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Irrigation of Intensive Green Roof Systems

Alumasc Roofing

The total absence of or the provision of inadequate irrigation systems is one of the commonest reasons for planting failures on green roofs, or within planters. Here we take a quick look at some of the pressures and solutions for providing much-needed irrigation to our green spaces, but with an emphasis on green roofs.

Green roof on Starbucks cafe

Wallbarn Ltd

This project involved a brand new Starbucks drive-thru being built in West London where the customer wanted the overlooked rooftop to be green. The customer was able to give the basic dimensions to our team and describe how they wanted the roof laid out. We then calculated the exact quantity of units needed with our inhouse software and gave delivery and installation guidance to the contractor and end client. Wallbarn also supplied the materials for the semi-extensive border including geotextile fleece, drainage board and our specially-developed substrate for a comprehensive green roof solution,

an M-Tray® Green Roof reaching the parts other green roofs cannot reach

Wallbarn Ltd

This project had incredibly restricted access, where the client wanted a green roof on an existing bitumen rooftop overlooked by hotel rooms. The M-Trays® had to be transported on a trolley through the hotel kitchens. They were winched onto the roof itself using a genie lift and slotted into position in a matter of hours. Trying to construct a roll-out green roof was impossible, given the restricted access. Installation was fast and effective, taking only a day and giving an instant green roof. M-Tray® dramatically improved the view from the rooms and improved the guests’ experience.

Maintaining your green roof using temporary irrigation

Alumasc Roofing

One of the most common causes of green roofs under performing is insufficient application of irrigation immediately after the plants have been installed. With the UK’s variable weather conditions we can experience long periods of unseasonably dry weather when normal levels of rainfall cannot be relied upon to provide sufficient moisture for the plants to establish into the growing medium.

Domestic retro-fit green roof - Sydenham

Wallbarn Ltd

The client desired a green roof at the back of this beautiful family home. Access was very restricted. The speed and ease of transporting and installing our modular trays meant minimum disruption for the homeowner. Trays were delivered to site on pallets and handballed to the roof. The modules were laid down onto a geotextile fabric. Pebbles were then laid around the perimeter between the trays and any outlets to provide the required firebreak. Vegetation blended quickly creating a seamless green roof and, looking out from the upper floors, a sense of continuity from the house across the garden.

Decking Pedestals & Green Roof System - Kensington

Wallbarn Ltd

A good example of the before and after effects of laying a sedum roof garden and accompanying deck and paved area onto a small domestic roof terrace. All these products are designed to sit on top of the waterproof membrane (in this case single ply) there was no issue of damage to the roof. The support pads lifted the decking off the roof, eliminating the risk of the timber piercing the membrane, and drainage was maintained through the roof surface since the green roof system has a cavity beneath its own reservoir and drainage layer to allow water run-off.

Eco green roof supplied to primary school

Bailey - Total Building Envelope

The new Bolnore Village Primary School, designed by Re-format, was selected as the overall winner of the 2012 Mid Sussex Design Awards. The school is the UK’s first and only parent-promoted and self-governing primary school in the country. Bailey supplied an extensive Eco-Roof green roof together with Bailey Atlantic sustainable waterproofing layer,creating a roof which is both environmentally responsible and beneficial. The school is surrounded by ancient woodland; therefore Bailey Eco-Roof was the perfect solution, helping the building blend in with the surroundings, camouflaging from above and appearing attractive rather than unsightly

Blue Roof, Green Extensive, Huddersfield University, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

The design in this project was to have a Green Roof and warm roof system The aim was to place standard green roofs which retains water but allows most of the rainfall to run into buried SuDS tanks. Following consultation with ABG the design was changed to the ABG Blueroof system. The primary advantage of the system is that utilising the roof construction for water storage reduced the need for underground attenuation tanks. The simplicity of the design allowed for attenuation capacity and green roof installation at the same time saving the client time and money.

Sedum Green Roof Case Study

Topseal Systems Ltd

Stow House is a boutique bed and breakfast set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. They had the Topseal waterproofing roofing system installed and a sedum roof to finish the new extension.

Green Roof, Biodiverse, Regent Street, Piccadilly, London, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

The Green Roofs Consultancy report looked to the provision of Green Bio diverse roof to address the need to encourage additional species. The ABG Green Bio diverse Roof System includes a mixture of plug planted sedum, cuttings and seeded annual and perennial wildflowers. ABG Roofdrain was used as a reservoir and drainage base layer to optimise water retention and prevent ponding. Special provisions were made to create hibernicula for local endangered species. The roof will benefit the building by providing additional insulation and reducing noise pollution.The roofs substrate filters out dust and pollutants helping improve the environment nearby

Green Roof, Extensive, Alder Hey Childrens Hospital, Liverpool, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

The challenge was to incorporate a green roof finish both flat and curved to the roof areas. The roof pitch being as steep as 45 degrees in places, a pitch not conducive with a green roof system. ABG used their expertise in green roof and slope stabilisation to make the curved green roof possible. The system incorporated a series of anchor points, reinforcement geogrid (Trigrid), and geocellular technology (Erosaweb) to retain growing medium on each roof. The GReen ROof system incorporates a SMART rain sensor and automated irrigation pipe system with each finger haveving its own dedicated mains operated tank

Instant Green Roof - Wimbledon - Care Home - M-Tray®

Wallbarn Ltd

The client contacted us in urgent need of a green roof solution before a project handover. Green roof was part of the planning application. Pre-grown panels with patented design were delivered on pallets and lifted to the roof via forklift. The ingenious connecting system means each module clicks to its neighbour tightly and securely so once installed, the sedum has a seamless appearance. The plants are a mixture of sedum species ideal for the UK climate. They are well rooted into Wallbarn's bespoke substrate and fully mature. 250 sqm of green roof was installed in 1 day.

M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - The May Fair Hotel

Wallbarn Ltd

Mayfair, London Our modular green roof solution, the M-Tray®, has transformed what was previously a fairly unsightly bitumen rooftop at a Mayfair hotel into a beautiful green space for guests to enjoy. Conversion of the 13sqm space was awarded to Wallbarn after we successfully completed the hotel group’s first green roof project at the Radisson Heathrow. Being so easy to transport our M-Trays®were selected as the fastest and most efficient way of converting the unused space into a lush, green and aesthetically-pleasing space. The installation only took half a day with minimal disturbance to guests.

M-Tray® Green Roof super fast installation

Wallbarn Ltd

This project involved a high-rise office being refurbished. Being in the Central London and nearing completion meant a busy site. Ultra fast and mess-free installation was essential. M-Tray®’s were delivered to site on pallets and quickly unloaded. The M-Tray®’s stackable design meant it was easy to transport through the (finished) building and elevator. The individual trays were then carried up the final flight of stairs to the rooftop. As the trays simply clip together they are quick and easy to install. In just 4 hours a the roof space was transformed into a green roof.

Rhepanol fk and green roofing at Skara Brae

SIG Design & Technology

FDT harnessed the most modern roofing materials and advanced 21st century technological know-how to help preserve one of Europe’s most remarkable ancient monuments, 5,000-year-old Skara Brae. The designated World Heritage Site, a fascinating commune of small interlinked stone dwellings, is one of the most-visited tourist attractions on the historic Orkney islands and offers up to 60,000 visitors a year an unparalleled taste of life in Neolithic Orkney.

M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - Safeway Towers, Vancouver, Canada

Wallbarn Ltd

Our client was a major nursery stock grower in British Columbia with a very large sedum green roof project in Vancouver. The architect was concerned about future-proofing the green roof and wanted to ensure that, if ever they had issues with their waterproofing seal or any other aspect of the structure, the green roof could be taken up without too much disruption. It was decided that a modular solution would be the best route. M-Tray® was included in a worldwide competition to find the most suitable modular design and was judged as the best product available.

M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - Cattle Hill Quarry

Wallbarn Ltd

The new generation of M-Tray® modules were used on this office building in Poklington, Yorkshire. This project was in the heart of the Vale of Yorkshire, within and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and planning sensitivities dictated a green roof was needed on the office building. The clients wanted the existing farm buildings, which had been converted into offices and storage space, to blend into the hillside with the structures having the very lowest impact on the surrounding countryside.The timber framed building meant a low weight solution was required so the 100mm deep pre-grown modules were ideal.

Spectraplan chosen for green sedum roof at British Horse Society

SIG Design & Technology

The British Horse Society headquarters is on a listed deer park with many protected trees. The building’s circular design posed key construction challenges. The single storey office building was constructed in a doughnut shape, to ensure that a mature oak tree on site was preserved. In keeping with its green surroundings Spectraplan SM120 Dark Grey, a polyester reinforced TPE waterproofing system was mechanically fixed to a composite metal deck, ready to receive a sedum blanket.

Blue Roof, Green Extensive, Rathbone Market, London, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

The designer obtained consent under the latest SuDS regulations in the densely build area of London. Restriction on outflow rates to sewers demanded high attenuation. The original design for stormwater attenuation involved discharging tanks under the ground. This was expensive and took up valuable space, an alternative was required. ABG proposed their Blueroof system which could be installed directly on to the hot melt waterproofing system allowing various surface finishes. Due to height limitations a cascade system was used. Various roof finishes included paved access, landscaped areas and bio diverse to attract wildlife. This increased the potential for BREEAM points.

Clapton Villa | Green-roofed, timber clad extension to a Victorian villa - Clapton, London


Architect: Scenario Architecture. This beautiful Victorian villa received an innovative green-roofed extension full of natural light thanks to IDSystems installed bifold doors, gable end glazing, rooflights, window and door. The challenge for Scenario Architecture was to design an extension that was filled full of natural light, took into account the changing floor levels of the property. Under the pitched roof, the gable end glazing has been designed to perfectly match the profiles of the SUNFLEX SF75 bifold doors, whilst the inclusion of a single access door allows the extension to angle away to create a larger kitchen/dining area.

Spectraplan forms roof terrace at Sandbanks Court in Poole

SIG Design & Technology

A green roof system was selected for this project as the client required a roof that would complement and accommodate the step in levels to follow timber decking lines to the 55m² roof terrace areas. IKO Single Ply’s Spectraplan SM120 light grey single ply waterproofing system was overlaid to the existing roof and newly built sun rooms, ready to receive a green roof system.

Metal Roof Coating Project in Middlesex

Liquasil Ltd

After first cleaning the roof and attending to rusted areas with Liquasil’s corrosion primer, it was the coated with Metalseal 20 from Liquasil, using airless spray equipment. The specification for this roof was for a special RAL colour. Only Liquasil can make silicone coatings in any RAL colour, so Metalseal 20 was specified for the project. This roof was completed in Forest Green.

Spectraplan forms part of a stunning brown roof at Plummerswood

SIG Design & Technology

A stunning new ‘brown roof’ is the crowning glory for a private dwelling overlooking the River Tweed. The project has been designed to last 100 years and takes into account the requirements of future generations of the family. For the main flat roof area, Spectraplan TPE was chosen for it's green credentials and a brown roof system was laid on top .

Metal Roof Coating in Suffolk

Liquasil Ltd

The original factory finish to the metal roof of this property was failing, with the coating delaminating badly due to UV damage. The gutterless eaves construction meant that both the roofs and cladding had to be coated. Metalseal was specified because it is available in any RAL colour., In this case, Juniper Green was required. The original finish was removed with 4000psi pressure washers , before corrosion was treated with Liquasil's corrosion primer before Metalseal 20 was applied.

Conservation-Area School Receives New Cost-Effective Roof


City of Edinburgh Council required a new roof for one of its local authority primary schools, Parsons Green. Built in 1961, the school had a copper pitched roof which was in need of replacement, and an upgrade to the insulation of the building was also required. The council also required a 20 year single point insurance-backed guarantee and a reputable installing roof contractor.

Three brands, one objective – safe access all areas

Howe Green

Three of the UK’s leading access specialists have come together to form the Access 360 portfolio, providing a total manufacturing solution for roof, ceiling, wall and floor access products for the construction industry. Access 360 comprises Bilco UK, Profab Access and Howe Green. These well-established brands all have a strong reputation for delivering innovative solutions to address the challenges of safe access within a building or external environment. The brand identities have been updated, reflecting the holistic offer that Access 360 presents to the market, to represent the synergy between the brands and the complementary nature of the products.

FAKRO roof windows at the London Ideal Home Show

Fakro GB Ltd

A show home at the 2016 London Ideal Home Exhibition featured 22 FAKRO FTP non-vented roof windows. The Arc, by The Green Unit, demonstrated modular, eco construction which can be used for residential, commercial, education, leisure and a host of other purposes.

University of Leeds - Bespoke Sedum Roof Enclosure

The Bike Storage Company

Working on behalf of Henry Boot Construction, The Bike Storage Company designed, manufactured and installed a bespoke Sedum Roof Enclosure to house over 100 Gas Assisted Two Tier Racks. Our Gas Assisted Two Tier Bike Racks are ideal for all users and provides support when putting a bike on the top tier. The Sedum Roofing is the perfect finishing touch to the enclosure, meeting green credentials and blending in with the external environment. The University has even noticed an increase in cycling since the installation of this enclosure!

IKO Spectraplan - Sandbanks Court, Poole

SIG Design & Technology

Sandbanks Court apartments are situated within the expensive up-market area of the Dorset coastal peninsular and enjoy spectacular panoramic views across the sea. A green roof system was selected for this project as the client required a roof that would complement and accommodate the step in levels to follow timber decking lines to the 55m² roof terrace areas. IKO Single Ply’s Spectraplan SM120 light grey single ply waterproofing system was overlaid to the existing roof and newly built sun rooms, ready to receive a green roof system.

FAKRO roof windows with bespoke flashings for new community church

Fakro GB Ltd

Westhill Community Church in Aberdeenshire was a new, green field project. Its highly contemporary style was designed for maximum functionality and to encourage use by the wider community. 33 FAKRO roof windows were discreetly positioned to flood the stage with natural light as well as illuminate a cluster of buildings which form the sanctuary, low rise foyer and adjoining offices.

Showing 1-36 of 1431