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Middleton of Rora - Shand Building Design Ltd

Galvanizers Association

The aim was to build a new dairy of the highest welfare standards which would present dairy farming at its best. Shand Building Design (SBD) produced a unique building that focussed on key issues that they discovered were affecting the welfare of livestock and working processes. This included a major redesign of the roof structure moving away from the typical steep pitch to a stepped 15 degree pitch greatly improving airflow.

Colourful woven wire mesh facade at Shands Childrens Hospital

HAVER Architectural Woven Wire Mesh

Understanding that a hospital can feel ominous to a child, the architect was asked to take an approach to the renovation that was child-friendly, while at the same time created a separate identity for the children’s hospital that would differentiate it from other areas of the facility. The woven wire mesh products by HAVER & BOECKER provided options not available with any other type of material. The color selection allowed for a bright, multi-color façade layered over the existing brick cladding, which would be appealing to young patients while also establishing a new identity for the building.

Accoya velodrome in the running for fastest world record


Accoya was handpicked as the ideal wood for the project as, due to the acetylation process, it will not splinter. This is a critical requirement for the project. Further evidence of this is also suggested due to the SDA designed Velodrome in Tbilisi, Georgia which uses Accoya wood. Prior to the new Accoya track the architects used Larch wood. However, because of the humidity in the arena the wood shrank. Now that the track has been replaced with Accoya we’re watching this space for new world records to be set.

BioMed Realty, Granta Park, Cambridge

Ash & Lacy

BioMed Realty's development comprises 94,000 sq.ft. of new office accommodation over three storeys located in the heart of Cambridge's Granta Park Estate. The building features a dramatic top-lit central atrium space arranged at the heart of the floorplates. It affords the leading international biotechnology company to operate in exemplar facilities in a flexible environment to meet current needs, planned growth and evolving working patterns, including future proofing for laboratory uses. Aukett Swanke's design embodies quality, simplicity and elegance, which enabled rapid construction to meet the proposed occupation date.

Horizon Nuclear Power HQ

Planet Partitioning

Main contractor Kier Construction asked Planet Partitioning to put together the specification for the internal fit-out of meeting rooms and offices over three storeys.Working with architects Harmsen Tilney Shane and Frank Shaw Associates, Planet Partitioning designed, manufactured and installed p54 double glazed partitioning, in line with the architects’ vision. Planet Partitioning needed to adhere to sound attenuation levels of 45 dB Rw, so Sonotec doors were installed throughout the meeting rooms and offices. These are Planet's premium door range – widely considered to be the best performing acoustic glass doors on the market. Work completed in November 2015.

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