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Soft Panel - Brochure

Vtec Group

Our unique SOFT ACOUSTIC PANELS in SUEDE Finish are perfect for making a design statement whilst improving the acoustics of your space. Soft Panel is 25mm or 50mm thick providing NRC values of 0.7 (25mm) and 0.9 (50mm) to absorb unwanted sound. Made from 100% polyester fibres, it will not break down or release itchy fibres or fumes. It is a delight to handle and install. Soft Panel is light-weight and easy to handle so installation is fast and straightforward.

7800 Soft Release Roman Blind System

Goelst UK Ltd

The Goelst system 7800 roman blind is suitable for both lightweight (transparent) and medium-weight (lined) fabrics. Equipped as standard with 1:1 operation, system 7800 also offers a choice of chain colours and 2:1 geared operation. The unique feature with this system is the optional semi-automatic control. One short pull on the control chain will smoothly and effortlessly lower the curtain cover; this can be stopped at any desired position. User friendly fixing of the wind-up cones ensures easy cleaning and replacement of the curtain covers.

AMF TOPIQ® Soft Fibre Ceiling Tiles

Knauf AMF Ceilings Ltd

AMF TOPIQ® premium efficiency Fleece laminated mineral wool tiles, colour coated on both faces and all edges, are the basis for our soft fibre board AMF TOPIQ®. The products are characterised by their light weight, ease of handling, durability and excellent sound absorption performance.

Soft Panel - Fabric Acoustic Panels - Data Sheet

Vtec Group

Our unique SOFT PANEL is perfect for making a design statement whilst improving the acoustics of your room. Made from luxurious suede fabric, Soft Panel is available in 32 standard colours and bespoke designs /fabrics are also possible. The panels are also lightweight, meaning they are easy to handle and install. View full product details and technical information.

Showing 1-6 of 6