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Zintek® Standing Seam

Rolling mill polished (natural) or pre-coated zintek® zinc-titanium roof covering. 0.7 mm-thick featuring a double seaming system with 475 mm spacings.

The zintek® laminate, manufactured in Porto Marghera - Venice, is a zinc-titanium alloy compliant with European Standard EN 988. It contains Z1-quality zinc (at least 99.995% zinc), with the addition of alloying elements.

Substructures for metal roofs must be designed, as far as possible, with a >7° (13%) roof slope. This is the initial value to guarantee relative security regarding gradients and inflections of the substructure. The minimum tolerated slope is 3° (5.2 %). Only in exceptional cases are zintek® roof coverings recommended for slopes from 3–7°, consult manufacturer for details.


Suitable substructure materials:

  • Ventilated 18 mm-thick weather and boil proof (WPB) plywood.
  • Ventilated oriented strand board OSB3.
  • Hard metal board.
  • Composite panel.
  • Rigid insulation.


  • Cladding: IOS-Mat-Pro®.
  • Roofing: ISO-Mat Metal®.


  • Fixed: 25 mm seams: SM-EFK-30; 38 mm seams: SM-EFK-38.
  • Sliding: 25 mm seams: SM-EFE-30; 38 mm seams: SM-EFE-38.
  • Flashing clips: SM-ELH-27.
  • For fixing to rigid insulation: Thermoseam warm room clip for metal roofing.

General information


Insert requirements. Maximum length: 10 m.


Mill polished (natural)

Pre-coated Zintek®

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_51_99 Zinc standard temper alloy stripsPrimary


H74/110 Roofing

H74/130 Cladding

H74/2 Roofing

Specification data - Zinc standard temper alloy strips

Product Reference

Zintek® Standing Seam


Insert requirements. Maximum length: 10 m.


0.7 mm

0.8 mm


25 x 430 mm/ 530 mm

Minimum pitch: 5°.

38 x 404 mm/ 504 mm

Minimum pitch: 3°.


Mill polished (natural)

Pre-coated Zintek®


Antique Red

Graphite Black

Lagoon Green

Mediterranean Blue

Natural Earth Brown

Rock Grey

Product Options


Other centres on request; consult manufacturer for details.

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