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Western Red Cedar Timber Cladding

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International Timber Third party certifications:
  • PEFC


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Western red cedar timber cladding

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External and internal timber cladding, timber decking and saunas


This species is an ideal material for use as exterior or interior timber cladding and is available with PEFC & CSA certification.

Western Red Cedar timber cladding is naturally resistant to decay and insect attack. It simply seasons if left uncoated to an attractive silver grey appearance over a period of approximately eighteen months in areas with low air pollution. Cedar offers superior acoustic qualities too, helping to reduce noise or confine it to specific areas. It is also an excellent material for thermal insulation in summer keeping the building cool and in winter preventing the heat from escaping.

Available grades:

  • Grade Tab – 2 Clear and Better
  • Grade Character – Sound tight knots half‚ in diameter on face and three quarters‚ on reverse. Soft knots half size of sound knots, splits no longer than width of board.

Features and benefits:

  • Physical Structure: Soft, rather brittle and light in weight.
  • Working qualities: Machines and takes fixings well, however stainless or galvanized nails should be used to avoid corrosion.
  • Wastage allowance: 5 – 10%.
  • Stability: Very low shrinkage factor, very resistant to warping, twisting and checking.
  • Suitable for factory coating but must be kiln dried.
  • Knots: Few.
  • Movement class: Small.

General information






Pr_25_71_97_84 Softwood weatherboardsPrimary
Pr_25_71_97_55 Modified wood weatherboards
Pr_25_71_97_78 Softwood deck boards


H21/116 Horizontal timber weatherboarding

H21/115 Vertical timber weatherboarding

H21/111 Horizontal timber weatherboarding

H21/110 Vertical timber weatherboarding

Q55/380 Deck boards

H21/15 Horizontal timber weatherboarding

H21/10 Vertical timber weatherboarding

Specification data - Softwood weatherboards

Third-party certification


Wood species

Western red cedar.

Finished size


Face width

Consult 'Profile' above.


Class 2 durability, confirming to BS 8417.


30% + for green, 12 – 18% K.D.


300–340 kg/m³.

Sustainability data

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin


North America.

Third party certifications



PEFC Chain of Custody


Cladding Profiles

Cladding Profiles

Case studies

Western Red Cedar for Sustainable Saunas

Western Red Cedar for Sustainable Saunas

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