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Cast Iron Rainwater and Drain Outlet Cowl

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Before there was an open, 4" (100mm) diameter pipe that drained water from the back of this Devon farm house into the yard. Apart from an open pipe, which never looks good on a listed building, when it rained heavily there was water gushing out across the road causing havoc to any cars parked nearby. With the installation of the cast iron cowled conservation vent now the water is deflected downwards and the opening is no longer open to the elements and in eye line. With a choice of 100mm or 125mm spigots this cowled vent has many uses

Flexible, sustainable and safe drainage solutions for Leeds Arena


The Leeds Arena, when completed, will be a 13,500 capacity entertainment focused arena. BLUCHER® have supplied over 70 drains from their adaptable range of floor drains for the concourse, plant room and kitchen areas. BLUCHER® also supplied BLUCHER® EuroPipe, their push fit stainless steel drainage pipework system which was installed in the kitchen and conference areas. BLUCHER® EuroPipe was specified over other metallic or plastic systems for two specific reasons, due to the potential heat of the waste to be drained through the pipework and A1 fire rating of the exposed pipework in general.


Easy Sanitary Solutions

Holland’s most famous luxurious retreat, the Amstel Hotel, renovated its Health & Fitness Club. Thereby obtained the prestigious five-star Amsterdam hotel in one go a completely refurbished Wellness floor. The Health & Fitness Club was equipped with the latest innovations in sanitary, including Easy Drain shower channels. Easy Drain’s challenge in this project was to meet the required drainage capacity. Due to the large amount of water produced by the Horizontal Shower. Another challenge was the low installation depth requirements for the renovation. Furthermore, the shower drain had to conform to hygiene and safety standards for guests and personnel.

De Rotterdam

Easy Sanitary Solutions

‘De Rotterdam’ is a huge construction project on the Wilhelmina Pier in Rotterdam. This impressive building will bring living, working, shopping and recreation together. ‘De Rotterdam’ was designed, in 1998, by Rem Koolhaas to function as a complete vertical city; a dynamic place that is alive 24 hours a day and where people can reside comfortably. Apartments in this building will have exclusive bathrooms with top quality sanitary, including barrier-free showers with Easy Drain shower drains.

Two Fifty One, Southwark Bridge Road

CCL Wetrooms

CCL Wetrooms were contacted by Laing O'Rourke to design and supply drainage solutions for 193 wetrooms in their luxury development of apartments at Two Fifty One, Southwark Bridge Road. The wetrooms of similar sizes needed appropriate linear drainage for the shallow floor build up, that could also achieve a very short run off from the waste pipe to the stack. CCL Wetrooms specified Linear Screed Drains with solid grills into the apartments and penthouses, thanks to the drains' minimal height of only 67mm.

The Glade, Ascot

CCL Wetrooms

CCL Wetrooms were contacted by exclusive house developer Montrose Developments, to supply wetroom systems and install comprehensive waterproofing solutions into the master bedroom and guest en-suites at their development of three executive houses in Ascot. The systems needed to be suitable for use on screeded floors. Linear Wall Drains were installed into the en suites, which were then laid to falls. The shallow drain was ideal for the shallow screed depth. RIW Tilesafe and FWM waterproof membranes were then applied across the floor and walls of the shower areas.

Holland Green, Kensington

CCL Wetrooms

The luxurious apartments at Holland Green required the supply of wetroom drainage and waterproofing solutions into 134 bathrooms, suitable for use on a solid floor. CCL Wetrooms specified the installation of a Linear Screed Drain with a bespoke length Stone-Infill Grill into each shower area. The Linear Screed Drain was positioned flush against the shower wall and installed with either a single or double trap, capable of coping with flow rates of up to 56 l/min. To waterproof the floors and walls of the wetrooms, we recommended the installation of Tilesafe waterproofing membrane and Flexible Wall Membrane.

Aldgate Place, E1

CCL Wetrooms

Barratt Homes' stunning London apartments at Aldgate Place, E1 required the installation of wetrooms onto screeded floors.Linear Wall Drains and Stone-Infill Grills were specified into the apartments and penthouses within the high rise complex.To comply with planning regulations for apartment blocks, a same level waste connection was required within the 100mm floor build up of each of the wetrooms. This was achieved using the shallow linear wall drain which has a total height of only 67mm. RIW Tilesafe waterproof membrane and RIW FWM were applied to the floor and walls to prevent water penetration.

190, Strand

CCL Wetrooms

The Berkeley Groups' stunning London apartments required the installation of wetroom & waterproofing solutions into 188 wetrooms, suitable for a screeded floor construction. Linear Wall Drains with Stone-Infill Grills were specified into the apartments and penthouses. A high build latex system incorporating insulation boards and HBL-50 levelling compound was installed to the desired depth of 22mm from finished screed level, before the installation of Linear Screed Decs. Linear wall Drains & Stone Infill Grills of varying lengths were installed against the shower walls prior to waterproofing with RIW Tilesafe on the floors and RIW FWM on the walls.

Waterproofing and Drainage Solutions for Octagon Developments' luxury country mansion in Virginia Water

CCL Wetrooms

CCL Wetrooms Installation team were approached by Octagon Developments to supply and install wetroom systems and waterproofing solutions into the master bathroom, gym and three guest en-suites at their luxury house in Virginia Water. Linear Screed Drains were recommended for installation into each of the wet areas, capable of coping with flow rates of up to 29 L/min. Falls were created within the screed before the Linear Screed Drains and solid linear floor & wall grills were installed into the required position within each bathroom. RIW Tilesafe & FWM were used to fully waterproof the wetrooms.

Mount Vernon Hospital, Hillingdon

Aggregate Industries - Asphalt

Extensive flooding was occurring prior to works downstream of the hospital. The project needed to reduce both total and peak flows. A multi-stage sustainable water treatment system was proposed, combining a number of techniques such as porous asphalt, swales, French drains and attenuation basins.

Royal Garden Hotel

Fixfast Ltd

Fixfast supplied a complete package here, not on the drains and guards but all the fasteners required for fixing the roofing system. For this project, Fixfast also helped by providing the necessary rainwater calculations required to complete the project, ensuring the efficient and reliable drainage expected of the FarBo range once installed

Byrom Point, Liverpool

Kawneer UK Ltd

Kawneer’s AA®100 zone-drained and capped curtain walling and AA®540 top-hung casement inserts in an unusual tiger bronze finish feature on the new Byrom Point mixed-use development on Liverpool’s Great Crosshall Street, close to the University of Liverpool.

Disabled Access Gravel Driveway

CORE Landscape Products

Our clients existing block paved driveway was uneven and had sunken in one specific area due to drainage problems. They wanted a free draining surface that was disabled friendly and could incorporate an access ramp to the front door, making entry easier for their elderly mother who had recently moved in with them

Guildford - CORE DRIVE Gravel Driveway Installation

CORE Landscape Products

The clients had severe damp issues on the exterior wall of the house. The driveway sloped toward the property and the area had no working drainage system in place. The clients wanted a free draining surface that would not require constant maintenance and could handle the frequent car use that was suitable for a baby stroller along with a solution to the rising damp problems they were experiencing.

Heavy duty and porous asphalts for business park


Heavy duty surfacing was required for new access roads and car parking areas as part of a project to extend this business park located close to the A1 near Biggleswade. Using HGV resisting Ultiphalt HD asphalt on access roads combined with Ultidrive porous free draining asphalt on parking areas provided both sustainable drainage and long term durability.

Holiday Inn Express, Birmingham

Kawneer UK Ltd

This £16.3 million 250-bedroom precast hotel using Kawneer’s AA®540 windows, AA®110 zone-drained curtain walling and series 190 heavy-duty commercial entrance doors to help form the unusual pattern of L-shaped windows, forms part of the new 1.2 millionft2 Arena Central mixed use development in the city.

Smythe Library, Tonbridge School

Kawneer UK Ltd

The £3.6 million refurbishment of a library at one of Kent’s most prestigious independent boys’ schools features Kawneer’s AA®100 mullion-drained curtain walling with bespoke fin caps and AA®541 concealed vents along with AA®720 entrance doors on a stunning new 13.5m high circulation tower topped by an AA®100 rooflight.

Flat Roof Replacement Implementing Safe2Torch Best Practice


This project had a wide ranging number of detailing factors to overcome with cladding abutment details and change in levels to be redesigned and encompassed into a system that also drained the roof areas of their historic high levels of standing water. Some of the existing construction build had not taken into account any suitable maintenance of the roof with sections being completely inaccessible and thus reducing the performance of the waterproofing.

Atherleigh Park, Leigh

Kawneer UK Ltd

At Atherleigh Park Hospital in Leigh, Wigan, Kawneer’s AA®3110HW windows were installed alongside AA®100 zone-drained curtain walling and AA®543 tilturn and AA®541 top-hung casement windows by Polar (NE) Ltd, bringing four-fold benefits to a new £40 million mental health hospital.

Barons Quay, Northwich

Kawneer UK Ltd

Three types of Kawneer’s curtain walling have been used on an exciting new retail and leisure quarter designed to rejuvenate the historic town centre of Northwich in Cheshire - AA®100 fire-rated curtain walling with 50mm sightlines and AA®110 curtain walling with 65mm sightlines, in mullion-drained and capped as well as SSG (Structurally Silicone Glazed) versions.

Newcastle Girls High School

Kawneer UK Ltd

The £11 million redevelopment of Newcastle Girls High School into arguably the region’s and one of the UK’s leading girls’ schools includes AA®100 mullion-drained curtain walling, AA®541 top-hung casement windows and AA®720 doors on both the refurbished and new-build elements as well as AA®3110 horizontal sliding doors on the new-build element.

Triton Supplies Type C Waterproofing For Landmark London Scheme

Triton Systems

The White Collar Factory will be a mixed-use are of workspace, residential and retail, designed by architects, AHMM. The development, sited on London's City Road, comprises a new 16-storey office tower, a new public square and refurbished existing buildings to the rear. The new 2-storey basement has been waterproofed using a Type C system applied internally, to provide drained protection in accordance with BS 8102: 2009. The waterproofing was supplied by Triton Systems.

One Canal Parade, Cardiff

Kawneer UK Ltd

Two versions of Kawneer’s AA®100 curtain walling – mullion-drained capped and SSG (Structurally Silicone Glazed) - were used on One Canal Parade in Cardiff city centre. These were complemented by Kawneer’s AA®540 fixed lights, AA®720 bottom-hung, outward-opening vents for smoke ventilation, series 190 heavy-duty commercial entrance doors and aerofoil caps integrated into a Brise Soleil system.

Henley on Thames - Additional Parking

CORE Landscape Products

Main contractors Matrix Parking solutions were contracted by the landlord Corporate Estates to provide additional parking at a shared office facility in Henley-on-Thames. The proposed area was a very old macadam surface that had totally broken down leaving a messy surface with various pot holes and puddles for office workers to avoid whilst using the car park. The area had no working drainage system in place. The clients wanted a free draining surface that would not require constant maintenance and could handle the frequent car use.

Basement Waterproofing

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

This luxurious residential project incorporated a double level basement with the lower level extending out underneath the garden. In regards to the below ground structure Knowles & Associates Ltd undertook the following works: Excavation and formation of a basement to footprint and under 7 metres below garden level. Two/three stage underpinning. Internal steel staircase frame. Piling. Mass excavation of spoil. Construction of rear extension. Below slab drainage. Cavity drain Waterproofing. Insulation and screed. Swimming pool shell within lower level basement.

SuDS Scheme - Keighley West Yorkshire

GreenBlue Urban Ltd

To maximise the value of the tree planting,the pits were used as storm water attenuation and treatment pits, taking water from the carriageway, passing it through a stone layer on the top of the tree pit and then filtering it down through the Arborsoil Hydro soil mix provided for the root growth. The water then transferred through a clean stone layer to an underdrain to a storm water drain. This method of conveyance gives an acceptable level of pollutant removal and slows the water down so that the existing drainage network can cope with the increasingly violent storm events.

Residential Tadelakt Steam Room

TyloHelo Ltd

Helo was invited to design and build a bespoke steam room as part of a leisure complex redeveloped within a country estate. Using traditional Moroccan Tadelakt finish, an authentic hammam style steam bath was created. A challenge posed by this project was to achieve remote switching of the steam from the main residence over a distance of 350 metres, enabling the client to prepare the steam room in advance of use. Special design features were included. For example, an ornate pull handle and concealed linear drain at the room’s entrance.

SuDS Permeable Paving, Park and Ride, Sudspave, Truro, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

Following a successful park and ride facility in the west of the city and to reduce traffic further, an east park and ride facility comprising 1800 car parking spaces as part of a regeneration scheme. The park and ride design focused on sustainability and protecting local habitats. Due to restrictions on run off levels Cornwall council opted for Porous Paving. ABG Sudspave 40 permeable pavers were installed on free draining aggregate to enhance surface water drainage. Sudspave was supplied pre assembles for rapid installation. The panels can be filled with topsoil, gravel or seeded.

Cranswick Country Foods

ASPEN by Canal Engineering Limited

Aspen Stainless supplied bespoke stainless-steel solutions to the UK’s leading food producer Cranswick. Aspen worked closely with Trundley Design to design effective hygienic plant equipment for a number of food processing plants across the UK.The drainage system was installed to support the cleaning regime and water flow around the factory. This blended perfectly with the John Lord flooring design and allowed for waste to drain effectively into the surrounding channels and gullies; creating a seamless connection between the systems and prevented any standing waste and bacteria from building up.

Pure Gym

CCL Wetrooms

The award winning Pure Gym brand required a waterproofing solution for the shower cubicles in their new Southampton gymnasium. The shower blocks needed to be fully waterproofed and appropriate drainage systems installed, capable of coping with continuous flow rates of 24 L/min. Modular Wet-Floor Systems were specified for the timber floors and floor formers were butted together and installed side by side, creating individual falls towards the contemporary linear drains. In addition, floor formers were installed alongside the cubicles resulting in the whole shower area being laid to fall.

Exeter Grade II Listed Building Recieves New Fully Built-Up IKO UPXL System


IKO provided a new fully built-up IKO Ultra Prevent System including an IKO enertherm ALU Tapered Insulation Scheme. This not only enhanced the falls to drain rainwater more effectively but also upgraded the thermal value of the roof which will save the Pre-School money on their heating bills. IKO designed a bespoke solution, in keeping with the building’s grade II listed status which also assisted with achieving the u-value upgrade required for current building regulations. The client was highly satisfied with an IKO 25 year single point warranty.

hardwood Timber Tiles with self-levelling pedestals on terrace

Wallbarn Ltd

Roof terrace on the third floor of a residential block. The customer wanted a floating deck but was keen to source decking that could be easily installed. They needed to deal with a slope and variation in the surface, as well as easy access to a drain. Wallbarn recommended their Cumuru hardwood timber tiles which being 500mm x 500mm x 30mm, which are highly portable and perfect for low threshold retro-fits. To deal with the variation in surfaces around the deck, we recommended laying the timber tiles onto our ‘Balance’ self-levelling pedestals. Total installation time: 3 hours

Turnmills, Clerkenwell, EC1

FIS Products

In Clerkenwell, McLaren constructed a new office building with a basement to provide a total 97,000 sq ft of office space. McLaren utilized the existing basement structure which meant the exterior of the structure wasn't accessible. This meant that it was appropriate to use a cavity drain system. FIS worked closely with Henry Construction Projects and Veretec to provide a complete waterproofing service. Designing a system to fit around the existing structure was the challenge. FIS were able to advise on the correct installation process and provide regular quality control checks. Images courtesy of turnmillec1.co.uk.

SuDS Permeable Paving - Crane Hardstandings, Truckcell, Wadlow Wind Farm, Cambridgshire, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

In Line with Cambridge County Councils renewable Energy Development Programme. RES received consent to build the 13 turbine Wadlow Wind Farm. The site is in a sensitive ecological and archaeological location. It therefore meant the crane hard standings had to be sympathetic to the local environment without compromising the minimum bearing capacity of 200kpa. ABG Truckcell Porous Plastic Paving System was chosen. This was supported by a free draining sub base and seeded with an indigenous seed mix to blend with the local environment. Due to the rapid installation, grassed appearance and load bearing abilities Truckcell ticked all the boxes.

ExCel Exhibition Centre & Aloft Hotel, London

Buzon UK Ltd

ExCeL is the largest permanent exhibition site in London that links up with the Aloft Hotel. The overall terrace area exceeds 2,100m², all on one level. Below the terrace are the car parks, with countless drain access points that require maintenance annually. The terrace required pedestals to accommodate a void of +/- 220mm, with circular adjustable spacer tabs to accept odd shaped pavers alongside linear pavers, however large enough to allow drainage for extreme weather conditions. The Buzon DPH series, with special rotating spacer tabs were used to achieve this. The total pedestals required exceeded 25,000 units.

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