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Level Threshold Approach has Problem Covered

Cavity Trays Ltd

The forming of a level threshold would be easy if the designer did not have to consider the prevention of damp ingress. The problem is a number of elements converge at a threshold, and when the threshold is required to be practically level, it can be difficult to bring together protective measures in a manner that promote integrated functionality and structural convenience. A different approach to forming level thresholds is offered by Cavity Trays Ltd. It literally and physically covers the problem. The Type LTT Level Threshold Tray is a three-dimensional preformed DPC that envelops opening masonry skins.

Controlling Penetrating Water in Cavity Walls

Cavity Trays Ltd

A systematic approach of arresting and reducing the flow of water within a cavity wall prior to any change in status of that wall helps balance demands on damp protection measures. In the case of a circular window passing through a curved cavity wall, protecting against damp ingress is easily achieved using a preformed Type K cavitray. The preformed Cavitray is curved to match the wall. Conventional flat material or roll material cannot uniformly match the radius of a wall.

Nottingham Tram

Charcon Hard Landscaping

In 2011, Nottingham City Council kicked off a multi-million pound contract to more than double the size of the city’s busy tram line. The 17Km of extra track would extend the tram system to the south and south west of the city, providing passengers with a direct link to national train services.

Cavity Closers used in the UK’s largest zero carbon village

Cavalok Building Products Ltd

Eurocell Eurologik triple-glazed windows and fully recycled cavity closers have been specified by Morris Homes on the UK’s largest zero carbon village in Peterborough. Sheffield-based Eurocell fabricator Ford Windows fabricated and installed the zero-carbon window solution. Vista, in the Southbank area of the city, is a development of 295 zero-carbon homes designed to reduce energy emissions by 100 per cent compared to an equivalent-sized standard housing development.


Wallbarn Ltd

A residential customer had a storage unit and wanted improve it by adding a green roof. M-Tray®, being modular in shape and easy to install, was the perfect solution. The green roof had to be walked through the house to access the garden. Traditional roll-out green roofs, with their loose substrate bags and loose sedum blankets were too messy to transport indoors. M-Tray® is self-contained within the walls of the plastic tray and comes with fully established, sustainable vegetation. M-Trays® clip together easily, allowing the sedum to blend together, providing a beautiful, seamless finish.

M-Tray® Green Roof super fast installation

Wallbarn Ltd

This project involved a high-rise office being refurbished. Being in the Central London and nearing completion meant a busy site. Ultra fast and mess-free installation was essential. M-Tray®’s were delivered to site on pallets and quickly unloaded. The M-Tray®’s stackable design meant it was easy to transport through the (finished) building and elevator. The individual trays were then carried up the final flight of stairs to the rooftop. As the trays simply clip together they are quick and easy to install. In just 4 hours a the roof space was transformed into a green roof.

Portrush Train Station

Hardscape Products Ltd

The new Portrush Train Station was completed ahead of the 148th Open, Portrush, which was held in the town in July 2019. The event attracted around 190,000 visitors and offered a significant opportunity to sustainably develop the economy of Portrush town and the wider North Coast and brings substantial benefits to the area in terms of visitor numbers, spend and investment.

M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - The May Fair Hotel

Wallbarn Ltd

Mayfair, London Our modular green roof solution, the M-Tray®, has transformed what was previously a fairly unsightly bitumen rooftop at a Mayfair hotel into a beautiful green space for guests to enjoy. Conversion of the 13sqm space was awarded to Wallbarn after we successfully completed the hotel group’s first green roof project at the Radisson Heathrow. Being so easy to transport our M-Trays®were selected as the fastest and most efficient way of converting the unused space into a lush, green and aesthetically-pleasing space. The installation only took half a day with minimal disturbance to guests.

Custom Printed Magnetic Training Board

Logovisual Ltd

We recently produced a magnetic training board and custom printed magnets for Aico, a market leader in domestic CO and fire protection. The board allows team members to gather round a focal point and work together on a particular project. The magnetic training board is to be used in Aico’s Centre of Excellence – the training, meeting and demonstration facility at their head office in Shropshire. The Workshop where these boards are to be used is a hands on area for training on installation and wiring and allows visitors to take part in hands on demonstrations of the products.

Modular in, Modular out’ – M-Trays® transform construction huts in Knightsbridge

Wallbarn Ltd

A three year construction project in Knightsbridge required a temporary green roof on welfare huts. The local residents were concerned about overlooking these steel huts long-term. The solution is M-Tray® – our modular green roof system. The steel huts were wheeled into position on site on skates. They were covered with an EPDM waterproofing membrane. M-Tray® units were installed. They were easily carried up the stairs by hand and installed by hand within minutes. The modular and portable M-Tray® can just be unclicked and lifted away upon completion of the construction process.

Ruthin Art Trail

Architectural Street Furnishings part of WB White Foundry

ASF were approached by artists Lucy Strachan and Fred Baier who had produced conceptual drawings of laser cut tree grilles. Alongside these drawings was a brief that the guards should fit with invisible fixings into the ASF 303 cast iron tree grille. ASF took these concepts forward and produced a set of tree guards that met the needs of both the artistic concept and the required practical applications. The guards were first laser profiled and then rolled to the desired diameter. The guard halves then had to be hand fettled and blended so the pattern carried perfectly through 360 degrees.

M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - Cattle Hill Quarry

Wallbarn Ltd

The new generation of M-Tray® modules were used on this office building in Poklington, Yorkshire. This project was in the heart of the Vale of Yorkshire, within and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and planning sensitivities dictated a green roof was needed on the office building. The clients wanted the existing farm buildings, which had been converted into offices and storage space, to blend into the hillside with the structures having the very lowest impact on the surrounding countryside.The timber framed building meant a low weight solution was required so the 100mm deep pre-grown modules were ideal.

University of Bath Sport Training Village


The University of Bath has gained the reputation of being a highly ambitious and successful university when it comes to sport. Alongside students the England Netball team use the sport facilities by making it one of their Intensive Netball Training Centres. They chose a DYNAMIK area elastic sprung floor system finished in Canadian Maple. Named as UK Top University of the Year 2018, the University of Bath has excelled by supporting athletes to Olympic level.

M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - Safeway Towers, Vancouver, Canada

Wallbarn Ltd

Our client was a major nursery stock grower in British Columbia with a very large sedum green roof project in Vancouver. The architect was concerned about future-proofing the green roof and wanted to ensure that, if ever they had issues with their waterproofing seal or any other aspect of the structure, the green roof could be taken up without too much disruption. It was decided that a modular solution would be the best route. M-Tray® was included in a worldwide competition to find the most suitable modular design and was judged as the best product available.

an M-Tray® Green Roof reaching the parts other green roofs cannot reach

Wallbarn Ltd

This project had incredibly restricted access, where the client wanted a green roof on an existing bitumen rooftop overlooked by hotel rooms. The M-Trays® had to be transported on a trolley through the hotel kitchens. They were winched onto the roof itself using a genie lift and slotted into position in a matter of hours. Trying to construct a roll-out green roof was impossible, given the restricted access. Installation was fast and effective, taking only a day and giving an instant green roof. M-Tray® dramatically improved the view from the rooms and improved the guests’ experience.

Cavan Training Centre, SA

Rondo Building Services Pty Ltd

Since the project commenced work in August 2011, Rondo provided technical support by way of weekly site inspections and specified various wall types for the external Steel Stud walls which was utilised throughout the entire building. This coincided with use of the Rondo KEY-LOCK Furring Channel System which also focused on all external and internal ceilings of the building.

Creating a Dry Basement for Paramedic Training, Surrey

Newton Waterproofing Systems

To facilitate their exciting BSc Paramedic Science course, the University of Surrey identified that they needed more practical training space for their students. By working alongside Scott Brownrigg Architects, Newton Specialist Contractor Advanced Basements, and the Newton Technical Team, an extensive existing undercroft was converted into three large, dry rooms that are ideal for the purpose.

EnBW Youth Training Centre for VfB Stuttgart

Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co KG

After nearly 15 months of construction, the EnBW Youth Training Centre for VfB Stuttgart was inaugurated at the end of 2014. The building, which cost approximately 9 million Euros, is located on the club grounds in Bad Cannstatt, and offers new dressing rooms with more space and comfort for young VfB talent in the U11 to U23 categories.

Style Delivers Flexible Training Space with Innovative Partitioning Solution

Style - Moveable Partition Specialists

An innovative technical training centre, iMet provides high-level skills solutions for the built environment, manufacturing and technology sectors. This new facility offers intensely flexible space thanks to a number of advanced moveable wall systems, installed by Style, allowing staff to rapidly adapt rooms to meet ever-changing daily requirements. Two DORMA Variflex partitioning walls combine to sub-divide a large training area into two or three discrete classrooms. A third Variflex wall creates two smaller training rooms located on the other side of the building. Exceptional acoustics of 55dB Rw ensure training sessions can run concurrently.

Instant Green Roof - Wimbledon - Care Home - M-Tray®

Wallbarn Ltd

The client contacted us in urgent need of a green roof solution before a project handover. Green roof was part of the planning application. Pre-grown panels with patented design were delivered on pallets and lifted to the roof via forklift. The ingenious connecting system means each module clicks to its neighbour tightly and securely so once installed, the sedum has a seamless appearance. The plants are a mixture of sedum species ideal for the UK climate. They are well rooted into Wallbarn's bespoke substrate and fully mature. 250 sqm of green roof was installed in 1 day.

Movable walls at Würth Training and Test Centre in Belgrade, Serbia

Hufcor Inc.

New WÜRTH Serbia Training & Test Center in Belgrade is constructed inside a former 540 m² warehouse and it consists of two main spaces. A 270 m² multi-purpose training space can easily be transformed into different room set-ups by movable walls Type 100 to serve any programmatic purpose from series of individual classrooms or offices, to conference space, gallery or even a party venue.

X-Tra protection for Winchester community care home

Sandtex Trade, product of Crown Paints Ltd

Three Sandtex products - Sandtex X-Treme X-Posure®, Sandtex Flexigloss X-Tra and Sandtex Metalgloss X-Tra - have been used to refresh the exterior of St John’s House care home in Winchester, delivering a long-lasting finish for the listed building. Sandtex X-Treme X-Posure is microporous – making it ideal for the substrate which needs to breathe, and it will ensure the building remains protected against the weather, long term. Sandtex Flexigloss X-Tra and Sandtex Metalgloss X-Tra are hardwearing, and have added inhibitors to minimise UV damage, protecting the building’s exterior joinery and metal.

Franke provides TBM rail group with a bespoke solution for Crosscountry trains

Franke Sissons Ltd

A fleet change of 220 washroom basins for CrossCountry in the trains required a bespoke solution. Franke designed and manufactured a solution specifically for the project. The final design was the Rondo stainless steel bowl inset into a Miranit resin-bonded worktop in their choice of colour. MIRANIT combines sturdiness and resilience with outstanding molding capabilities and has been fire test specifically for use on trains and fully certified to Category 2. Andy Hawker, Managing Director of TBM Group commented “With Franke's manufacturing expertise and our industry understanding we will be bringing products to market over years to come."

Polysafe Verona PUR flooring gets bark of approval at Guide Dogs Training School

Polyflor Ltd

Polysafe Verona PUR safety flooring was installed to create a new training area with sustainable wet slip resistance for dogs and their handlers at the recently refurbished Guide Dogs for the Blind Training School in Woodford Green, Essex. Around 450 m2 of Polysafe Verona PUR sheet vinyl flooring in the vibrant Blue Lagoon 5206 shade was installed in the school’s training and demonstration area to create a safe working area for handlers and dogs when going through their regular training routines.

Gratnells SortED tray inserts help fight surface contamination at Trumpington Park Primary

Gratnells Ltd

Trumpington Park is a new build primary school located to the south of Cambridge city centre. Like all schools in the first half of 2020, it has had to adapt to different ways of working and of welcoming pupils into the classroom. Like many schools, Trumpington Park stayed open throughout the lockdown to accommodate keyworker children and coming up to the end of the summer term, started to see other children return as the government encouraged wider attendance. However, social distancing measures, class bubbles, anxiety about being in class and worries about cross contamination are part of the new norm.

Franke provides TBM rail group with a bespoke solution for Crosscountry trains

Franke Sissons Ltd

A fleet change of 220 washroom basins for Cross Country required a bespoke. Franke designed and manufactured a bespoke solution specifically for the project. The final design was the Rondo stainless steel bowl inset into a Miranit resin-bonded worktop in their choice of colour. Miranit combines sturdiness and resilience with outstanding moulding capabilities and has been fire test specifically for use on trains and fully certified to Category 2. Andy Hawker, Managing Director of TBM Group commented “With Franke's 230 years manufacturing expertise the products have the potential to improve passenger experience no end.”

Birmingham New Street Train Station Living Wall

Biotecture Limited

The 77 metre long living wall on the link bridge at New Street Station in Birmingham welcomes travellers from all over the country to the centre of the city. The living wall creates a pleasant promenade of calming, green infrastructure amongst this built urban environment with the addition of 16,600 plants.

Anti Trap Bow Top fencing secures school perimeter

Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons Fencing has supplied and installed perimeter security fencing at Bickley Park School, an independent school in South East London. The school site consists of a mix of listed buildings and newer contemporary facilities, all set in attractive grounds. The modern structures include a purpose-built nursery, with strong environmental credentials, and a new multi-purpose astro pitch, to complement the existing sports facilities.

Downe primary school chooses anti-trap bow top fencing for safe playground environment

Jacksons Fencing

Within the school grounds is a grassy area with play equipment that needed to be demarcated in order to distinguish it from the rest of the playground and allow different age groups to play simultaneously yet independently. We supplied 19.1 metres of 1.2m high Anti Trap Bow Top fencing, and a 1.2m high 1.5m wide single leaf self-closing gate, both finished with a blue RAL 5010 polyester powder coating to match the school colours.

Siberian Larch Timber Cladding - NORclad - Bristol Bears Training Facility

NORclad Limited

Siberian Larch with NORclad Lite Presevative Treatment All of the external cladding, and fins for the state-of-the-art facility, along with balustrade and handrail components, the same Siberian Larch then runs into the main reception of the building Utilising an certified NORclad® Siberian Larch, the specification includes our NORclad Lite Preservative treatment applied to the timber. The preservative treatment provides a formal warranty on the product for 30 years against rot and fungal decay (out of ground contact). Products specified, Treatment Services applied under ISO 9001 factory controlled conditions.

Acoustic fencing provides noise mitigation for train maintenance depot near Paris

Jacksons Fencing

Due to the close proximity to residential areas and various commercial properties including a performing arts theatre, it was essential to provide noise mitigation to minimise disruption and noise pollution for the surrounding areas, particularly during night times. We supplied a total of 280 metres of Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway Reflective acoustic fencing in two sections of 2.5m and 4.5m heights. The timber acoustic fence features 34mm thick ‘V’ boards and is designed to eliminate gaps that sound can pass though, resulting in a noise reduction of up to 28dB*.

Anti Trap Bow Top provides safety and security for Keyworth Primary School

Jacksons Fencing

Keyworth Primary School supports over 400 pupils ranging from three to eleven years old throughout nursery and primary education. The school encourages a culture that enables children to play and enjoy themselves, investing in state of the art outdoor facilities, such as an artificial sports pitch and playground. Situated in a populated urban area, the school required high security perimeter fencing to protect the site from intruders and ensure children and staff were safe at all times. Furthermore, measures needed to be taken to make certain that the children were secured within the playground during sports and leisure activities.

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