from living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms,WCs and hob extractors.

Cast Iron Fly Screen Air Bricks

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

A period property cast iron air brick made in three parts suitable for bug and rodent protection. Consists of cast iron square hole front, copper fly mesh and cast iron frame all secured together with 4 stainless steel machine screws. Large cast iron square holes on the front plate allow for generous free area despite the mesh being fitted. Mainly used as an exterior air brick to supply natural ventilation to interior rooms and also sub floor ventilation to prevent damp and dry rot. It can also be used as an extractor outlet vent grille over ducting. The larger FLY9 is especially useful for providing higher volume ventilation for properties with damp and condensation problems.

Cast Iron Hit and Miss Air Bricks

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Used equally as an internal or external vent during Victorian times to supply natural ventilation to interior rooms especially those with open fires. It is now mainly used in period properties to replace defective vents and anywhere where there is an exposed position facing the prevailing wind.

Cast Iron Metric Windsor Air Bricks

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Windsor metric air bricks allow specifiers to link our traditional cast iron products with 21st century ducting using the Rytons range. Rather than replacing ugly plastic metric air bricks when the builders have gone with the Windsor cast iron its far easier, more cost effective and creates a much better impression with clients to install them during the build. They are available in just one size but are interlocking and are predominately used singularly, double or triple. Our metric Windsor air bricks are the only cast iron air bricks fully interlocking with modern metric cavity wall sleeves and periscopes and are exclusive to the cast iron air brick company.

Using Cast Iron Imperial 9x3 Air Bricks with Metric Cavity Wall Duct and Periscope

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Imperial air bricks are about the size of a Victorian brick which is around 9 x 3 inch or 225 x 75mm. They are quite a bit smaller than a metric air brick which is 8 ½ x 2 ½ inch or 213 x 66mm. The Cast Iron Air Brick Company have therefore designed an aluminium adapter to convert the metric duct so it will engage with many of the imperial air bricks we have. We call the adapter the metimp the name which conveniently translates to metric imperial. It is essential to use the adapter to connect all our 9x3 air bricks to metric ducting where the air brick doesnt have a cutaway frame. Please see the specification guidance for full details of each design.

08. Custom Brick & Brick Effect

Dryvit UK Ltd

Manufacturing and transporting clay bricks is energy intensive. On site installation commonly involves several trades with the substrate protection and insulation often supplied by others without a single source responsibility or warranty for the performance of the wall. Custom Brick utilises a template installed over a coloured base coat prior to the finish application. On removal of the brick template the custom brick is revealed. Custom Brick comes in a variety of options and we can also match an existing building brick or stone pattern and size. Combine this design flexibility with an infinite selection of colours, textures and shading techniques, and your building exterior can look exactly the way you want!

Swift Nesting Brick

Manthorpe Building Products Ltd

Modern building practices have greatly improved the quality of new homes in the UK, however not to the benefit of everyone. Bird species such as swifts have occupied cracks and crevices in our buildings for thousands of years, but the improved standard and style of modern construction has put their survival in our towns and cities at risk.

Mechslip Brick Cladding

Ash & Lacy

MechSlip brick cladding allows architects and specifiers to use authentic brick with the inspired versatility of a fully mechanically fixed cladding system. Offering a wider spectrum of design options than purpose-made extruded brick slip, this genuine brick innovation combines a palette of over 300 Ibstock brick finishes with the sheer adaptability and cost efficiency of one of the UKs most flexible and robust cladding support systems.

Safe-Secure Product Brochure 2019

Bulmer Brick Cutting

Safe-Secure is the brick cladding solution developed to provide the highest levels of security in cladding solutions. Created by Bulmer Brick Cutting Services, Safe-Secure is a light-weight, mechanically fixed brick cladding system that can be used on projects of all sizes. The Safe-Secure system is available for use as panels or in combination with steel lintels so it can be installed just about anywhere.

ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation Certificate

Bulmer Brick Cutting

This is to certify that the Quality Management System of Bulmer Brick Cutting - applicable to The Design and Manufacture of Brick and Masonry Components: including Fabricated Special Shapes, Brick Profiling, Brick Carving, Decorative Brick Features, Decorative Lintels and Brick Arch Structures has been assessed and registered by NQA against the provisions of ISO 9001:2015.

SafeSecure BDA Agrément BAW 18-068/02/A

Bulmer Brick Cutting

SafeSecure BDA Agrément certificate for a wall cladding system for the external finish of walls, balconies and soffits of buildings. This document provides independent information to specifiers, contractors, installers and other construction industry professionals considering the fitness for the intended use of the System. This Agrément covers the following: - Conditions of use; - Sources, including codes of practice, test and calculation reports; - Independently assessed system characteristicsand other system information; - Factory Production Control and annual verification procedure; - Points of attention for the specifier; - Examples of details; - Installation procedures; - Compliance with Building Regulations.

NaturAL-X Brick Cladding

Ash & Lacy

A lightweight, mechanically fixed cladding system delivering all the benefits of natural clay brick. Featuring unique clay brick slips and 6063T6 grade aluminium support rails, the system is available in a wide range of colours and textures. Whilst delivering advantages associated with rainscreen cladding, including reduced installation times and associated costs, it realises a truly desirable finish.

Showing 1-36 of 149