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Soffit Beams Submittal

Longboard Products

Made of top quality extruded architectural aluminum our soffit products are 100% non-combustible, low maintenance, weather resistant and will stand the test of time. Bring your stunning soffit design to life! Each product is available in a wide variety of finishes including wood grain, solid color, and specialty finish options!

Longboard Privacy Beams

Longboard Products

Create a polished, modern design for a variety of applications! The single piece extruded aluminum beam is designed for use as privacy screen or siding as part of our floating or end frame systems and can also be used on their own as soffit, fin application or for the Longboard Intrepid Acoustical Ceiling system. Privacy beams are available in 1x5 or 1x3 size at 24ft length with thickenings in the side wall to hold mechanical fasteners and come in a wide variety of wood grain, solid colour, and specialty finish options. They are designed to accept matching Longboard end caps where needed to create a finished look. This one-page tech sheet contains information on profiles, finishes, components, attachments, lead times, BIM & CAD, physical data, testing, and drawings.

Flexi-Beam Elite Engineered


Technical information regarding the distributed and point load for our Flexi-Beam Elite and Flexi-Beam Plus sprung sports floor systems. The technical sheet also outlines bleacher seating, heavy sports equipment and the use of tables and chairs on the playing surface.

Privacy Beams - Siding Submittal

Longboard Products

Longboard offers a variety of aluminum cladding solutions for beautiful and unique siding! All products are non-combustible and easy to install, making it the perfect addition to any project from large scale commercial to residential architecture. The perfect addition to any project! Each product is available in a wide variety of finishes including wood grain, solid color, and specialty finish options!

Vasco Beams Mono Electric

Vasco Group nv

Purity of design, now also electric! Electric heating is a hot topic. Year on year, the demand from installers and consumers for innovative electric heating solutions continues to rise. As insulating PV panels in our home continue to improve, electric heating provides an alternative cost-efficient and user-friendly solution. The new Vasco aluminium designer radiator Beams Mono Electric combines all the benefits of electric heating with purity of design - a real must-have for those who love a minimalist look!

Beam & Block Floors - The Complete Guide


Readyfloor provides a a highly practical yet easy suspended flooring system. With over 20 years experience, from design and specification through to after sales support, CEMEX has leveraged it's technical knowledge nd expertise to develop Readyfloor as a market leading solution.

TETRiS Insulation Block and Beam System

Cellecta Ltd

Handbook featuring Cellecta’s eco-friendly alternative to beam and concrete block structural flooring systems. Including construction details, physical properties and extensive product information. TETRiS is the eco-friendly, super strong structural flooring alternative to beam and block floors. The revolutionary system is designed to provide outstanding thermal and structural performance. The insulation blocks sit on and between standard pre-stressed concrete floor beams and is finished with a structural concrete topping.

Norskreen M4C Typical Column and Beam

Telling Architectural Ltd

Telling Architectural have established a modern facility at their plant in Four Ashes, Wolverhampton to manufacture glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC). Established in 2002 Telling have a reputation for the design and supply of innovative forms of façade cladding. Telling Architectural manufactures all grades of GRC recognised by GRCA International, the industry's governing body. They are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited and are moving towards ISO 18001 in Q4 2018.

Dyson Cu-Beam Down - Technical Specification


Suspended down-light with a controlled pool of powerful illumination. Cu-Beam down-light Ideal for lighting task surfaces, such as meeting tables and office desks Cu-Beam Down Technical Specification

Purlins, Rails and Eaves Beams Design Guide

SIG Building Solutions

This brochure contains details of our increased range of Zed, Cee and Eaves Beam sections and accessories. Section profiles and dimensions are included along with structural properties, detailing information and typical construction details. The new section range offers complete compatibility between Zed and Cee sections sizes.

Beams & Bryce Mono - Aluminium Design Radiator

Vasco Group nv

What happens if you reduce two vertical designer radiators to their extreme essence, completely removing the connections from sight and harmoniously integrating the suspensions? Vasco put it to the test with the aluminium designer radiators Beams and Bryce, two renowned members of Vasco´s aluminium line. Result? The epitome of pure simplicity and architectural freedom.

Dyson Cu-Beam Duo - Installation Guide


Suspended up and down light. Up light offers ultra-wide distribution of powerful illumination. Down light with a controlled pool of powerful illumination. Ideal for lighting task surfaces, such as meeting tables and office desks Optimal lighting for spaces, such as atriums, foyers and offices. Dyson Cu-Beam Up Light - Dyson Lighting. Operation Manual Cu-Beam Duo Installation Guide

Dyson Cu-Beam Down Light - Operation Manual


Suspended down-light with a controlled pool of powerful illumination. Ideal for lighting task surfaces, such as meeting tables and office desks Dyson Cu-Beam Down Light - Dyson Lighting. Operation Manual

Dyson Cu-Beam Up Light - Operating Manual


Suspended up-light with an ultra-wide distribution of powerful illumination. Optimal lighting for open spaces, such as atriums, foyers and offices. Ambient lighting. Dyson Cu-Beam Up Light - Dyson Lighting. Operation Manual

Kind Portfolio - Task, Meeting, Visitor, Executive & Beam Seating

Edge Design

Kind offers a complete range of seating products for a wide variety of applications. Task, executive, visitor, meeting and beam systems are all available within this collection of inspired seating. Following the successful design and ongoing development of soft seating and breakout furniture, Edge Design have introduced a new family of products to their already impressive portfolio.

Flexi-Beam Plus Area Elastic Sprung Sports Floor


The DYNAMIK Flexi-Beam Plus system is a sprung area elastic sports floor. It incorporates elastic beams which support a counter floor and load distribution panel to accommodate a range of solid synthetic finishes including Sport Vinyl, Sport Linoleum, Sport Polyurethane and Sport Rubber. It can be packed and levelled to take out variations in the sub floor, thus removing the need for a levelling screed. The structure of the Flexi-Beam Plus system allows for underfloor heating and insulation to be incorporated between the beams. With a range of solid synthetic finishes it is ideal for both sport and multi-use areas.

Case Study - Wall Protection & Matting - The Christie, Proton Beam Therapy Centre (


The Christie was seeking a solution that would provide it with all the benefits of wall protection in terms of reducing lifecycle costs, while being as invisible as possible, creating a less institutional and more relaxing environment for its patients. To make this vision a reality, Gradus worked closely with the hospital throughout the process. Having worked with The Christie before, we were thrilled to continue our relationship on this prestigious and rigorous ProCure 21+ project. The project was an excellent example of our supply-and-fit service, highlighting how we work closely with clients and supply chain partners to deliver the project on time and exactly to specification

Fire-teK Beam and Column Slab and Fire-teK Dry Fix Noggin Slab

Knauf Insulation Ltd

Fire-teK Beam and Column Slab is a high density, resilient and non-combustible rock mineral wool slab. It is available un-faced or faced with a Bright Class O reinforced aluminium foil. It is also available tissue faced, subject to enquiry. Fire-teK Dry Fix Noggin Slab is an extra high density, resilient and non-combustible, easy to cut, rock mineral wool slab for use in the Fire-teK Dry Fix System.

FastSlab Foundation System. Screw Pile, ring-beam and insulated ground floors for fast, lightweight builds in timber frame, light gauge steel and SIPs

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

The FastSlab Foundation System is a combination of the successful Lewis® FastSlab ground floor system with the addition of a steel lattice ring beam and geoLOGIC steel helical screw piles. This gives an extremely fast build system that can deal with the most demanding and difficult of sites to provide the foundation and ground floor for lightweight building systems including Timber Frame, Light Gauge Steel and SIPs.

PTFE Slide Bearing

Armatherm, a Brand of Armadillo Noise & Vibration Limited

There are many applications in industry where relative movement between two surfaces must be accommodated. These applications call for high load capacity at low speed, meaning self lubricating PTFE is an ideal material to be employed. Armadillo NV have a vast experience in designing and supplying custom made expansion bearings to address this issue.

Armaload Bearing Pad - DLW66 & DLW66XP

Armatherm, a Brand of Armadillo Noise & Vibration Limited

Armaload DLW66 Load Bearing Pads are used extensively in standard construction applications, precast and prestressed concrete bridges, buildings and structural steel bearing applications, as well as machinery, equipment foundation, railway tie pads and shock and vibration isolation. DLW66 Load Bearing Pads are made from masticated elastomer which is fully cured and fibre reinforced.

Professional PVCu beading for rendering and plastering

SAS Europe Ltd

ProBead is through coloured, non-corrosive, non-flammable, frost and UV resistant. ProBead is market leading PVCu beading for plastering and rendering: standard colours manufactured from 100% reground PVC. ProBead offers the widest range of standard colours of through-colour PVCu render beads, we are also able to supply a wide custom colour palette to order.

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