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Oscar Elite Acoustic Plaster on Grand Designs

Oscar Acoustics

The new smooth Oscar Elite acoustic plaster used on Grand Design Series 7. Oscar Acoustics' experienced in-house operatives installed Oscar Elite acoustic plaster directly onto the original concrete soffit at a depth of only 25mm and up the vertical faces into the feature light lantern. The end result was a flat white acoustic plaster finish, smoother than most conventional plastered and painted finishes, which made this potential sonic battle ground a relaxing and comfortable place in which to spend time.

Oscar Acoustics applied SonaSpray K-13 for Radius Payment Solutions

Oscar Acoustics

This fire-rated, acoustic ceiling spray was used to provide a seamless and decorative solution. More importantly it also absorbs noise, thus creating a pleasant ambience. SonaSpray controls sound reverberation in buildings by absorbing sound energy instead of reflecting it, thereby reducing overall noise levels. It can also assist in condensation & humidity control when accompanied by adequate ventilation by absorbing large amounts of water vapour and then releasing it when humidity levels drop, promoting a balanced atmosphere.

Acoustics for a Sound Education

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition & Sound Masking Specialist

To improve acoustics requires reducing secondary sound paths with sound absorbing materials. In the classroom, the opportunity for acoustical treatment relies mainly on the ceilings & walls. Products like Acoustic Panels, Tiles, Ceiling Clouds, & Ceiling Baffles are all sound absorption products that are designed to reduce the problem of sound echo and noise reverberation. Our Serenity range enhances the environment’s acoustics by absorbing the optimal amount of sound at different frequencies, reducing unwanted reverberation. The innovative technology eliminates echo for a more peaceful environment and dramatically improves audibility

Acoustic Transformation for British International School

Autex Acoustics Ltd

Located in the heart of the bustling Singapore Business District, Tanglin Trust School is a British International School catering for students from Nursery right through to Sixth Form (3-18 years). Entering its 90th year of educating students from all around the globe; Tanglin Trust School are always looking to improve and provide state of the art facilities and have collaborated with Autex to transform a classroom into a modern learning environment.

Acoustic Products launches semi-automatic electric movable wall

Acoustic Products Ltd

Acoustic Products has launched a new semi-automatic electric movable wall system. Each panel within the system has a microprocessor based circuit board controlling automatic operation of the panel seals making the system extremely easy to use and re-locate. Available in sound reduction ratings up to Rw 57 dB, a wide range of panel finishes and with simple or more complex remote stacking arrangements. Please contact the techical sales department at Acoustic Products for more information. Tel +44 (0)1227 281140 Fax +44 (0)1227 281141 www.acoustic-products.co.uk enquiries@acoustic-products.co.uk.

Oscar Acoustics launches Iso-Mount Type2, a new high performance soundproofing ceiling system

Oscar Acoustics

Oscar Iso-Mounts combine space saving with isolating acoustic technology to provide clients with the best possible ceiling acoustics and soundproofing, perfect for house/flat/apartment conversions, new builds and renovations. Commercial applications include hotels, offices, shops and restaurants. The mount fixes under existing concrete and timber joist ceilings with just one fixing saving time and money. Extensions are available for 50mm to over 1 metre voids for acoustic services and thermal insulation.

Serenity Wave Acoustic Panels

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition & Sound Masking Specialist

Lower Sound and Raise Your Style with Flowing Wave Tiles. Our Serenity Wave acoustic tiles provide high noise absorption for areas such as high-tech offices, airports, schools, entrance areas, music or television studi-os and retail stores. Serenity Wave’s acoustic tiles comprise of high-performance acoustic fire-rated foam, which is upholstered with a multitude of, soft, soothing colour acoustic fabrics. The fabric is covered on the face and edges and returns approx. 2 inches to the back.

Serenity Cloud Acoustic Panels

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition & Sound Masking Specialist

Strong, Subtle and Perfectly Suited to any Environment The Serenity Cloud - Ecopaint surface finish comes in a visually pleasing Arctic white speckled painted finish. However, they can be emulsion spray painted on site to any colour with little significant effect on acoustical performance. The Serenity Clouds come in many shapes, sizes and colours to meet your specific needs. They are unique and add the effect of visual beauty to any space.

Acoustic Partitions ~ Smart Use of Space

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition & Sound Masking Specialist

Moving Designs were brought in to assist a special needs school in Surrey separate their Hall into two. They needed the ability to sub-divide their hall for simultaneous activities. We provided our top hung Prestige Moveable Wall to enable them to accomplish this. The panels were finished in a stylish ash laminate, providing 45dB Rw acoustic performance. The Prestige offers an effective space solution, with an acoustic insulation of up to 58dB noise reduction. When the seals are retracted they will glide effortlessly along the unique overhead track. Enabling the Hall to be transformed in a matter of minutes.

Acoustic insulation in Spanish design hotel

BASF Plc Basotect® Acoustic Melamine Foam

Very good sound absorption and freedom of design. The low weight of Basotect® meant that it was possible to fit cylindrical sound absorbers to the ceiling that look like free-floating elements and blend in aestheticallywith the design of the lobby. As the lobby also has a restaurant and a bar, the sound-absorbing qualities of BASF’s melamine resin foam were decisive when it came to choosing the sound insulation.Thanks to its open-cell, fine-foam structure, the flame-retardant material is noted for its very good acoustic absorption in the medium and high frequency ranges.

Acoustic insulation in Seoul’s subway

BASF Plc Basotect® Acoustic Melamine Foam

BASF’s specialty foam Basotect® is used in the Metro Line 9 stations in Seoul, Korea, to provide a quieter and more comfortable experience for commuters. The sound-absorbing and flame-retardant Basotect® was installed behind perforated steel walls in 25 subway stations of line 9. The foam was also chosen by the operators for its ease of maintenance.

Acoustic Moveable Wall adds value to a School

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition & Sound Masking Specialist

A special needs school in Surrey contacted us directly to assist with separating their hall space. They opted for a striking neutral colour that complimented their surroundings perfectly. The simplicity of the soundproof acoustic moveable wall was not only a stunning feature but also added value to the school. This allowed a large hall to be separated into two, enabling simultaneous activities to be undertaken at the same time. With ever growing class sizes and schools running out of space they recognised the importance of being able use their space more effectively with an acoustic partition.

Acoustic Moveable Walls ~ Where Sound is Sacred

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition & Sound Masking Specialist

Moveable Walls are an ideal solution to utilise available space within any religious building including Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Islamic Centres and other types of worship space. Modern worship spaces have increasingly seen a need for multi-functionality, often hosting multiple religious services with varying acoustical needs simultaneously. Moveable Walls are acoustically rated partitions and are designed, engineered and installed to provide varying degrees of sound control, encompassing the mitigation of any unwanted sound from intrusive noise sources from one space to the next.

Refurbishment and Repair of Acoustic Partitions

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition & Sound Masking Specialist

Our sister company Pro-Servicing Ltd employ some of the most experienced moveable wall engineers in the UK, who are able to diagnose and repair most makes of moveable walls and sliding folding partitions. Where there has been external damage to panel faces, we are able to replace or decorate the panel faces with bright fresh colours. Additional finishes also include pin boards, dry wipe boards or wall papers. We can also replace damaged edge profiles with new aluminium, profiles. Prolonging the life of your partition

Aesthetics’ and acoustic performance important to the Holiday Inn

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition & Sound Masking Specialist

Moving Designs were contacted by the Holiday Inn to replace three of their partitions. The spec was to replace their existing operable walls with our high specification Prestige partitions. The hotel wanted all 27 panels to be papered with a heavy duty covering from the Tektura range identical to their surroundings. The need for good acoustics was obviously crucial to allow the hotel to maximise their revenue allowing them to run seven functions concurrently with no disturbance. When the customer requires the space to be increased they are able to fold back the papered walls to blend into the decor.

Acoustic Moveable Walls & their role in Schools

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition & Sound Masking Specialist

Moveable Partitions in schools promote flexible learning spaces in the classrooms and beyond, creating an enhanced learning experience for the 21st Century. An important feature of flexible learning space is that it is of sufficient size to accommodate a range of different learning activities and can be easily configured or adapted to suit the activities taking place. With Moveable Partitions space can immediately be minimised to accommodate smaller groups. Whilst increasing the size means that the space can be occupied by more than one teacher, allowing for a collaborative learning environment.

Dojima Sake Brewery

Hush Acoustics

Hush Acoustics were approached to help acoustically treat the floors within the visitors centre of the first Sake Brewery in the UK.

Kings House School

Hush Acoustics

King’s House in Richmond, South West London, a wonderful, lively and busy all boys school in which Hush Acoustics were contacted to help with acoustic issues within their Junior Department.

Reducing Noise at Hoebridge Golf Centre

Hush Acoustics

Hush Acoustics were contacted to find a solution to a noisy acoustics issue, as the golf centre believed it was losing revenue in the bar and restaurant due to the poor acoustics. The paying golfers and patrons did not want to spend their time in these noisy and problematic areas. As part of their service, Hush performed an extensive survey and it was decided that Hush Absorber 50 Sound Absorbing Panels should be installed within the bar and restaurant areas to reduce the noise levels. Hush were able to calculate exactly how many panels were needed using expert acoustic software.

Focus On Acoustic - 1 the Pastures

Bereco Ltd

This new build property in London is located close to a main road with high levels of noise causing concern for the client. After researching the options on acoustic products, the client opted for glazing within their windows and doors that offered sound insulation to reduce the noise at the front of the property. 39dB Rw glass was suggested by the acoustic consultants to bring the levels down to a comfortable level. The developer knew that Bereco would find a solution to satisfy the client. Tested through BM Trada Bereco could offer the client the acoustic glazing they required.

Soundproofing a Multi Residential and Commercial space

Hush Acoustics

Hush Acoustics were called to former Woolworths Store turned Snooker Hall in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, which was being converted into a ground floor sports shop with nine 1st floor apartments above. Given a brief to address both Building Acoustics and Fire Resistance, Read more of how we achieved this

ROCKFON is The Word for stylish acoustics


“The Word has set the standard for Design thinking in the UK.” David Lindley, Executive Director at Designing Libraries. The Word, National Centre for the Written Word, is the iconic centre piece of a multi-million pound regeneration project in the heart of South Shields. Arranged as a modern rotunda, The Word offers innovative facilities designed to inspire creative ideas and nurture a love of learning. ROCKFON® Mono® Acoustic seamless ceiling system is installed throughout to meet both the aesthetic and acoustic requirements which helped the project win the prestigious Public Sector Interiors Project of the Year award.

SS Great Britain

Hush Acoustics

An unusual but fascinating project for Hush Acoustics to be involved is the SS Great Britain, one of the most important historical ships in the world. Created by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, an engineering giant, in 1843.

Aviation Academy

Hush Acoustics

Read how we Acoustically treated the world's first Aviation Academy situated in Norwich which has been transformed into an innovative learning environment. Based within a World War 2 aircraft hangar.


Hush Acoustics

Hush Acoustics were called to Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man and home to a beautiful mid terraced property recently converted into 4 spacious apartments over 4 floors. The apartments are situated very close to the road and after spending time inside, some road traffic as well as public background noise could be heard from inside the property. It was important to ensure appropriate acoustic measures were carried out when converting this existing property into apartments and that the party walls and/or ceilings met the required standards for conversion under the Building Regulations, Approved Document E.

Wistaston Scout Group

Hush Acoustics

We visited 35th South West Cheshire Scouts which is situated within the civil parish village of Wistaston and around 2 miles west of Crewe town centre to investigate the acoustics problems that they were experiencing.

Warren Court

Hush Acoustics

Warren Court is a brand new development of 9 luxury two bedroom apartments. Hush provided Marlowe Building Contractors with advice and materials for the apartments soundproofing to give acoustic performance better than New Build standard.

Huntington Primary School

Hush Acoustics

The New Huntington Primary School, designed to cater for 420 children from the nearby housing development, including a nursery provision of 26. Find out how we made this school acoustically fit for purpose to encourage a great learning environment.

Queen Elizabeth Hall

Hush Acoustics

Back in February 2016, we were contacted by Peter Walkenden of Cavendish and Gloucester Properties, London, to look into acoustically treating the newly extended Queen Elizabeth Hall, which is located a few miles outside the historical town of Colchester in North Essex in the beautiful village community of Layer de la Haye.

How do Absorption Panels Work?

Hush Acoustics

In this article we look how absorber panels work, specifically, the Hush Absorber 50 and 50A. These are class A Absorber panels that have been specially formulated using a 50mm acoustic foam and hand finished with interior fabric. Manufactured in our warehouse in Liverpool, these products are designed to eliminate echoes and reverberation noise within spaces.

Showing 1-36 of 399