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Tongue & Groove Aluminium Cladding

Longboard Products

Made of 100% extruded architectural aluminum, the Longboard Tongue & Groove aluminum cladding system is built to provide a simply stunning solution for both siding and soffit. Easy to install, non-combustible, and weather resistant, this system compliments any interior or exterior building design whether long or short in length. Longboard cladding is available in a wide variety of powder-coated finishes including wood grain, solid color, and specialty options. Available in 4 V-Groove, 6 V-Groove and 6 Channel profile options. This one-page tech sheet contains information on profiles, finishes, components, attachments, lead times, BIM & CAD, physical data, testing, and drawings.

IDSystems timber-clad aluminium bifold doors


The IDSystems range of SUNFLEX timber-clad aluminium bifold doors combines the natural beauty of real wood on the internal face of the doors, with the hardwearing and maintenance free performance of an aluminium frame on the outside, making the SF55c and SF75c systems ideal for traditional properties or those seeking to add character to new-build homes

Vestis by Mazzonetto Aluminium Roofing & Cladding Brochure

SIG Design & Technology

A very cost effective and durable alternative to zinc, copper and stainless products, Vestis K2 pre-painted roofing and cladding is long-lasting weather resistant aluminium with a durable 35µm coating available in a range of colours and applications. With an established technical department, full accessory set and a range of successful projects across Europe, Mazzonetto can be used as a very cost efficient alternative to more expensive metal roofing and cladding. All finishes are available in a smooth or a stucco textured surface.

Stone Cladding: Colour Range for natural Stone Rainscreen cladding

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

Natural stone cladding combines the combination of classic tradition with contemporary performance and buildability. We offer a full portfolio of classic natural stone rainscreen cladding facades including limestone, sandstone and granite and the colour range is an indication of some of the more popular stone types like Moleanos and Jura limestones which have a high flexural strength suitable for stone rainscreen cladding systems in the UK. Our Alterstone systems enable the use of a natural stone in a contemporary and convenient format that is compatible with lighter building structures.

Stone Cladding Brochure - AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding Specialists)

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

A Stone Cladding Brochure by AlterEgo Facades providing architects with guidance on natural stone rainscreen cladding selection, design & installation. AlterEgo Facades are stone cladding specialists and a design & engineering led supplier of architectural natural stone rainscreen cladding systems offering a wide range of stone cladding services to architects, specifiers, developers & cladding contractors. We guide our clients through all the stone cladding project stages from design to completion offering the best possible project specific advice and solution with regards to stone selection and installation methodology to ensure a cost effective and high-performance natural stone cladding façade. All solutions are verified by qualified façade engineers & covered by our PI Insurance.

Company Profile - Stone Cladding

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

Who are AlterEgo? We are design and engineering led specialist suppliers of architectural stone cladding. What do we do? We guide our clients through all the project stages from design to completion offering the best possible project specific advice and stone cladding solutions with regards to stone selection and installation methodology to ensure a cost effective and high performance natural stone cladding façade.

Stone Cladding Non Migratory Sealant Colours

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

TREMCO ILLBRUCK FA880 PREMIUM NATURAL STONE SILICONE 310ML (MATT FINISH) FA880 is a one component, low slump silicone completely free of any ingredients likely to cause migratory staining to natural stone rainscreen cladding. It is neutral curing for safe sealing of stonework and has a matt finish. Contains fungicide. Usage/Purpose FA880 has been formulated for the long term elastic sealing of movement joints between natural stone such as granite, slate, terrazzo, porphyry, limestone, travertine, sandstone, quartzite, marble, etc., as well as for joints with other construction materials like concrete, ceramics, metals, glass, PVC and primed wood. BENEFITS A high-performance silicone sealant developed specifically for the sealing of natural stone & guarantees no migratory staining

GRC Facades Legoland Windsor Castle Hotel GRC cladding

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

GRC/GFRC Rainscreen Cladding: The Manser Practice, was commissioned by Merlin Entertainments Ltd to design and deliver the ultimate LEGO family hotel as an enchanted life-size LEGO themed castle for guests to stay in. A fully bespoke Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) cladding system supplied by AlterEgo Facades was developed by The Manser Practice for the façade and gives the impression that the hotel has been constructed of 25x scale LEGO bricks. This GRC system was created from tessellating panels formed off site in a predesigned mould which are worked to strict LEGO brick proportions and replicates a unique stonework texture.

Aluminium Wall Copings

Dales Fabrications Ltd - Aluminium Eaves Products

Dales have been producing aluminium wall copings to suit a wide variety of wall types to suit different building applications for over 30 years. Whilst standard systems are most often required, Dales can design copings on an individual project basis and are not restricted in size by particular extruded parts. Whilst secret fix systems are preferred by most specifiers, it is often the case that walls with increasingly substantial insulation require larger width copings and Dales can offer advice as to when a mechanically fixed coping will offer a more secure solution.

GRC Facades - Concrete Cladding brochure for GRC/GFRC, UHPC, Precast

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

GRC Cladding - A Concrete Cladding Brochure by AlterEgo Facades for GRC, UHPC and Precast providing architects with product, design & installation guidance. Durable, lightweight, and high-performance panels are available in a wide range of colours and surface finishes. Elements can be moulded to form standard profiles or almost any shape that is required by the project. Window returns, column and beam surrounds, project specific bespoke profiles can all be cast into individual cladding panel units. A1 non-combustible fire performance BREEAM A+ rated in the BRE Green Book. Very Lightweight Large panels Bespoke profiles

BS8298 – Code of Practice for the design and installation of natural stone cladding and lining

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

BS8298 – Code of Practice for the design and installation of natural stone cladding and lining – Part 4 Rainscreen and Stone on metal frame cladding systems The standard determines good practice guidance for natural stone cladding rainscreen design and installation including tolerances, performance and calculations applicable

Aluminium Solar Shades and Brise Soleil

Dales Fabrications Ltd - Aluminium Eaves Products

The Building Research Establishment suggests that installing external solar shading systems is one of the most cost effective and least adverse methods of reducing solar gain, and therefore emissions of carbon dioxide during building use*. Using aluminium solar shades is an excellent way of reducing solar gain whilst keeping maintenance to a minimum and research has shown that a well-designed solar shading system should pay for itself through the energy costs saved within 5 years**. * BRE Trust Report FB9: Summertime solar performance of windows with shading devices P J Littlefair ** Comfort without air conditioning in Refurbished Offices BRE Case study (BRECSU-2000)

Aluminium Gutters And Rainwater Pipe Systems

Dales Fabrications Ltd - Aluminium Eaves Products

Dales offer a wide range of standard sectional gutter profiles in standard polyester powder paint finishes in less than two weeks. The same profiles are available in the full range of anodised colours on our Colours and Finishes web page but these are on a longer delivery period. Dales operate a project management system with suitably qualified and experienced technicians. These project managers will provide a gutter system designed to suit your individual project requirements incorporating gutter and outlet and positioning advice in accordance with BS EN 12056-3 for a given design rate of rainfall. To use this service please contact a member of our project management team on tel: 0115 930 1521.

Aluminium Fascia Soffits & Complete Eaves Systems

Dales Fabrications Ltd - Aluminium Eaves Products

Dales are able to design and manufacture fascia, soffits and complete eaves systems to almost any shape, size or proportion including curved and elliptical designs. As part of our specification service preliminary drawings can be prepared which can be inserted directly into your own drawings. All systems are designed on an individual project basis and a 25 year guarantee may be available, subject to terms and conditions


James Latham

Sustainability is essential when considering external timber claddings, James Latham are proud of their continuous commitment to protecting the environment and ensuring that all of our cladding range is available with full certifi cation. Offering a wide range of profi les commonly used within this sector, we also have the ability to offer bespoke profi les to suit specifi c requirements

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