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Filmstaden Cinema

Amtico International

Filmstaden Scandinavia is the most advanced and spectacular cinema in the whole of Scandinavia, comprising 15 theatres, 1860 seats and a restaurant. The complex also features an IMAX theatre with unique audio and visual facilities and a huge curved screen: 22 metres wide and 11 metres high. Dark Walnut, from the Amtico Signature collection, is used throughout the corridors and in the lounge area where you can sit in comfortable sofas and armchairs before the movie begins. The dark tones in the wooden window give the rooms a warm and comfortable feel, but also emphasize the classic style of the cinema.

Cork, Soft Panels & Arctic Moss - Biophilic Office Design

Vtec Group

A young interior design company updated their offices, using a striking combination of colours and textures. The Boardroom, dressed in warm, earthy tones includes Vtec Raw Bark Panels, which introduce natural and highly textural detail, improve space acoustics and create a stunning contrast with the wooden panel, finished in rich Burgundy. The Pool Playing area features a striking layered texture wall, finished in hues of vibrant blues and includes coloured Cork, Soft Panels and Arctic Moss in Blue 02 and Marine 03.

Barrisol Light® - Victoria & Albert museum - United Kingdom


Simple design and soft light… The Victoria & Albert museum of London, famous for Art and Design, has recently renewed its art gallery and its coffee shop. The challenge of Gareth Hoskins' architects was to bring natural light into this space without damaging the exposed works, drawing 400 years of history. Thus, the architect imagined and created lighting paths and wells of light using Barrisol Lumière® ceiling. Today, the place benefits from a soft and pleasant light. A Barrisol® matt stretched ceiling offers a simple and minimalistic design on the remaining surface.

Woodside School, Grendon

Bristan Group

Woodside Church of England Primary School is located just a couple of miles from Bristan’s head office in Dordon. Bristan suggested the school replace the existing fittings with its Z2 ½ C Taps. Part of Bristan’s soft touch tap range, the fittings feature an automatic shut off valve. The WRAS-approved taps also have a built-in flow regulator to reduce water usage. By changing the free flow taps at Woodside School to Bristan’s soft touch timed flow taps, they expect to make significant water savings, which will be reflected in much smaller utility bills.

Dordrechts Museum, Holland

Silent Gliss Ltd

The Dordrechts museum showcases gallery the prints of mainly Dutch painters and craftsmanship from the 17th century to today. A soft and filtered light was necessary which was achieved by combining specific lighting with Silent Gliss roller blinds systems.

Playground Surfaces

Evergreens UK Ltd - LazyLawn®-EverRoof™

Our range play area surfaces are ideally suited to replace current turf areas that get muddy during the winter and dusty during the summer, with the benefits of providing a clean, safe, soft area for children of all ages to play year round.

Playground Surfaces

Evergreens UK Ltd - LazyLawn®-EverRoof™

Our range play area surfaces are ideally suited to replace current turf areas that get muddy during the winter and dusty during the summer, with the benefits of providing a clean, safe, soft area for children of all ages to play year round.

Home lawns

Evergreens UK Ltd - LazyLawn®-EverRoof™

Our range of surfaces are made from the highest quality yarns, combining polyethylene yarn for the green uprights and polypropylene for the thatch beige root area. This combination gives a soft feel to the touch and ensures high resilience to foot traffic, so that your lawn looks good for years to come.

Home lawns

Evergreens UK Ltd - LazyLawn®-EverRoof™

Our range of surfaces are made from the highest quality yarns, combining polyethylene yarn for the green uprights and polypropylene for the thatch beige root area. This combination gives a soft feel to the touch and ensures high resilience to foot traffic, so that your lawn looks good for years to come.

Home lawns

Evergreens UK Ltd - LazyLawn®-EverRoof™

Our range of surfaces are made from the highest quality yarns, combining polyethylene yarn for the green uprights and polypropylene for the thatch beige root area. This combination gives a soft feel to the touch and ensures high resilience to foot traffic, so that your lawn looks good for years to come.

Kings Cross R7

Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings Ltd

Finishes: Interpon D2525 Etna YW107I and Pink Metallic Y2200I Parts coated: Cladding and railings ''The finish is a high-quality, durable powder coating with a long life. It was selected with a metallic finish to form a protective layer, creating a lasting, soft sheen. This sheen offers a dynamic play of light on adjacent surfaces that will vary with changing light conditions throughout the day and across the different seasons of the year.'' Joe Morris, founding director, Duggan Morris

Atelier Chen Hung's Perfect Palette

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods

It’s hard to imagine a timber better suited to a palette of concrete and pale pink terrazzo than GoodWood Victorian ash. This winning combination is found throughout the space, drawing on clean lines and simplistic furniture to complete the brief. “The main reason we used Victorian ash is because it is a light coloured Australian timber that met the BAL-19 bushfire attack level requirement for the site. Its softness and warmth works beautifully with the project palette” - Atelier Chen Hung.

Backlit Whiteboard – ThinkingWall Whiteboard

Logovisual Ltd

We were asked by Primeast, performance improvement specialists based in Harrogate, if as part of an order for our ThinkingWall frameless whiteboard if LED lighting could be included to create a backlit whiteboard. The requirement was for a soft glow of light to wash the wall behind the ThinkingWall to highlight it as a focal point within the meeting room it was due to be fitted. After putting thought to the best possible solution we concluded that the space created behind the whiteboard panels by the floating frame would be the ideal place to position a lighting system.

Istoria Bespoke Pale Oak Parquet by Pam Properties

Jordan Andrews Ltd

This is the Istoria Bespoke Pale Oak in engineered wood flooring in both herringbone parquet and in standard plank. The tones of the white, beige and soft grey decor really compliment the subtle light oak colour of the wood floor which has been made on a prime grade board meaning it has very minor knots and gives it a very clean look and feel. The combination of the light colours and the clean grade of flooring gives the room a real sense of space in this modern home.

Serenity Wave Acoustic Panels

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition Specialist

Lower Sound and Raise Your Style with Flowing Wave Tiles. Our Serenity Wave acoustic tiles provide high noise absorption for areas such as high-tech offices, airports, schools, entrance areas, music or television studi-os and retail stores. Serenity Wave’s acoustic tiles comprise of high-performance acoustic fire-rated foam, which is upholstered with a multitude of, soft, soothing colour acoustic fabrics. The fabric is covered on the face and edges and returns approx. 2 inches to the back.

65 London Wall

Washroom Washroom Ltd

We’ve given a Victorian office building a modern makeover by replacing the existing washrooms with a modern new design. Our flush fronted Alto toilet cubicles, which are designed to provide a virtually seamless façade, were finished with an attractive dark wood effect Engineered Veneer to ensure a consistency of colour for each cubicle door. Laminated duct panels were installed behind the toilets and urinals in a soft grey colour and we also designed bespoke white Corian vanity units.

Charred Accoya® selected for private residence in Bellport, New York


reSAWN used Accoya because of its extreme durability, exterior weathering capabilities, FSC® certification, exterior warranty, & the hardness of Accoya. Charred using the ancient Japanese technique of shou sugi ban, MATSU is finished without brushing off the soft charcoal layer. This layer is a sacrificial wear layer that will flake slowly (as is expected for any natural building product) over time to reveal a blackened effect underneath with variations in colour, grey to brown tones – perfect for this heavily wooden landscape.

Structural Accoya® at Fagelcats


Accoya Structural was used for columns, decking and window frames throughout FagelCats. Architect Liesbeth Janson commented: “Accoya gives FagelCats a soft and natural appearance, which is intended to encourage a sense of calm and peacefulness amongst the chaos of the busy Amsterdam city and this superior quality made the wood specification an easy decision. Importantly, though, Accoya’s strength, durability and low-maintenance requirements were also key, as were its incredible sustainability credentials and its Cradle to Cradle Gold level certification.”

IronAsh and recycled brick, a match made in heaven.

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods

“Having considered both performance and materiality factors, The Winton was designed with a green conscience. Reclaimed bricks provided such an interesting personality to the build, so it was important that the soft character of a natural timber species delivered the contrasting features” - Orbis Construction. Due to Victorian ash’s natural blonde tones, IronAsh has the flexibility to grey off or to be stained to meet any design needs. IronAsh is the combination of GoodWood Victorian ash and unique water-based additives to give a H3 treated exterior timber.

Polyflor Bloc flooring makes a statement in architects’ studio

Polyflor Ltd

Polyflor commercial vinyl flooring from the Bloc collection was recently chosen to add a splash of colour to Rivington Street Studio architectural practice in London. Rivington Street Studio specialises in architectural and landscaping projects for the education, housing, leisure, commercial and public sectors. The Soft Moss shade from the Bloc range adds earthiness and warmth to the otherwise minimalistic interior. The green shade was fitted by local contractors Abbotts Flooring throughout the open plan office, meeting rooms and the communal kitchen.

Noise Free Housing for Happy Living

Troldtekt A/S

Good acoustics, like high quality thermal insulation, is one of the most important considerations for house builders and architects. This is because of high density living and, in particular, the popularity of sold floors. For example, one of the latest trends are concrete floors. The problem is further exacerbated by the desire for large areas of glass and the absence of soft furnishings, such as curtains and carpets. The result of all this is that absorption of sound is difficult creating an unpleasant environment. One solution is to line the ceilings with cost effective and high performance Troldtekt acoustic panels.

Arlo & Jacobs

Karndean Designflooring

Arlo & Jacob is a contemporary furniture brand steeped in a history of British craftsmanship. When the team at Path Design were designing the new Bristol showroom, it was important that the flooring complemented the bright modern feel of the store and reflected the innovative nature and premium quality of Arlo & Jacob’s soft furnishings. For a retail setting that needs to stand up to a high number of visitors each week, Karndean Designflooring was the preferred choice, bringing both authentic style and a hard-wearing surface that is easy to maintain and will look great for years to come.

Improved Sound Absorption and Insulation

Lignacite Ltd

Lignacite have established a reputation for their extensive range of high quality commodity and architectural facing masonry blocks capable of improving acoustic, sound absorption and sound insulation values. Sound absorption is an extremely effective method of lessening the echo and noise within a space, room or building. Products designed to absorb sound are normally made from soft materials which act to soak up noise as it hits the surface. However certain blocks manufactured by Lignacite perform considerably better than would be expected for a denser material.

Carmelite Monastery, Liverpool

Wienerberger Ltd

For the construction of the Carmelite Monastery in Liverpool, the architects Austin-Smith Lord chose Wienerberger’s Con Mosso brick, due to its soft and textured appearance, which makes it equally suitable for internal as well as external use. On the façade, the appearance subtly changes according to the time of day and weather conditions; the changing shape of the shadows deliberately exudes a sense of calmness and tranquillity. This unique architectural design has captured the imagination of architects across the country indeed as much that it was awarded the Architect’s Choice award at the 2013 Brick Development Awards (BDA).

Hotel Urbano, Bogota

Genesis Global Systems Limited

The Hyatt hotel chain set itself the goal of building a new hotel in the vicinity of the Corferias Convention Centre in Bogotá. One key decisions in the project was the selection of a system for the control of dirt, dust and moisture entering the building, to ensure maximum care of floor coverings. The Genesis Trakmat® system. With it’s aluminium profiling system with PVC links, which makes it 100% roll-up, would guarantee its easy manoeuvrability and ease of maintenance, as well as maximum softness to the contact of the shoes and a minimum noise emission when passing guests.


Troldtekt A/S

The National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) in Staffordshire is winner of the Large Visitor Attraction category in the Visit England Awards for Excellence 2018. Designed by Glenn Howells Architects (GHA), this stunning building is the UK’s year-round centre of Remembrance - a spiritually uplifting place which honours the fallen, recognises service and sacrifice and fosters pride in the UK. The building engages materially with its environment and harnesses a soft material concept of larch timber and natural stone. Internally this is complemented by the installation of 1000sqm of Troldtekt wood wool acoustic ceiling panels.

Modular skylights improving office and warehouse conditions using natural light

VELUX Commercial

The VELUX Modular Skylight system was installed as part of a new combined office and warehousing space for third generation fabric design company, ROMO Fabrics. The use of natural light proved essential to the project and so 348 modules of the VELUX Modular Skylight system were specified and installed across the building. This included a VELUX Ridgelight solution to accentuate the entrances of the atrium and offer a glimpse of the internal space, as well as a VELUX Northlight solution within the office and design studios to provide soft, reflective lighting and a natural feel to the workspace.

Met Office, Exeter Science Park

Marshalls plc

The Met Office’s new state of the art building in Exeter Science Park features a large IT hall, along with a striking two-story ‘collaboration’ building, which will be a home for world-class research into climate change. In order to create a contemporary design which blended in with the natural landscape, Marshalls’ assisted the landscape design team in selecting the Prospero, Thalassa and Tritanial granites due to their complimentary tones and textures which matched the contemporary architectural design which juxtaposed with seminaturalised areas of sweeping soft landscaping and semi-mature native tree planting.

An Office Installation using Rawson's Fanfare Nylon Carpet Tile in 2 distinct colours for Key Assets Birmingham

Rawson Carpet Solutions Ltd

The result is a covering which meets the planned aesthetic and offers a soft, quiet and comfortable surface. Rawson Carpet Solutions have been supplying the office and Education sectors for over 50 years. As the markets have evolved. so too has the product range and customer support. Fanfare is a range that can be laid tessellated or broadloom, the result is a tile which offers the aesthetics of a seamless, monolithic floor. The sinuous look complements the space and offers great durability with castor chair resistance. It's solution dyed nylon construction offers great cleaning results.

The Hong Kong Ballet

Harlequin Floors (British Harlequin plc)

At The Hong Kong Ballet, one of Asia’s premier ballet companies, they choose a Harlequin LibertyTM sprung floor with Harlequin Reversible vinyl surface. “We use Harlequin to give our dancers one of the most important foundations required to create a good performance - confidence. Whether in soft or pointe shoes, our dancers can focus on their performance knowing that the floor is reliable and has just the right amount of spring. A quality floor is the basis on which creativity and excellence in ballet begins.” Madeleine Onne Artistic Director The Hong Kong Ballet

Morgan Stanley Building, Great Ormond Street Hospital - London

Johnstone's Trade Paints - a brand of PPG Industries

The Morgan Stanley Building at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital benefitted from the high performance and durability qualities of leading paint manufacturer Johnstone’s Acrylic Durable Matt paint. The building’s hallways, stairwells, staff rooms and main cafe was painted to provide the perfect solution for combating the high levels of traffic that a hospital has to contend with. The reception area, parent sitting room and play areas, were given a splash of colour in the form of bright blues and greens, while calming colours such as soft yellows and muted duck eggs were used in the quiet zones.

Bespoke Architectural Lighting for Coffered Slabs. Glen House, London.

299 Lighting

Situated at the heart of Hammersmith Town Centre in West London, the recently refurbished late 70’s building Glen House offers approximately 32,000 sq ft of high spec CAT A office space with a few perks like bike parking, showers and roof terrace. The clean lines of RIO Suspended enhance the exposed coffered slabs, adding bold visual feature and texture to the space. The bespoke ceiling lights are side-lit using a double satin diffuser, emitting soft comfortable light. 299 also supplied lighting for corridors and bathrooms.

Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates

Brintons Carpets Ltd

As part of an expansion project to extend the airport with a third terminal, Brintons supplied bespoke carpet for the luxurious Emirates First Class Duty Free Lounge. The airport chose a design from Brintons’ Skulduggery HD Weave Collection to capture the simplicity and elegance of the airport’s interiors through a modernistic combination of geometric yet sophisticated patterns. To perfectly encompass the modern and sleek interior style of the airport’s newest terminal, the bold Skulduggery design was created using a palette of soft greys and browns to mirror the matching surrounding marble interiors of the Duty Free Lounge.

Office Lighting for a CAT B Office Fitout.

299 Lighting

The successful travel search site and app Skyscanner is used by 80 million people every month. Available in 30 languages, Skyscanner allows for instant comparisons for flights, car hire and hotels, worldwide. In the open plan office, the Tonge Suspended was used as the main office lighting. Combined with the custom joinery detail and green plants, the matte black luminaires with soft curved edge add a strong visual interest to the space. In the auditorium, the disk shaped Talla Suspended were used. The minimalist design of the Talla works well in spaces with exposed ceilings.

Stabilisatioin - Abweb and Abgrid, Quarry Bank Mill, Styal, Chshire, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

Quarry Bank is an old cotton mill in Cheshire, now operated by the National Trust it attracts large numbers of visitors daily. A permeable run off was required to allow the car park to be used without issue all year around as there had been problems with saturation previously. A solution was required without having to replace the first lift of soil that was already down. To stabilise the soft spots, Abweb back filled with the existing cappings meant further excavation was not required. Abgrid and Trigrid enabled the target CBR to be met with 30% less sub base needed.

Economic seating - new sports centre, Essex University

Furnitubes International Ltd

The new sports centre in Colchester provides top class facilities for both high level performance athletes as well as recreational users from the university. Aggregate-filled gabion mesh baskets define the borders between the soft and hard landscape areas to protect the planting and to also provide informal seating walls. Gabions themselves can be uncomfortable to sit on, but with the addition of Furnitubes’ Lapa benches they provide an economic seating solution used to provide short term perch seating for people meeting before using the sports centre facilities, or a place to briefly rest afterwards.

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