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CV Pumping

Anhydritec Ltd

A faster drying screed required over Lewis metal decking system on a first floor. Gyvlon FD, the screed is compatible with the Lewis system and gave the client the re assurance that the 6 week deadline would comfortably be achieved. Floor was dry for floor coverings after 28 days.

Historical Artefacts Halt Pumping Station Installation


The T-T Pumping Station installation team were in for an eventful day when they went to install a Mercury Package Pumping Stations at St Marys Church in Nantwich. As they dug a hole for the pumping station they unveiled some concealed artefacts that needed to be investigated! The job was stopped and archaeologists were called in to investigate the objects, unfortunately no hidden gems were found! However our pumping station did make it down the aisle! The pumping station is now installed and is to facilitate the growing number of visitors to the church.

Pumps supplied to UK's Largest Turf Grower


One of the UK's largest Turf Growers with over a 2000 acre farm, recently contacted T-T to assist in the supply of bespoke pumping equipment. T-T were contracted to design a control panel to operate two contractors' KRS 2-69 pumps, via a generator as the pumps were to be situated in a remote area. Being installed into an existing concrete chamber, the pumps also had a requirement to be duty assist in order to deal with heavy rainfall. From the initial concept through to completion, the project ran smoothly and was completed in good time.

A developer’s perspective on the Aerona³ heat pump

Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd

Based in Newbury, Berkshire, Howard Porter founded Polgate Ltd some 35 years ago. Formerly a Chartered Surveyor, he saw the opportunity to start his own company and has never looked back, developing mainly new build residential and commercial properties within around 25 miles of Newbury. Here we speak to Howard to gain his point of view on the Grant Aerona³ heat pump.

T-T Project's supply 11 pumping stations


The pumping stations consisted of one concrete chamber, with a selection of Planet Range Package Pumping Stations and Weolite chambers. Nine of the stations are providing a first time pumped sewage system on the site and two are for pumping process water. Ten of the pumping stations are going to be constantly monitored by our Text-Tel Alarm Units once thay have been commissioned.

Farmhouse with ground source heat pump and ThermaSkirt

Discrete Heat

“We decided early on to go with a Ground Source heat pump as we have plenty of land to lay the heat collector pipes, and as we were insulating to the latest standards, and having tiled floors, we opted to go underfloor heating downstairs. However, we were advised against UFH upstairs as we liked wood or carpet in the bedrooms”. For a while it seemed that oversized or fan assisted radiators to adequately heat the rooms at the lower flow temperature of a heat pump were Simons’ only options. But Simon was not a big fan of radiators,

Package Pumping Station Provided to Three Snowhill, Birmingham


Three Snowhill has been described as the gateway to Birmingham’s business district and has been compared to London’s Canary Wharf. This regeneration project was originally set out to attract new enterprise and support the growth of existing small businesses. As the second largest city in the United Kingdom, Birmingham needs to ensure it is accommodating advancements in business and new ways of working. For this new development T-T has selected, installed and commissioned pumping equipment for foul pumping stations, provided rainwater pumps and firefighting sump pumps.

T-T Supply Pumping Station to Beaumanor Hall


When Leicestershire City Council noticed the walls of their newly installed underground pumping station were distorting and losing its shape, you can appreciate their concern. Leicestershire City Council were determined to find a supplier who manufactured, supplied and ensure high-quality products. This is why they chose T-T Pumps to replace their current pumping station which was not fit for purpose.

United Utilities Adoptable Pumping Station Installed for Bovis Homes


T-T Pumping Stations are experts in providing adoptable pumping stations to all Water Authority requirements and to Sewers for Adoption standards. We have recently supplied a Bovis Homes development with a United Utilities, 7th Edition Sewers for Adoption Type 3 Pumping Station. The sewage pumping station was installed to service the 245 house Bovis Homes development, located in Haslington, Cheshire.

XL Pumping Station Supplied to Todmorden High School


T-T were contacted to provide a quote for a packaged pumping station, to take foul flows from an extension of Todmorden High School, West Yorkshire. There was a requirement for a suitable chamber capable of storing 12 hours of foul, equating to 12,500 litres. Ordinarily, pumping stations are sized for 24-hour emergency storage, however, on this occasion, an agreement between T-T’s clients and the council was reached to reduce the emergency storage to 12 hours. This was due to the occupancy of the building not being for a 24 hour period.

Planet Range Package Pumping Station Supplied to Stoke City FC


T-T has been chosen as a supplier to Stoke City FC for their new development. A Saturn pumping station from our Planet range of package pumping stations was selected to facilitate the drainage with a flow rate of 2.84l/s. Stoke City FC were concerned about septicity of the station due to seasonal use, however with our guidance and advanced control equipment this issue was resolved with advice on when to flush and supplied with a fully automatic control panel which will run the pumps for 1-2 seconds per week to avoid the pumps seizing.

Pumping Station Upgrade Reduces Flood Risk on Birmingham Route


Commuters using a major road into Birmingham City Centre can take comfort that the route, previously prone to flooding, will be less likely to be affected in periods of heavy rain, thanks to new technology installed by T-T. The Birchfield underpass, which carries the A34 under Perry Barr, was the site of a major flooding incident in 2014 that saw motorists stuck in rush hour traffic jams following a pump power failure. T-T installed a range of contractors pumps that were suitable for the application and could handle the heavy flows during heavy rain.

T-T Supply Pumping Station to Bargeddie Recycling Hub


The Bargeddie Recycling Hub is undergoing a development to become a fully enclosed residual Materials Recycling Facility. This facility collates, mechanically treats and stores waste for onward thermal treatment. In addition to this, an office and visitor hub has been built, to provide welfare for staff as well as provide space for visitors to learn about the site and Scotland’s wider waste management priorities. The hub required a pumping station that could cope with the size of the plant, situated under a heavily trafficked road. T-T selected a 2.5m Jupiter Pumping Station, from their BBA approved Range.

Tesco Express Store - Shaw, (near Rochdale).

Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Products: Flexi Access – Bespoke access platforms. Services: Existing condensers. Roof build-up: Existing warm roof design (bituminous felt) – Overlaid with a liquid applied plastic waterproofing layer. An operational Tesco Express store, in the heart of the Shaw community, that had existing high level rooftop condensers requiring annual maintenance. Pump House supplied a safe access solution around two existing high level condensers. Pump House carried out a site survey and provided full working AutoCAD drawings for approval. The access solution was manufactured in smaller modules which facilitated easier lifting and fitting. Pump House attended site on the day of installation.

Retail Store, Banbury.

Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Products: Flexi heavy & Flexi access– Heavy Duty Frames & QUAD’s. Services: Plantroom, Generator, Air-handling units and bespoke access solutions. Roof build-up: Warm roof design – Mastic Asphalt. Pump House designed individual frameworks for each item of plant, paying particular attention to correct load management through our frameworks down to the roof finish. Pump House met the contractor on-site during the assembly of frameworks to ensure a trouble free installation. We also prepared ahead of the installation AutoCAD drawings depicting the correct support of each unit, as well as pressure and roof loading calculations.

Richmond Education and Enterprise Campus - Twickenham

Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Products: Flexi light – flexi frames. Flexi heavy – flexi modular frames & QUAD frames. Application: Air-handling units & Chillers. Roof build-up: Inverted roof design – (upside down roof). Pump House recently supplied a number of their flat roof plant support frames to the REEC School development in Twickenham. The mechanical contractor on the project, chose Flexi Support Systems to support their rooftop air-handling units and packaged chillers. All flexi frames are fully adjustable, due to their M24 adjustable leg assemblies supplied as standard. Pump House carry out full load management reviews of all services being supported on their frameworks.

T-T Supply Pump Equipment to Tottenham Court Road Station Updade


Tottenham Court Station has undertaken a major £500m transformation to accommodate the expected rise in the number of passengers that pass through the station each day when the new Elizabeth Line opens. T-T were selected to supply and install control systems, pumps and valves.

New Facebook Data Centre. Ireland

Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Products: Flexi heavy – Modular Frameworks & Flexi Access – Bespoke access platforms. Services: Air-handling units & associated access requirements. Roof build-up: Warm roof design – PIR/PUR insulation with PVC/TPO field membrane. Pump House were proud to have been chosen as the preferred supplier of building services support systems to the project, with support frames required to fourteen rooftop air-handling units. Each framework was also accompanied by a bespoke access platform to one longitudinal side of the air-handling units for maintenance purposes.

Retail Store - Staines Upon Thames

Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Products: Flexi access. Services: Bespoke access ramp solution. Roof build-up: Warm roof design / TPO/PVC membrane. Pump House recently supplied an external rooftop access ramp solution for a proposed route out of a building down onto the flat roof. The solution was fully adjustable against typical flat roof falls, and did not penetrate the waterproofing below. Steelwork was hot dip galvanised whilst landings were a non-slip 8mm thick GRP sheet to provide great slip resistance. Supplied with full handrail and kick plates to all exposed sides, to ensure safe passage of pedestrians and cargo.

University of Wales – Trinity St David’s, Swansea.

Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Products: Flexi light – flexi frames. Flexi heavy – flexi modular frames. Application: Smaller Air-handling units. Roof build-up: Inverted roof design. Pump House supplied a number of their flat roof plant support frames to the University of Wales new SA1 development, Trinity St. David’s in Swansea. The mechanical contractor chose Flexi Support Systems to support a number of air-handling units, where our flexi light and heavy duty modular frames were required. The flexible nature of our systems combined with even load distribution through our non-penetrative feet, provides the simplest and most cost effective method of support.

ARM (The Global Technology Company) Peterhouse Technology Park. Cambridge.

Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Products: Flexi heavy – Modular Frameworks Services: Air-handling units. Roof build-up: Warm roof design – PIR/PUR insulation with bituminous felt membrane. The air-handling unit support frames were supplied via a wholesaler in Hampshire to the building services engineers working on site. There were four large air-handling units to support in total, all circa 6000kg in weight each. All our frameworks were designed to manage the imposed loads of the AHU sections being supported, to ensure uniform load distribution through the frame feet was achieved.

Indigo Hotel, Queens Street. Cardiff.

Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Products: Flexi light – Flexi Base & Extender frames, Flexi heavy – Ahu Frameworks, Flexi everyday – Duct, pipe and electrical containment. Services: VRF Condensers & Air handling units. Roof build-up: Warm roof design – PIR/PUR insulation with PVC/TPO field membrane. Supplied via a wholesaler in Cardiff, our hot dip galvanised frameworks were supplied in lengths and widths to suit each unit being supported. With all products available from stock, the contractor ordered frameworks in stages, to suit the phased project programme, and eliminated having to find space within an already restricted working environment for everything to be delivered at once.

Bitterne Park School, Southampton.

Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Products: Flexi Everyday – H Frame Kits and Flexi-Feet, Flexi Light – Base & Extender frames, Flexi heavy – Modular Frameworks & Custom Frame Services: Cable trays, Ducts, A/C Splits & Air-handling units. Roof build-up: Warm roof design – PIR/PUR insulation with PVC/TPO field membrane. An assortment of products was required to support various services such as cable trays, ductwork, condensers and air-handling units. In addition, due to one of the air-handling units being extremely wider than usual, we also had to manufacture a bespoke custom framework for this item.

Retail Store, Sheffield.

Flexi Support Systems from Pump House

Products: Flexi light, Flexi heavy & Flexi access. Services: Plantroom, Generator, Air-handling units, VRF condensers and bespoke access solutions. Roof build-up: Inverted roof design. The mechanical services contractor on the project, had a number of different heavy building services that required supporting. This included a 6000kg plantroom, 6000kg generator, two 4500kg air-handling units and a 1150kg air-handling unit. Utilising our Flexi-Heavy Duty range of supports, we designed and calculated individual frameworks for each item of plant, paying particular attention to ensuring that the correct load management through our frames.

The Shard

Anhydritec Ltd

The Challenge was To pump screed 47 floors up in a ‘single pump’ operation. And to lay 1800m2 a day for the Shangri La Hotel section of The Shard. 40mm Gyvlon SKY on a resilient layer to part E, pumped internally in the building to allow the glass cladding and other operations to continue. Single pump operation at 14m3 per hour up 200 metres

Apartment Scheme for Barratt Homes, London


This project consisted of a 26 story block of apartments which all required a resilient acoustic membrane and a screed which could be guaranteed to achieve a minimum of 80kg/m2. This was in order to ensure that the scheme met the relevant building regulations with regard to sound transmission. The screed also needed to be manufactured off site and be delivered and installed so as to cause as little disruption to the surrounding environment as possible. Gypsol Summit exhibits the right density and can also be pumped to high level using a single pump saving cost and time

The Biggest Hydropower Stored Plant in Europe Trusts MSA for its Fall Protection

Latchways plc - an MSA Brand

750 metres deep inside a Welsh mountain lies the biggest stored power plant in Europe. With its remote location and harsh operating environment, Engie First Hydro contacted the Latchways team at MSA Safety to provide the complete solution for all its operational and maintenance fall protection needs. 7 million cubic meters of water are pumped through the giant turbines to generate power and then reversed as pumps to return the water to the reservoir. This tough working environment presents unique safety challenges for the electrical & mechanical operational and maintenance teams when working at height.

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