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abZ National Technical Approval - Sylomer & Sylodyn

Total Vibration Solutions Limited t/a TVS Group

Polyurethane materials obtain abZ certiication (national technical approval) Sylomer® and Sylodyn® from Getzner are used to provide vibration protection. In accordance with the Technical Building Rules of the Construction Products List published by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt - German Institute for Building Technology), they are not subject to any harmonised standards. The national technical approval (abZ) by the building inspectorate provides evidence of the suitability and fitness for purpose of a material with respect to construction requirements such as reliability, durability and quality. Product-specific properties of the materials, such as the vibration reduction, settlement behaviour and fire resistance, are subjected to tests.

Thermadek TDS

Isothane Ltd

Thermadek is an HFC &CFC Free two component, 1:1 ratio, rigid foam system which when processed through suitable spray machinery will produce a rigid foam of approximate density 40kg/m3 with exceptionally good compressive strength and a very smooth surface.

Technitherm TDS

Isothane Ltd

Technitherm is a totally CFC & HCFC FREE two component 1:1 mix ratio rigid polyurethane foam which complies with requirements of BS 7457:1994 for the stabilisation and thermal insulation of masonry cavity walls.

Duratherm TDS

Isothane Ltd

Duratherm OS is an HFC and CFC free two component 1:1 ratio, rigid foam system which when processed through suitable spray machinery will produce a rigid foam of approximate density 35kg/m3 with exceptionally good compressive strength.

Ryeflor TF

Ryebrook Resins Flooring Ltd

Resin Floor Coating - FeRFA Type 2: Ryeflor TF is a solvent free medium build coating based upon water based polyurethane technology which provides excellent resistances to abrasion, chemical attack and other physical aggression. Ryeflor TF is a low odour product and is suitable for use where curing odours could be problematic. Typical Areas of Use: Chemical Storage Areas, Warehouses, Toilets, Laboratories and Food Preparation Areas.

BioRid TDS

Tikkurila UK

BioRid is a water-based functional coating for eliminating moisture damage and keeping the surface dry. The mould protection is based on physical processes occurring in micropores. The coating temporarily accumulates condensed water into itself, and when the surface temperature is above dew point, the moisture evaporates into the air. Suitability BioRid is especially suitable for new and previously painted surfaces in conditions where protection of the paint film from mould contamination is required, such as cellars, parking garages, food industry facilities, warehouses, and cattle sheds. BioRid products cannot be used to repair moisture damage caused by inadequate ventilation or structural problems.

Multistop TDS

Tikkurila UK

Multistop is a water-based blocking primer for reducing the discolouration caused by the migration of wood oils, resin and tannin. Suitable as a primer and intermediate coat for both untreated and previously painted or varnished (with the exception of certain parquet lacquers), new or old wood surfaces in dry interior premises.

Joker TDS

Tikkurila UK

Matt high performance emulsion paint, zero smell ideal for hypoallergenic environments. Safe, Low-emission and Odour-free High Performance Matt Interior Emulsion Joker has been certified by the Allergy and Asthma Federation co-ID as M1 and holds the Nordic Swan and EU Eco flower ratings. Joker high performance emulsion has been granted the M1 approval by the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation and in addition holds the EU Flower and Nordic Ecolabel. Available in thousands of colours, Jokers durable matt finish is perfect for all interior projects.

Movement Ties

Wincro Metal Industries Ltd

At vertical movement joints, the use of plastic debonding sleeves on plain ended wall ties play a dual role. Masonry is allowed to expand or contract, while at the same time the tie restrains the masonry against lateral wind loads

Armour-Chem TDS

Isothane Ltd

Armour-Chem spray is a seamless membrane that can be handled and walked on one minute or less from the time it is sprayed.

Armour-Flex TDS

Isothane Ltd

Armour-flex is a flexible and durable polyurea system which can be used to provide a seamless, protective, waterproof coating over a variety of substrates

Pirthane 0 TDS

Isothane Ltd

Pirtahne 0 is an insulating system with excellent fire resistant properties. It complies with the requirements for a class 0 surface as defined in appendix A paragraph 12 of Approved Document B 'Fire Safety', to the Building Regulations 2010.



TECHNONICOLs range of Sprayfix primers and adhesives have been specially formulated to provide rapid, secure bonding of flat roof insulation boards and waterproofing membranes.



The TECHNOELAST range of high-performance roofing systems offers multi-layer waterproofing protection, exceptional fire performance and simple application, all supported by a comprehensive insurance-backed guarantee. With a choice of built-up systems, including torch-safe, torch-on and PU bonded options, there is a simple, cost-effective solution for all situations.

Luja 20 TDS

Tikkurila UK

High performance satin paint, anti mould, hygiene and food safe approved, scrubbable with strong detergents, hospital certified

Eternit Primer TDS

Tikkurila UK

Eternit Primer is a water dilutable primer for fibre cement roofs, especially suitable for rather old, very absorbent roof plates. The primer penetrates into the fibre cement plate and ensures good adhesion of the topcoat, applied subsequently.

Panssari Akva TDS

Tikkurila UK

Water-based, semi-matt, acrylic paint for use on cladding, sheet metal and other factory nished surfaces. Panssari Akva offers superb weather resistance, colour stability, lm exibility and an extremely durable nish which protects against attack from chemical and biological erosion. Due to its exibility and colour stability, Panssari Akva can be used in the harshest of environments. New or previously painted interior and exterior cladding, roof sheets, steel, UPVC, gutters drain pipes. Panssari Akva can be applied directly onto surfaces previously painted with alkyd or acrylic paints and factory coated steel sheets (PVC, PURAL, POLYESTER, PVDF, Plastisol).

Temaprime EE TDS

Tikkurila UK

Temaprime EE is used on surfaces where especially good anti-corrosive properties are required. Its recommended uses include both new and maintenance painting of containers, agricultural machinery and other steel structures. Temaprime EE adheres extremely well to different kinds of surfaces, such as steel, aluminium and zinc. Temaprime EE dries fast and is, therefore, quickly ready for overcoating.

Temafloor 150 TDS

Tikkurila UK

Temafloor 150 is a two-component solvent-free epoxy paint. Temafloor 150 is a epoxy paint with good hiding power. The product is recommeded for floors subject to moderate chemical and mechanical stress in industrial and storage facilities. For new and old concrete floors previously treated with epoxy paints. Available with 'flex hardener' for increased flexibility and reistance to cracking. Temafloor 150 is tintable paint and can be tint in many colours. The paint is used e.g. for concrete in ice arenas, garages, balconies and for other floors in industrial and storage facilities.

Otex Akva TDS

Tikkurila UK

Otex Akva is a quick-drying, high opacity adhesion primer for use on multiple surfaces. Once dry Otex Akva provides a solid foundation for subsequent coats of solvent and water-based trim products. Suitable for priming and undercoating both new and previously painted surfaces. Otex Akva adheres well to surfaces requiring special adhesion like glass, tiles, glass fiber, melamine, PVC-plastic, aluminium, zinc coated sheet metal and surfaces coated with alkyd and acid-curing paint. In addition Otex Akva is also suitable for wood, fibre board, chipboard.

Temadur 10 TDS

Tikkurila UK

Due to its anti-corrosion pigmentation, Temadur 10 can be used as a single-coat paint for steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces. The paint is also used as a primer or a matt topcoat in epoxy systems. Temadur 10 provides an almost unlimited range of colours, including metallic effects.

Showing 1-36 of 241